We are still in it. Yes, will likely become much worse. But that should not panic us, should not push us into fleeing like from a tornado or tsunami. This is different. We cannot flee from the tiniest microorganism which does a kind of reverse food chain on us. We feast on many animals; and plants, smaller than we are. We consider ourselves the peak of the pyramid of the animal world. I suppose we are. But the smallest microorganism has chosen to use our cells to feed itself. Sometimes we will die from it.

At this moment I am not afraid. If I become ill and suffer air hunger I suppose I will know fear. But now, I have had a beautiful meditation, via webcast, with others, and I will go off to mingle with and help others who need food to survive. When you purchase food, when you prepare it, think of how we are all inter-connected with each other. I had this sense the other day, as I peeled a banana. I am connected with very poor people who pick the banana, who transport it to a seaport. It goes on a ship (perhaps also on an airplane? I don’t know), and then it traveled by trucks through intermediate stops, and was unloaded by tired, straining workers who finally placed it on the shelf so I could eat it. Think of it. We are all inter-connected.

Well, I started writing this morning and it was a good start. Had a great day. Both physically and mentally I felt better than I have in a few days. Perhaps I was rested enough. Meditation is always an upper for me. People are still mostly very polite and caring at work; co-workers as well as the customers. A customer, after I helped him find something, thanked me for coming in to work. So, it felt mostly good. I talked with a lot of people and sucked on zinc lozenges and still hope I will not become ill. I hope this goes by faster than we are afraid it will, but, we should not panic.

Be safe, stay well, believe in the higher powers. We can do this.

David, March 29, 2020



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