Tyranny does not begin by bashing in your door like a thunderbolt; nor a hurricane ripping you from your foundations.

Tyranny does not warn of its approach with a shrieking tornado siren.

Tyranny creeps silently in on quiet cat feet. It slips under your bed like the boogeyman we feared as children. But this is Real.

It tells you to not trust what you see or hear or read, if it conflicts with official dogma. It demands that you obey without question or pause.

It forbids certain words, like “ vulnerable, entitlement, diversity, transgender, fetus, evidence-based, and science-based.” Do you remember the book “1984”?

This is it. Censorship rips out your tongue if you let it. It removes words like climate change from the agency entrusted with protecting our environment. Censorship is deleting people from positions when their job is to protect all the citizens of this country.

Tyranny is eliminating discussion on tax and healthcare plans by passing laws in the dead of night without public discussion. While you are asleep in your bed it sneaks in and robs you of your rights and protections.

Tyranny is saying that the Constitution providing the rights of Freedom of Speech and Religion is too complicated; that amendments giving equal rights to women, people of color, ethnic and gender diversity are unnecessary, or wrong.

Tyranny arrests and prosecutes citizens who exercise their right of peaceful assembly and protest.

Tyranny makes me fear sharing these desperate thoughts.

However, we dare not fear. We should only fear losing our rights.

Let us all stand together.

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