Board Member Invested In Companies With $1.3M CPS Earnings

Board Member Invested In Companies With $1.3M CPS Earnings

The Sun-Times reports that Quazzo has invested in companies that have won $1.3M in contracts from CPS via its charters schools. The Sun-Times editorial page endorsed Rahm, just like the Tribune's did. Illinois' vaccination rate is low, compared to other states, because of a lax exemption for religious objections. A boy on the Northwest Side was killed over a Facebook post, apparently.


Watchdogs: Quazzo’s companies got $1.3 million from CPS-funded charters Sun-Times: Five companies in which Quazzo has an interest have gotten a total of more than $1.3 million from contracts with the privately operated schools, which are funded almost entirely with tax dollars through the Chicago Public Schools system the Chicago venture capitalist helps oversee.

Where is Chicago politics still old-school nasty? Crain's Chicago Business: In much of Chicago this year, lively contests for alderman are a distant memory. Voters in seven wards have only one candidate on the ballot: the incumbent. Seven others feature just two contenders. But democracy Chicago style—as in an all-out brawl ...


City of Chicago falls below safe levels for measles vaccination WBEZ: "Here in Illinois unfortunately we still have medical as well as philosophical exemptions from vaccines,” Tan said. “So there are some parents who decide they don't want to vaccinate their children and take advantage of these exemptions." The state’s overall adolescent measles vaccination rate is at 93.5 percent.

Database: Check your school's measles immunization rate Chicago Tribune: Each year thousands of schools across Illinois report health data to the Illinois State Board of Education. School nurses or administrators fill out survey forms and submit information to the state board in October each year.

Trio of aldermen pledge support for neighborhood schools Chicago Sun-Times: Payar said he was a “terrible” student in high school but still succeeded – getting a master's degree from the University ofChicago. He said he finds it hard to believe that one test can determine whether you get into the “right” high school and into...


CPS financial problems many, mayoral candidate solutions few Tribune:  Chicago Public Schools faces gaping budget deficits, skyrocketing retirement costs and tough negotiations for a new teachers contract, but the candidates for mayor have offered few solutions on how they'd deal with some of the gravest financial challenges the city faces.

Tribune poll: Emanuel not doing enough on neighborhood economic development Tribune: Rahm Emanuel's challengers are trying to hammer home the theme that the mayor has neglected Chicago's struggling neighborhoods in favor of boosting economic development downtown, and for good reason: It plays well with voters.

Rahm Emanuel has earned your vote Chicago Sun-Times (editorial): He closed down dozens of underused and under-performing schools. We took exception to the autocratic way in which he went about it — and we remain convinced some schools should not have been closed — but this was an enormously unpopular job that just had to be done.


13-year-old boy killed on Northwest Side Tribune: A 13-year-old boy recording a fight with his cellphone was shot to death near Grand and Austin avenues in the Belmont Central neighborhood on the Northwest Side late Sunday, according to police. See also CLTV: Boy, 13, fatally shot on Northwest Side over Facebook post: police.


Anti-Testing Advocates Flood Congressional Staff Inboxes PK12: Did it work? Actually, it seemed to have made at least one aide pretty cranky. If you think a flood of 800-plus emails are enough to stop a government-supplied Blackberry in its tracks, you're right. "This is bullying," the aide said. "We're trying to be really thoughtful on a range of issues, including assessments, in a really short time frame. We're doing the absolute best we can. And this makes it even harder."

Uncovering Security Flaws in Digital Education Products for Schoolchildren NYT: The law has long treated educational information as a category worthy of special protections, like credit or medical records, but the reality is often different.

Democrats Seek to Hit Jeb Bush With Comparisons to Romney AP: Not yet a formal candidate, Jeb Bush taking hits from Democrats who compare him to Mitt Romney

How Elementary School Teachers’ Biases Can Discourage Girls From Math and Science NYT: Early educational experiences have a quantifiable effect on the courses students choose later, a study shows.

Malia Obama, Rap Tastemaker, Might Attend College in New York City Jezebel: Malia Obama, known 90s rap enthusiast and Joey Badass fan, is looking at universities this week—and cool New Yorkers who work very hard at being cool and calm are losing their shit because she's undergraduate shopping in the Big Apple.


Starr’s record a mixed bag: Data show improvement, but there were missteps Washington Post: The listening tour came first, extending through Joshua P. Starr’s early months as the newly hired superintendent of Maryland’s largest school system. He crisscrossed Montgomery County in 2011, hosting town halls, dropping in on schools, hearing about budget strains and curriculum worries and performance gaps.

Mom charged with threatening to blow up daughter's school AP: Authorities say a mother got so angry when told that her daughter had failed a New York state exam that she threatened to bomb the school....

District embarks on plan to bring more quality teachers to poor schools Washington Post: District officials are developing a plan to bring more effective teachers to schools in poor neighborhoods, part of their response to a federal mandate to address the historically short supply of talent in schools where children have the greatest needs.

Chancellor Carmen Fariña Changes New York City Schools’ Course NYT: Ms. Fariña has rolled back Education Department policies adopted by the Bloomberg administration, but hasn’t spelled out what will come next.

Changes in Seattle, Dispute Over Charter Expansion Costs in Philly & More District Dossier: We look at the possible roll-back of four-day school week in Minnesota, dispute over the cost of charter expansion in Philadelphia, and supporting high-achieving, low-income students.

NYC Takes Another Step Towards Unifying Pre-K Programs WNYC: The Department of Education will manage admissions to both public school and community-based pre-kindergarten, moving closer to the city's vision of creating a unified system.


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