Today it is raining. Not as much fun.

Yesterday was beautiful and sunny. Still, I love rain and it is of course necessary for the grass, bushes and trees to grow. Winter seems to be over. I always think it is nature’s way of taking a shower.

Observations: So today is my second day, counting, of finding myself in self-isolation. I was not as quick to crawl out of bed on this rainy day so I have been slower out of the gate, but have managed to get on with it.

I drove with my dog to the bank (she waited in the car), just to go to the ATM. There were quite a few fewer cars on the road compared to a normal day. No school buses of course. There was a bottle of hand sanitizer next to the ATM, which I used. Later, I thought I would pick up a few groceries, mainly vegetables and fruit. Most of my shopping I had already completed, and I noticed far fewer customers today in the grocery store. Maybe most people have stocked up. Maybe people are adjusting to this self-isolation. One thing I noticed for myself, is that I have simultaneously begun to eat more fruits and vegetables. For my health I am supposed to. They are also cheaper than many frozen and other prepared or canned foods.

Not sure why this is happening; perhaps my brain is trying to make the most of this unusual situation. So many things are closed. I am retired, mostly. I have a part-time job on the weekends in a grocery store. But the restaurants and coffeeshops are closed. What about barbershops and hair salons, wellness spas and massage? So many people who depend on these things for a livelihood.

Changes in my daily life: I cancelled a visit to my son and his family, near Urbana-Champaign. I am over 70 and in a high risk group, but what if I would be a carrier, mildly sick or asymptomatic? I would not want to bring it downstate to the family. I am a hospice volunteer,  visiting patients in the last stages of life. But many of them are in nursing homes, which have restricted visitors.  I belong to the Theosophical Society. Most have likely not heard of it. It is not a religion and not anti-religion, but an international organization which emphasizes studying philosophy, religion and science, and encourages loving kindness. This is not supposed to be an advertising for them. But there is Yoga Tuesday nights and Wednesday nights discussion and meditation, plus other classes, meditation, and others. Well, of course they are also in suspended mode. So Wednesday nights I would have coffee with a friend then go for the discussion group. So…so maybe I will have coffee for myself and call friends. And write. Of course I write (duh… I continue trying to blog). Actually in the back of my mind I have wished for a break in my schedule so I would or could write more. For an old retired guy I am busy with volunteering at various things. I write sporadically. Well, please do NOT blame the epidemic on me, but now I have more time!

Today, I walked, drove, and did a healing meditation for some friends and the world. I do not fantasize that I have the power to heal the world, or my friends. As I said, I have enough work to do managing my own spirit, but meditating is similar to or maybe the same as, prayer. There are many ways people pray and meditate. I do not smoke incense and try to levitate. Mainly because I do not wish to bump my head on the ceiling. But meditating makes me feel better and more focused. I really need focus. And I especially feel better when I meditate for the health and wellness of others.

I am trying to write about this consistently. I feel well and although I realize that my spirit will someday separate from my body, I hope it doesn’t happen soon. But we don’t know do we? An epidemic changes many plans and likely also the way we do many things in life. Some of this can be good. While shopping I have noticed many people wishing other strangers to “stay healthy; be well.” I wish that for all of us.

March 18, 2020




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