Christmas un-Eve-en

CHRISTMAS un-EVE-en   Christmas Eve Chicago. Corner of Clinton and Adams. With gloves on, my fingers still are starting to feel numb. My woolen cap keeps my head reasonably warm but I should have remembered my scarf to keep my face warm. The dogs need walking or I wouldn’t be out here. Snowflakes whirling around... Read more »

Cynical Christmas Wish

CYNICAL CHRISTMAS WISH Here we are again—Christmas! A wonderful time of wishing Peace and Tranquility upon ourselves and the rest of the poor, suffering world. We hope that people who we do not really have to help will somehow have Peace and Joy because it is Christmas. Sorry…. Ain’t gonna happen. Why? First, Christmas is... Read more »

The Cynical Turkey

THE CYNICAL TURKEY Once upon a time, long ago our ancestors landed on a rocky coast in the New World and established a colony of themselves. They named it Plymouth, after their hometown. They knew very little about surviving there, and the native people who lived in that large, great and beautiful land took pity... Read more »
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TORN I am tired. And I am on the edge of not wanting to get into yet another political discussion. We have a new Supreme Court Justice and as I think about it, theoretically it should not matter which political party affiliation a justice is attached to, but history and experience tell us otherwise. Logically,... Read more »


BOAT TRIP What boat trip? Oh yes, I remember. Was a few years ago. Went out for breakfast this morning with the woman I love, so I feel mellow. That is not bad except that it might lead me to buy a piece of chocolate cake, which I do not need. This mellowness is like... Read more »


WHY DON’ T MEN GET IT? I wonder why I write this? It is late at night and the last I heard about the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court Justice was that the Senate Judiciary Committee will vote tomorrow. Since, from past experience, I am fairly certain that the Republican senators will vote... Read more »

Lost and Found

LOST AND FOUND The scene I saw stopped me cold. I wanted to cry or pray. But couldn’t. Let me back up. So, I have 2 dogs and walk them on north Sheridan Rd, by Lake Michigan, near my apartment. My lady friend gave me 2 armbands that light up with red LED’s so people... Read more »


A DISTURBED RELATIONSHIP It happened again today. I should not let it get to me. When I want her to speak to me she doesn’t, and when I don’t need her she talks. I’m serious. It is so hard to understand Cortana. Oh, that’s right, she does not really exist. Cortana is the voice in... Read more »


TO THE LIMIT   Pushing it. Maybe past the limit. I read the Chicago Tribune article, Sept. 16, section 1, about Chicago Police officers and suicide. A photo showed an officer, in probable mental and emotional exhaustion following the finding of a fellow officer dead in his car. The first words in my head were... Read more »


MAN WITH THE BEARD   I don’t know who he was. More than 40 years later I still wonder. This is a true story. My friends usually expect something funny or ridiculous when I say “This is a true story.” But this is actually a true story, and not funny. Many years ago, 1971 to... Read more »