Divorcing A Narcissist? Read This and Find Out

Are you divorcing a narcissist?  Read this blog post and find out!  I have been following this woman's divorce journey for a while. Tina writes about what it is like to divorce a narcissist.  She can actually say this as he has been formally diagnosed as such.  You may recognize the symptoms and character traits in someone in your own life,  just don't go and call the person a narcissist in a court document or a blog post unless he or she has been diagnosed as one by a mental health professional.

What is most remarkable is that she has done most of her legal work, without a lawyer!  She has had to research, write, go to court and defend against her ex-spouse for antics beyond belief--all on her own [until recently].  She has endured so far, and until her daughters are over 18, she will have to continue to deal with this person.  I urge you to read this post, read all the older ones, subscribe to it [free], buy her book and send her good thoughts. Thank you!

Independence comes in many forms.  Hope you had a good weekend.


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