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Jesse and Sandi Jackson Lawyer Up for Divorce

Jesse and Sandi Jackson Lawyer Up for Divorce Just revealed is the pending divorce of Jesse and Sandi Jackson.  See Sneed’s article in the Sun-Times. What has NOT  been revealed yet in the media is that they have lawyered up using the top two divorce law firms in town:  Berger Schatz and Schiller DuCanto &... Read more »

The Dog Ate Your Support Check and Other Lies re Spousal Support Payments

Since November 2006, my court ordered support is due on the 20th of each month.  I can count on one hand the number of times since then that I have received that support on time.* Our court order states that D [otherwise known as the X] is to transfer my support electronically each month on... Read more »

Donald Sterling’s Estranged Wife Has ‘No Immediate Plans' To File For Divorce Despite His Racist Comments & Mistress, Claims Source

Donald Sterling’s estranged wife has ‘no immediate plans’  to file for divorce despite his racist comments & mistress, from this article from Radar Online. The article speculates both Donald and his wife, Shelly, are too cheap. That it would cost too much to go through the procedures to divide their extensive real estate holdings. Perhaps it... Read more »

Chicago Divorce Events for April and May 2014

Here are several not to be missed Chicago divorce events for April and May 2014 If you have a Chicago divorce event, please send it to me at In the meantime, if you are contemplating divorce,  in the midst of divorce, or know someone who is going through a divorce, you can find  helpful... Read more »

Former Cook County Divorce Court Judge Michele Lowrance Joins JAMS

Former Cook County Divorce Court judge Hon. Michele Lowrance, joins JAMS as a mediator in the family law practice area. Judge Lowrance should know a few things about mediation in divorce. She has spent years as a divorce court judge in Cook County.  She saw the negative and destructive effects of litigation so she wrote... Read more »

Chicago Divorce Events for April 2014

Some Chicago divorce events for  April 2014: April 9th [Wednesday]: Managing Stress and Dealing with Difficult People Time: 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Cost: $35 for one seminar, $65 for two seminars, $95 for all three seminars. Advanced payment and registration necessary. Please download reservation form. Winter/Spring 2014 Seminar registration form. All seminars held at... Read more »

Taxes and Divorce

Taxes and divorce.  Only 28 more days to till Tax Day! Being divorced or going through a divorce  impacts your taxes.  Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind while doing your taxes. Marital status changes tax filing status.  Your marital status on December 31 of the year you are filing tax returns... Read more »

Divorced and Dating? What is Their Divorce Style?

Divorced and dating–do you know what their divorce style is? Divorced and dating? Although Valentine’s Day is but a distant memory now that tax season is full on, a thought occurred to me: Do you know the “divorce style” of the guy [or woman] you are dating?  It is Saturday night, date night! If you... Read more »

Divorce Chicago: Upcoming Events

Divorce Chicago: Upcoming Events Below are divorce  Chicago events for before, during and after your divorce.  I would like to say “enjoy”, but maybe the real word here is “endure.” Wish I could be at these “Divorce in Chicago” events as I know the folks behind each event.  Alas, I am knee deep in doing... Read more »

Is Getting a Divorce One of Your New Year's Resolutions?

Then start by attending  this workshop on Thursday night! January 10th WORKSHOP – Contemplating Divorce Have you thought about divorce but are unable to decide? Do you agonize over whether the marriage is really over? Do you fear whether you can handle it emotionally or financially? Are you staying for the children? If you’ve answered yes to any of these... Read more »