Proposed Legislation to Overhaul Illinois Divorce Laws

Illinois family and divorce laws may see significant changes soon!

The laws  that govern how you get divorced may see some big changes soon! Commonly referred to as the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution Act  has been amended here and there over the years but is now going to get  a major overhaul.

Two bills [HB 6192 and HB 6191] have been introduced into the Illinois General Assembly that are the result of years of study and research by the Illinois Family Law Study Commission.

Some of the proposed changes include:

  • No more grounds for a divorce
  • All divorce judgements will be issued within 90 days of filing
  • A shared income approach for child support
  • Maintenance awards will be explained in writing
  • Reallocation of parental time and responsibilities

Here is a  link to an Illinois State Bar Association’s Illinois  Bar Journal  article giving an overview of the pending bills.  The bills still need to be passed by both houses and approved by the governor.

You can read the entire bills  but for most of us, they need to be translated into plain English.   As more commentary becomes available, I will post links in future posts. Here is also a website with some good commentary, from a father’s point of view.

I will keep you informed as the bills  wind their way through the Legislature to become law.

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