Day 1.

A new concept in our society, and in my life.

The list of things I am allowed to do grows shorter instead of longer.

I finished breakfast and drank my coffee while looking out the glass balcony door at the sunshine. The squirrels, chipmunks and birds are eating in the sunshine.

I finished a beautiful little book from a friend, “I Wish for You.” It can only make one feel better.

I called a friend who has a chronic medical condition and is now on isolation per her Palliative Care doctor. I am not even allowed to visit but we talk on the phone. Still, we always feel better after we talk. She is like a sister I did not have.

I will do laundry and clean my small apartment. That is a big job in itself.

The sunshine calls me so I will also go for another walk, by myself, then with my dog, and maybe, yes, I will take her for a ride in the car with the windows rolled partway down so she can stick her head out.

Later I will pay a few bills and write a few small checks to my favorite charities. I cannot save the world. It is difficult enough trying to figure out my own spiritual journey, yet I continue trying to make a positive difference in these infinitesimally small ways.

I will be kind to strangers I meet and continue believing that all of us can, are able to, and will discover that we are all kindred spirits, all trying to survive together on this small planet, racing somewhere through the Universe.

March 17, 2020

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