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Chicago billionaires Ken & Anne Griffin are getting a divorce, but it doesn’t have to get ugly!

Chicago billionaires Ken & Anne Griffin are getting a divorce, but it doesn’t have to get ugly! Chicago billionaires Ken & Anne Griffin are getting a divorce, but it doesn’t have to get ugly! You would have to be living under a rock to not have noticed at least one story about this break up:... Read more »

Santa Please Bring Me! 12 Things That Should be on Every Divorcing Woman's (or Man's) Christmas Wish List

Now that you have wrapped all the Christmas gifts, it is time to put your list together for Santa. If you are going through a divorce in Cook County or Illinois, here is my wish list for you!  I have already been blessed with most of these. Merry Christmas!  If you have a friend who... Read more »

Dirty Tactics in Divorce: Are They Necessary?

At the recent Divorce University I listened to many wonderful speakers talking about the legal, financial and emotional aspects of divorce. Dirty tactics was not on the list of topics One of the speakers said that a divorce is 80% emotional, 10% financial and 10% legal.  Hold that thought for a moment. In the course... Read more »

Let's Meet at the Divorce Expo Saturday!

Blog: The Divorce Expo Even though I am already divorced, I am attending tomorrow’s first Divorce Expo Chicago 2012.  There is an old saying:  “marriages end but divorce is forever.” That is certainly true for me as I deal constantly with litigation and issues post divorce.  I am curious as to what this event will... Read more »

Finding a Divorce Attorney, Part 2: The Chicago Legal Landscape

I have used only one law firm in the past nine years. But I believe that finding the right lawyer means looking in the right places, so I put together this list of prominent family law firms in Chicago to help you get started in your search. Please note that a mention of a lawyer... Read more »

Finding A Divorce Attorney: The Basics

You’ve made the decision to get a divorce,  Let’s not discuss the reasons why.  If you have any doubts, then this post is not for you.  I can’t give you advice on whether to stay or go. Go see a mental health professional, talk this over with a trusted friend, or read one of the... Read more »
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    I filed for a divorce in 2003. I had no idea that ELEVEN years on, that I would still be in divorce-related litigation. There have been two trials, an appellate court decision affirming the original trial decision, numerous other hearings, depositions and more. A second appellate court decision is pending. I write mostly from the woman's point of view. Or rather, the spouse who stayed home and raised the children, the one who gave up a career. When first married, I worked as a law librarian and do have a law degree but never practiced. Having that law degree has given me insights into the often mysterious ways of the legal system, especially in Cook County. Recently I have reactivated my law license, became an Enrolled Agent [a license given by the IRS after taking a series of tests] and prepare tax returns. Please share your experiences or ask me questions. Email me at Follow me on Twitter for articles and and news about Illinois Appellate Court divorce related decisions.

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