Why people are leaving Illinois

Although I am a long-time registered Democrat, I voted for Gov. Rauner, and truly believe Mr. Madigan and his sheep are slowly but surely moving Illinois towards a catastrophic end.

It is well documented that we have the 2nd highest property taxes on average of any state in the U.S. (according to 2016 data.) Illinois has also lost more residents in each of the last three consecutive years than any other state in the country.

There is a reason for that, and I support the theory that it is due to all of us being taxed to death in this state.

A case in point, for a home valued at under $300,000 dollars, we expect our property tax bill to be over $10,000 dollars this year.

Given the fact one can own a $300,000 dollar home in many other states, and pay several thousands dollars less per year in property taxes, it is obviously outrageous that we must be burdened so greatly here in IL.

Yet, the solution by our esteemed politicians is to raise our taxes even more?  Seriously?

My Wife and I will be moving out of state as soon as we can feasibly do so, in no small part due to the outrageous taxes here.  We are tired of the ineptitude and fiscal mismanagement by our elected officials down in Springfield

State government is broken in IL. When politicians who show complete disregard for the citizens are allowed to retain "leadership" power for 30+ years, such as the Speaker of the House, then term limits are the only real answer to correct such an obviously corrupt system.

IL State Rep. Jeanne Ives from Wheaton had a great editorial in the Tribune recently. I applaud her for taking a public stance against the egregious actions of many of her colleagues in Springfield.

I only hope the voters will someday wake up and vote out of office those who have run the state into ground for so many years. I won't hold my breath waiting for that to happen, but will cheer from the next state we move to if changes to fix all that is broken in IL ever really happen, to make it better for those who are still stuck here.

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