Let's Meet at the Divorce Expo Saturday!

Blog: The Divorce Expo

Even though I am already divorced, I am attending tomorrow’s first Divorce Expo Chicago 2012.  There is an old saying:  “marriages end but divorce is forever.”

That is certainly true for me as I deal constantly with litigation and issues post divorce.  I am curious as to what this event will be.  I noted that there will be several speakers that I am already familiar with:

Hon. Judge Michele F. Lowrence, a Cook County divorce judge and the author of The Good Karma Divorce, and

Susan Carlson, a private investigator.

The 20+ speakers will deal with topics ranging from tax, finances, relationships and mental health and more.  There will be vendors offeringinformation about  services you may need as you move through this process.  The expo and and program runs from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm, tomorrow [Saturday] August 18 at the Hotel Arista.

Tickets are $75 for the day including  lunch.

I will be there.  I look just like my photo here, only about 50 years older! Please come introduce yourself.

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