Divorce is No Laughing Matter....Or Is It?

Divorce is no laughing matter....or is it?  Divorce IS no laughing matter, but there are some humorous  aspects to the process and my experience.  I shared some of them with the ChicagoNow Blathering's comedy night at the Laugh Factory  on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 with fellow bloggers and many friends and family.

You can see the videos of many of my fellow bloggers on YouTube here. You really must view them.  Don't just take my word for it, see the  comment below from one of my friends.

The reaction from the audience for my performance was very encouraging.  One very kind friend said:

I think if the comedy thing doesn’t go anywhere, you should become a trial litigator. Maybe in divorce cases. You are awesome.Thanks – and besides you, it was a fun evening. Refreshing to sit back and just enjoy and laugh. Even better with amateurs. So, thanks –

Thanks, Julie and what a sobering thought!  I see what Leon and Peter have to do on my behalf and no thanks.  Doing a comedy routine has got to be easier. However,  I am considering another go at the comedy thing sometime.  After all, I have so much material to work with and some of the best stories are yet to come!

In case I did not make this clear:  I AM divorced.  Since 2006. The second and most recent trial is what is called "post decree" litigation.  And in case I also did not make this very clear:  I did not initiate this. I have tried to settle every which way I can.  But so far, we do not have a meeting of the minds.  My only option at this point is to let the second appellate process unfold.  I cannot give up or give in.

In addition to Jimmy, our fearless community coordinator, and fellow bloggers and other members of the audience,  sincere and heartfelt thanks to all my friends who came:

Lesie and David, Meredith, JoEllen, Betsy, Nancy, Pat and John, Mark and Judith, Alicia, Jay, Jacquie, Julie, Barbie, Jennifer, Sharon and Kevin, Allyson, Robin, Lynne and John, Martha, Cathy and Jeff, Beth, Peggy, Caren,  Chris, Amy, Kathy, and Charna.  Did I leave anyone out?

Till next time!


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