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Middle-Class School Reform

Lots of college educated Chicago residents seem to leave town when their kids reach school age, and there are lots of possible reasons for why this happens more in Chicago than other places.  The real question is what we can do to change this situation, so that college-educated parents stay (and even move here) rather than leaving town...

Event: Tribune Education Forum Includes Union

From the Tribune:  “On Sept. 14, we’ll host a panel discussion on education featuring the heads of the Chicago Public Schools and the Catholic schools of Chicago, the head of the public schools’ teachers union, a state lawmaker exploding the status quo on education and the leader of the Ounce of Prevention Fund. Tuesday, Sept.... Read more »

Featured Post: Special Education Central

Sorry about making you click twice — the blog software won’t let me create a button on the front page that goes straight to a blog post with comments (or at least, I don’t know how to do that).  See below for reader comments.  This page was originally created in March 2010, and is now... Read more »

Police Report Reveals Undisclosed City Hall Meeting Scheduled

Just a few days after City Hall named a replacement for deceased board president Michael Scott, word came out via the Sun Times that a previously undisclosed meeting with Jackie Heard [had the been scheduled for] the morning after his suicide. Michael Scott’s suicide came as meeting on expenses loomed Sun TimesSixteen hours before he... Read more »

Real-Time School News Updates

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