Karen Lewis Could Have Won!?

Karen Lewis Could Have Won!?

All eyes are on the runoff, but meanwhile Karen Lewis says she could have won. More states are starting their Common Core testing this week, but CPS is still unclear about what exactly it's going to do -- and what price it might pay. Pedro Martinez gets profiled in the Boston Globe - he's a finalist for the top job. Having been unable to get them changed at the statehouse level, teachers unions are turning to the courts to prevent controversial evaluation measures from being implemented.


Can 'Chuy' give Rahm a run for his money? Tribune: A 2012 teachers strike, among other confrontations, led Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis to form an exploratory committee for mayor last year. After she withdrew for health reasons, she asked Garcia, a former state senator, alderman and ...  See also NBC: Karen Lewis: I Could Have Won.

Emanuel, Garcia: Tell voters how you'll fix CPS Chicago Tribune: Mayor Rahm Emanuel and challenger Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, rear in sash, need to get specific about how they'll handle Chicago Public Schools' ballooning budget deficit before voters choose between them April 7.

Unions spend big in Chicago City Council races Chicago Tribune: It's harder to quantify the union results because different unions sometimes backed different candidates, particularly when it came to the more left-leaning Chicago Teachers Union.

Garcia vs. Emanuel could be proxy for fight within national party Tribune: After forcing Mayor Rahm Emanuel into a runoff election to keep his job, Cook County Commissioner Jesus "Chuy" Garcia is framing the head-to-head showdown as part of an ideological fight for the soul of the Democratic Party.


The snow conundrum: How a school system decides whether to open Washington Post: Todd Watkins had been following the snow forecasts closely. By the time he climbed out of bed in the darkness of 2 a.m., he didn’t think a storm would wallop the Washington region. But he thought it was possible that Montgomery’s schools would open after a delay. See also HuffPost: Teachers Ensure Poor Kids Are Fed On Snow Days When They Can't Get Free School Lunch.


Editorial: CPS decision on state test must be crystal clear to all Chicago Sun-Times (editorial): This saga began last month when Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett said CPS would put off full administration of the reading and math PARCC exams until 2016, defying a federal requirement to test all students this year.  See also NBC: Confusion Continues Over Standardized Testing In Chicago, Tribune: CPS braces for 'consequences' of snubbing state-mandated test

As Common Core Testing Is Ushered In, Parents and Students Opt Out NYT: About a dozen of their classmates, however, will be elsewhere. They will sit in a nearby art room, where they will read books, do a little drawing and maybe paint. What they will not do is take the test, because they and their parents have flatly refused. See also Yakima Herald: Common Core exams begin soon, and many school districts are ready to go; Philly.com: Monday the day for controversial student testing in New Jersey; WFLA: Florida Standards testing begins across state.


Smarty pants: 25 Illinois colleges with the highest ACT scores RebootIL: But as a quick numerical reference, comparing the average ACT, or American College Test, scores of particular schools can help paint a picture of what kinds of students are applying to and being admitted to those schools.

Pedro Martinez leads with compassion, conviction Boston Globe: In 2003, when he met Arne Duncan, then the superintendent of Chicago Public Schools and now the US Secretary of Education, it was to give him ..


Contentious teacher-related policies moving from legislatures to the courts Washington Post: The latest foray into the courtroom began Feb. 13, when New Mexico teachers sued state officials over an evaluation system that relies heavily on student test scores. Tennessee teachers also sued their state officials this month, arguing that most teachers’ evaluations are based on the test scores of students they don’t actually teach. Florida teachers brought a similar lawsuit last year; it is now in federal appeals court, while other complaints are pending in Texas and New York.

Jeb Bush stands firm on controversial immigration, educationpolicies at CPAC Fox News: Rubio used his time to target Obama's foreign policies, focusing mostly on Iran's nuclear threat. During his speech, Rubio said America needed a leader who understands that the way to defeat the Islamic State “wasn't to give him a job,” referencing ...

No Child Left Behind debate in the House suspended Washington Post: The House suspended floor debate on a Republican bill to rewrite No Child Left Behind on Friday afternoon, with party leaders saying they had to shift the chamber’s focus to debate funding the Department of Homeland Security. See also AP: House Republican Leaders Scrap Education Vote.

Jimmy Kimmel got doctors to swear at cameras to convince people to get vaccinated HuffPost: "Here in LA, there are schools in which 20 percent of the children aren't vaccinated," Kimmel said, "because parents here are more scared of gluten than they are of smallpox."


30 Struggling Colorado Schools Have 1 More Year to Improve AP: A magnet middle school in Colorado Springs with a focus on aviation and Pueblo City Schools are among 30 schools in Colorado in their fifth consecutive year of low academic performance. Under Colorado's accreditation rating system, those schools are considered to be failing and could face state sanctions....

Schools face new challenges as poverty grows in inner suburbs Washington Post: The District and dozens of other city centers across the country are becoming younger, more affluent and better educated while poverty rates in inner suburbs are rising, according to a study from the University of Virginia’s Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service.

LA teachers, union leaders rally amid stalled talks AP: Dressed in red and raising signs into the air, thousands of teachers filled a downtown Los Angeles park on Thursday in ..

New York City Teachers’ Union Is Closing Portion of Its Brooklyn Charter School NYT: Low student tests scores are forcing the United Federation of Teachers to shut down the kindergarten-to-eighth-grade portion of a charter school it started in 2005.

A closer look at four New Mexico teachers’ evaluations Washington Post:  The American Federation of Teachers last month sued New Mexico state officials over new teacher evaluations that have sparked resistance across the state from teachers who say that the system is unfair and error-ridden.

Life After the Ban: Schools Roll Out the New Cell Phone Rules WNYC: New York City's ban on cell phones in public schools is over. Now, individual schools get to choose a policy that works for them.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan to honor 3 Philly school principals Philly.com: The trio of Philadelphia School District leaders have a solid excuse for being absent: They'll be meeting with U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan and other top principals from around the country in Washington.

Mississippi has never had a charter school before. Here’s what to expect next year Hechinger Report: Titus Gore was up late again, sitting in silence at his kitchen table. He was concentrating on his homework, which he started around 6 p.m. and would finish some five hours later. Essays always took him the longest. But late-nighters are something the fifth-grader is used to now that he’s started a new school, the Nashville Academy of Computer Science.

Legislators want Minnesota's education programs to publicly disclose how well they're preparing future teachers MinnPost: Under pressure on multiple fronts, Minnesota’s teacher training programs are facing a new push to begin publicly reporting how well they prepare future educators.

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