I am growing increasingly weary and impatient with the smirking, sanctimonious, shrieking of those who supposedly care about Life, in heartrending spasms of blaming women for unwanted pregnancies.

Let me introduce myself. I am a retired Pediatrician and, perhaps also a retired Catholic. I attend an Episcopal Church where many good people there were also at one time members of another religion. In this little essay I do not intend to blame any single religion or political party, but to expound on a thought that has been creeping around like a ravenous wolf in the back of my mind for some time now. Oh, also, I am a white male.

To listen to some people, politicians, religious leaders and others, whenever a female, meaning, woman of the majority age of 18, or younger, becomes pregnant with a child, SHE ALONE seems to be responsible. I will not repeat some of the things which anyone can hear or read in the media. In my religious education, as a Catholic and as a member of a Jesuit Novitiate for a year, when I thought of becoming a priest, there has been only one time when a woman had a virgin birth. Christians and Muslims both believe this occurred with Mary, or Mariam, I believe the Muslims call her. I will not pass judgement on this idea but merely want to say, all the other times, numbering in the BILLIONS, a man was required to impregnate the woman. Yet, these smirking, sanctimonious individuals of questionable personal morality, (one recent legislator opposed abortion but recommended this for his out-of-marriage mistress) seemingly want to punish women. I never hear of anyone wanting to punish the male who injected the sperm. Never. Not responsible? Maybe it was an accident?  So, the girl or woman, perhaps even an under-age girl who was coerced, or, believed someone’s story, becomes pregnant, she should bear the child and raise it by herself.  Or someone who was raped. By the way, this seems to be totally OK in our modern wonderful American Society. Film producers, politicians, CEO’s, men with power , apparently are often looked up to even by some women??? Even our illustrious President  represents sexual exploitation in the highest degree. And people seem to love it. What happened to our principles?

So… my recommendations:

  • If Society and Law refuse to accept an abortion under ANY circumstances, then, the responsible male must be found. On the basis of DNA evidence the paternity, with today’s science, should be documented. The male should have two choices: document legal responsibility for the child and the mother, or, if he refuses, surgical castration (under anesthesia of course). Why not? Responsibility. Either he will take responsibility for the child’s life and the mother, or, he can’t do it again. Simple.
  • LIFE IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES MUST BE PRESERVED, or so people say. So, Abolish the death penalty. Is someone who was abused as a child and grew up without parental supervision and only learned to hate, subject to the death penalty? What about ALL LIFE IS SACRED? Should we not kill in War? Is bombing other countries and killing mothers and children OK? Really?
  • So, let us abolish the death penalty and War. Let us castrate men who impregnate a female without a family and her consent, unless they actually and literally become responsible for the woman and the child. Then, perhaps we can begin to have a society which truly respects LIFE. Is this possible? Maybe. Or maybe not.

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