Donald Sterling’s Estranged Wife Has ‘No Immediate Plans' To File For Divorce Despite His Racist Comments & Mistress, Claims Source

Donald Sterling’s estranged wife has ‘no immediate plans’  to file for divorce despite his racist comments & mistress, from this article from Radar Online.

The article speculates both Donald and his wife, Shelly, are too cheap. That it would cost too much to go through the procedures to divide their extensive real estate holdings.

Perhaps it would expose their business dealings too much for prying eyes, including the IRS?  And why should she?  She has money and power. The article discusses how she is keeping her options open for now.

But I will tell you why she should divorce him: who you are married to says a lot about who you are.

Or is she just like him?

Readers: tell me if you would stay married to this guy and why?

That's my story and I am sticking to it! 

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