Settling divorces in Illinois is about to get a whole lot easier!

Settling divorces in Illinois is about to get a whole lot easier!

Going through a divorce?  Plus married for 20 years or less?  You might want to read this!

Governor Quinn may be signing a bill any day now that will approve the use of a formula for determining maintenance [otherwise referred to as alimony].  Florida, New Jersey and Massachusetts  have enacted laws that are  variations on this bill.  This will take away some of the mystery of how courts come up with the amounts and duration for support of the less moneyed spouse and make  awards more equitable.

Here is a summary and the text.

The bill is Senate Bill 3231, if signed by Quinn, may actually reduce litigation for couples.  After all, if a couple with the help of their lawyers, can compute the amount, then why spend thousands of dollars  litigating this?

This formula won't apply to every couple.  For example, it won't apply to couples whose combined income is more than $250,000.  And if the marriage is longer than 20 years, the court still has the discretion to order permanent discretion or maintenance for a period equal to the length of the marriage.

Here is a recent article from the Illinois law firm of Parker & Parker, giving an example of how the formula works.


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