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FundedJustice -- Help getting legal fees for your divorce: or how to raise money to hire an attorney!

FundedJustice — Help getting legal fees for your divorce:  or how to raise money to hire an attorney! There are many reasons why someone [mostly the woman] cannot file for a divorce.  It can be because the family has few assets.  In that case, if  the income is low enough, there are legal clinics to... Read more »

"Divorce Day Remembrance": Your New Anniversary

Here at ChicagoNow, we have an  event where we bloggers write  on a topic given to us an hour before we post.  Tonight’s topic is: Create a new holiday, or holidays, that you believe should exist. My nomination for a new holiday is “Divorce Day Remembrance”. Why? No one gets married to get divorced, right?  But... Read more »

Settling divorces in Illinois is about to get a whole lot easier!

Settling divorces in Illinois is about to get a whole lot easier! Going through a divorce?  Plus married for 20 years or less?  You might want to read this! Governor Quinn may be signing a bill any day now that will approve the use of a formula for determining maintenance [otherwise referred to as alimony].... Read more »

Q&A With a ChicagoNow Blogger: Denise Norberg-Johnson, Animal Communicator and Author of Animals Know: What Animals Teach Us

Q&A With a ChicagoNow Blogger: Denise Norberg-Johnson, Animal Communicator and author of  Animals Know: What Animals Teach Us.  What does an animal communicator do and how she can help in your divorce? Do you have a dog or cat?  Was this beloved pet caught in the middle of your divorce?  Or is your pet acting... Read more »

What I Learned in Divorce Boot Camp

What I learned in “Divorce Boot Camp” today.  I have an Illinois law license which requires that I take so many hours each year of continuing legal education.  I tend to take those hours in either divorce  or taxation. [Readers, in case you have not read the "About the Blogger" section of this blog, I... Read more »

Advice to My Children

Advice to my children: Advice to my children. Even though this is a public blog, I hope that you do not  mind that I am putting this here. After all, we can count on the Internet to be there when who knows if you will find anything amoung all my paper files?  This is  inspired... Read more »

Divorce Related Events for September 2013

Here are divorce related events for September 2013 that you may find helpful!  Please send notice about your event to me at   Tuesdays, September 10, 17, 24, 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm “Family Law Questions? We Have Answers” Daley Center, Courtroom 1905 The Chicago Legal Clinic sponsors this information session about family law... Read more »

Divorce Related Events for August/September 2013

Here is a list of divorce related events for August and September 2013.  Please send me notices of future events to my email:   Tuesdays, August 6, 13, 20, 27,  12:30 pm to 1:30 pm Daley Center, Courtroom 1905 “Family Law Questions? We Have Answers” The Chicago Legal Clinic sponsors this information session about... Read more »

Divorcing A Narcissist? Read This and Find Out

Are you divorcing a narcissist?  Read this blog post and find out!  I have been following this woman’s divorce journey for a while. Tina writes about what it is like to divorce a narcissist.  She can actually say this as he has been formally diagnosed as such.  You may recognize the symptoms and character traits... Read more »

Chicago Divorce Programs for June: It's All About the Money!

Here are Chicago divorce programs for June that are all about the money:   on June 11, a workshop on the basic financial affidavit and on  June 14 a free program on stupid ways folks hide money. June 11: DIVORCE MATH II WORKSHOP The Lilac Tree  presents a special workshop to help you learn about the... Read more »
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    I filed for a divorce in 2003. I had no idea that ELEVEN years on, that I would still be in divorce-related litigation. There have been two trials, an appellate court decision affirming the original trial decision, numerous other hearings, depositions and more. A second appellate court decision is pending. I write mostly from the woman's point of view. Or rather, the spouse who stayed home and raised the children, the one who gave up a career. When first married, I worked as a law librarian and do have a law degree but never practiced. Having that law degree has given me insights into the often mysterious ways of the legal system, especially in Cook County. Recently I have reactivated my law license, became an Enrolled Agent [a license given by the IRS after taking a series of tests] and prepare tax returns. Please share your experiences or ask me questions. Email me at Follow me on Twitter for articles and and news about Illinois Appellate Court divorce related decisions.

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