School Advocates Reflect On The Runoff

School Advocates Reflect On The Runoff

How did Rahm eke out a victory? What mistakes did Chuy make to let things slip away? There's lots of post-election commentary and analysis out there, some of it (Klonsky, Utrecht) refreshingly candid.  There's also a lot of spin. Of course, none of it matters unless some things change going forward. Check it all out below, and see you on Twitter at @district299 and also Facebook.


Chicago's mayoral race was decided again by black voters The majority of students attending the city's public schools are black and Hispanic, according toChicago Public Schools data. Black voters said they chose Emanuel over Garcia, 56, because the mayor appeared to be the best qualified to resolve the city's ...

The Geography of Rahm Emanuel's Victory Chicago Magazine: The mayor won early and (relatively) easily last night. But Chuy Garcia's tale of two cities, while not enough to make up for a late start and a huge financial disparity, is still visible in the numbers.

A fight worth fighting Mike Klonsky: I still haven't quite got my head fully around yesterday's election outcomes. Lots of contradictory thoughts and emotions. I'm feeling battered and bruised but not surprised by Emanuel's 12-point margin of victory. It turns out he got almost exactly the same vote he received in 2011. How could that have happened?


How Jesus 'Chuy' Garcia Lost the Election Chicago Magazine: He was up against an unpopular mayor and had the backing of some very influential unions. So what went wrong?

Rahm Emanuel Won Last Night. But Chicago Progressives Actually Have Much to Be Happy About In These Times: Despite his flaws, as Ben Lorber argued last week, Garcia's campaign should not have been dismissed by the Left. Masses of activists were put in motion by the campaign; to ignore them would have been foolish. Given this, Garcia's loss and Emanuel's reelection is a real blow to the city's grassroots movements, and we shouldn't pretend otherwise.

Chicago's Chuy Garcia Lost an Election But Won a Movement The Nation: He only entered the race after Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis, who had been preparing to take on the mayor, was sidelined by illness. Yet, Garcia and his coalition forced a mayoral runoff and a real debate about the city and its future.

Defeating Boys in Wrestling Is 'Awesome,' Girls State Champion Says DNA Info: On the Uplift Community High School wrestling team, 18-year-old Teshell Elverton spends most of her time beating the boys. Elverton has been wrestling for the Uptown school's team, which is made up of mostly boys, since her sophomore year.


Nieves-Huffman: Time for Rahm, CTU to mend fences Chicago Sun-Times: Karen Lewis has often demonstrated charisma, leadership ability and genuine concern for Chicago students. This is a time for Lewis to put aside political recriminations and work with her leadership team to make CTU a unifying force in our city instead ...

 Emanuel likely to stay the course on education in second term WBEZ Chicago: Emanuel now will face challenges at Chicago Public Schools that look a lot like the challenges of four years ago: declining enrollment, ballooning pension costs, and an expiring contract with the Chicago Teachers Union. But then again, first-term Emanuel looks different than second-term Emanuel, so far.

Mayor's council critics could grow louder with progressive caucus gains Tribune: When Mayor Rahm Emanuel presides over the first City Council meeting of his second term, he will face an opposition bloc that gained in both size and energy while the mayor and his supporting aldermen struggled through a tough election season.


How an underperforming school rallied to turn around test scores and conquer the Common Core PBS NewsHour: It’s pep rally day at Jefferson Middle School in Washington, D.C. There are prizes and gift certificates and lots of cheering, all meant to get children psyched about the high-stakes tests they’re about to take. Sixth grader Nazar Harper says it works.

Panel approves $1b allocation for Common Core SI&A Cabinet Report: A proposal adding $1 billion in state support for schools transitioning to Common Core State Standards won easy passage Wednesday from a key legislative committee.

Take a look inside the 600-page rewrite of No Child Left Behind Washington Post: The bipartisan bill to replace No Child Left Behind that was crafted after months of negotiations between Sens. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) and Patty Murray (D-Wash.) would end federal high-stakes testing and grant more power to states to decide what to do about struggling schools and how or whether to evaluate teachers.

Senate’s effort to rewrite NCLB sparks cautious optimism Washington Post: Just about everyone with a stake in public education is weighing in on the Senate’s bipartisan effort to rewrite the nation’s main education law. And while there’s no consensus, a wide range of groups and people are exhibiting cautious optimism that the draft bill released Tuesday could be the first step toward reaching a bipartisan deal in an otherwise gridlocked Congress.


Teachers union starts legal battle to unionize L.A.'s largest charter school group LA Daily News: United Teachers Los Angeles has brought its fight to unionize the city's largest charter school organization to the state's top labor authority.

Teachers sue to join union without paying for political activities Los Angeles Times: An advocacy group has filed a lawsuit seeking to stop teachers unions in California from using member dues for political purposes unless individual instructors provide their permission.

Low-rated teachers twice as likely to work in Renewal schools ChalkbeatNY: While most teachers in Renewal schools — 77 percent —  were still rated effective, students were also less likely to have a top-rated teacher: Less than 2 percent of 3,373 teachers in those schools received a “highly effective” in 2013-14, compared to 9.2 percent of the city’s teachers overall.

Wait list numbers are up for D.C. schools Washington Post: More than 8,500 students in the District are on wait lists for one or more charter schools this year, and nearly 7,000 are on wait lists for at least one traditional school, according to data released Tuesday by District school officials.

Tax Credits For Maryland Private School Donors Run Afoul Of Teacher's Union WAMU:  Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is at odds with state Democrats over his proposal to offer tax credits for residents or businesses that contribute to private schools. But Democrats — and groups like teacher's unions and the ACLU — aren't biting.

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