Yes, this is absolutely referencing our president, the President of the United States , who referred to people from Haiti and other countries as “Shitholes.”

I am not Haitian. However, my father was from an Italian immigrant family. He was born in the US, as was one brother. The other siblings and their parents came over from Italy about the time of the beginning of the First World War. They were not liked. Italians were spoken of as “Papists”, Catholics, and “ Anarchists” because of the Sacco-Vanzetti trial. They were called dirty dagoes, wops. In essence they were “Shithole Italians.” The father and older brothers worked in the dirty steel mills. They worked in dirty, dangerous workplaces; my uncles told of workers being cut in half by giant steel girders, or falling into pits of molten steel. There were few safeguards in those days. They built this country. My dad and his brother joined the US Marine Corps at the beginning of WW2. My dad fought on Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, and other island battles. His brother, another “Shithole Italian” as it were, was severely wounded landing on Tarawa. This is not against Japanese. It was just a war. They fought. They bled. After the war they married, their children went to college, married other Americans. I became a Pediatrician. My brother became head of the IT Department at a medical center.

We are, these are, Americans. This makes us who we are. I will stand up to anyone who thinks we are not Americans. Our president; our president, lacks any human decency, lacks respect for all Americans who make this country what it is. We are not shitholes. We are Americans.

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