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Super Divorce Lawyers in Illinois 2015

Super Divorce Lawyers in Illinois 2015 January is said to be “divorce month.”  Divorce lawyers report that more folks file for a divorce in January than in any other month. So just in time, Super Lawyers Magazine has just released  its list of the best or “super” lawyers by region and practice of law. The selection... Read more »

"Divorce Day Remembrance": Your New Anniversary

Here at ChicagoNow, we have an  event where we bloggers write  on a topic given to us an hour before we post.  Tonight’s topic is: Create a new holiday, or holidays, that you believe should exist. My nomination for a new holiday is “Divorce Day Remembrance”. Why? No one gets married to get divorced, right?  But... Read more »

Chicago billionaires Ken & Anne Griffin are getting a divorce, but it doesn’t have to get ugly!

Chicago billionaires Ken & Anne Griffin are getting a divorce, but it doesn’t have to get ugly! Chicago billionaires Ken & Anne Griffin are getting a divorce, but it doesn’t have to get ugly! You would have to be living under a rock to not have noticed at least one story about this break up:... Read more »

Hurry! Sign up now for "Creating the Life You Deserve" Divorce Support Group for Women

Hurry! Sign up now for  ”Creating the Life You Deserve” Divorce Support Group for Women starting May 19th.  Only a few spaces left for this last session until fall. [Sorry guys, if you know of a similar group for men, let me know!] If you are a woman thinking of divorce, in the process or... Read more »

When Does Dating Become Cohabitation in Illinois?

When does dating become cohabitation in Illinois?  Why is this so important? Under Illinois law, cohabitation is one way  to terminate maintenance payments.  The law provides that maintenance payments terminate in the event of death, remarriage or cohabitation.  However, the statute does not provide the definition of cohabitation.  The courts have decided this on a... Read more »

Cathy Belmonte Newman Speaker at Divorce Financial Workshop on June 11

Cathy Belmonte Newman Speaker at Divorce Financial Workshop. Cathy Belmnte Newman will speak at a divorce financial workshop on June 11. I just learned that Cathy Belmonte Newman is going to be the speaker at tomorrow’s divorce financial workshop, presented by The Lilac Tree.  Cathy has helped hundreds of clients prepare financial affidavits for divorce... Read more »

Illinois Republican Governor Candidate Bruce Rauner's Divorce

Illinois Republican Governor candidate, Bruce Rauner’s divorce:   My friends and readers, I am going to tell you what I found when I put on my librarian hat. Here are several interesting facts about Bruce Rauner’s divorce in 1993. Elizabeth K. Rauner  filed for divorce from her husband, Bruce Rauner V, on March 5, 1991,... Read more »

Divorce Post Decree Workshop, May 14

Think you’re done when you get your divorce?  Remember, according to Nora Ephraim , “Marriages come and go, but divorce is forever!” And for some families, it is.  There are many financial and legal reasons you may have to deal with your former spouse after your divorce. Remember Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards? Although they... Read more »

Is Getting a Divorce One of Your New Year's Resolutions?

Then start by attending  this workshop on Thursday night! January 10th WORKSHOP – Contemplating Divorce Have you thought about divorce but are unable to decide? Do you agonize over whether the marriage is really over? Do you fear whether you can handle it emotionally or financially? Are you staying for the children? If you’ve answered yes to any of these... Read more »

Santa Please Bring Me! 12 Things That Should be on Every Divorcing Woman's (or Man's) Christmas Wish List

Now that you have wrapped all the Christmas gifts, it is time to put your list together for Santa. If you are going through a divorce in Cook County or Illinois, here is my wish list for you!  I have already been blessed with most of these. Merry Christmas!  If you have a friend who... Read more »
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    I filed for a divorce in 2003. I had no idea that TWELVE years on, that I would still be in divorce-related litigation. There have been two [each 20 days!] trials, an appellate court decision affirming the original trial decision, numerous other hearings, depositions and more. A second appellate court decision is pending. I write from the woman's point of view. The spouse who stayed home and raised the children, the one who gave up a career. When first married, I worked as a law librarian and do have a law degree but never practiced. Having that law degree has given me insights into the often mysterious ways of the legal system, especially in Cook County. Recently I have reactivated my law license, and became an Enrolled Agent [a license given by the IRS after taking a series of tests]. I currently work for a not-for-profit organization that prepares tax returns for low income clients for free. Please share your experiences or ask me questions. Email me at Follow me on Twitter @DivorceChicagoS for articles and and news about divorce from around the country.

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