Student Killed On way To Johnson College Prep

Student Killed On way To Johnson College Prep

Today's CPS news: Sad story about a kid being killed for his jacket on the way to basketball practice. CTU is endorsing Arena for re-election, according to Progress Illinois. Second City Teacher wonders why CTU is endorsing problematic candidates. Catalyst reports that CPS recalculated school quality ratings without telling anyone (via LaRavierre & the Sun Times). Plus national news and education news from other cities. 

3 more teens charged in fatal shooting of 15-year-old in Englewood Fox News: The brothers were headed to Johnson College Prep charter school at 6350 S. Stewart, where Demacio had basketball practice Saturday. They were walking the half mile from the bus stop near the school when the muggers confronted the 6-foot tall brothers.

Flu bug leads to high absentee rate in Oak Park elementary schools Chicago Tribune: Chicago Tribune Media Group's The Doings La Grange: Nazareth Academy in LaGrange Park plans to send students home early Monday and has canceled classes for Tuesday and Wednesday due to a flu outbreak, schoolofficials announced.

Secret recalculations Catalyst: The confounding thing is that if CPS officials did this to help charter schools as LaRaviere intimates, then they failed. Thirty-one charters saw their scores drop, and 24 saw them increase. According to the Sun Times story on LaRaviere’s analysis, seven charters got better ratings because of the changes, while nine had worse ratings.

How a Chicago Summer Job Program Reduced Violent Crime Chicago Magazine: Students from some of Chicago's most dangerous neighborhoods were given good jobs and mentors to guide them through. The effects continued well beyond the end of the program.

When 'universal preschool' is not universal Catalyst: Hellen Juarez was excited when she heard Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announce that the city would introduce universal preschool. “Universal means there will be open slots for those who need it,” said Juarez, a single mother of three whose youngest, a 3-year-old, is not yet in school.

Chicago Teachers Union Backs Ald. Arena's Re-Election Bid Progress IL: The union endorsed the sitting alderman, who is one of Chicago Mayor Rham Emanuel's most vocal critics on the city council, over the weekend.

Rahm Still Has His Rubber Stamp City Council Chicago Magazine: A recently released study confirms that, despite his low approval and upcoming election, Mayor Emanuel continues to get whatever he wants from the city's aldermen.

In 'up-and-coming' neighborhood, what's the tipping point for gentrification? WBEZ: Belmont Cragin isn’t experiencing anything like Logan Square’s turbo-charged economy. But as it comes back from the housing crisis, some wonder: is this healthy redevelopment or the beginnings of gentrification?

Substitute teacher charged with grabbing children's necks MyFox Chicago: 12 after allegedly grabbing multiple children by the backs of their necks at Sabin Magnet Dual Language School at 2216 W. Hirsch, according to police and CPS spokeswoman Lauren Huffman.

Win or Lose? Second City Teacher: The Chicago Teachers Union is focused on winning in the elections. But is this the focus this union should be pursuing today? The CTU has endorsed some very problematic politicians who have "won" and then whacked the union hard.

Flu bug leads to high absentee rate in Oak Park elementary schools Chicago Tribune: Nazareth Academy in LaGrange Park plans to send students home early Monday and has canceled classes for Tuesday and Wednesday due to a flu outbreak, school officials announced.


Regents refuse to approve city’s latest charter school renewals ChalkbeatNY: The renewals are typically considered rubber-stamp votes by the time they make it to the Regents agenda. This time, state officials said they wouldn’t approve the extensions until representatives from the city’s charter-school office came to Albany and explained their reasoning.

LAUSD superintendent seeks state testing relief KPCC: Under Cortines' request, scores would still be delivered to students, parents and schools, but would not be counted toward schools' Academic Performance Index, the measure by which California schools' determine improvement on tests.

As Lottery Opens, Bowser Remains Mum On Tweaks To New School Boundaries WAMU: The District's citywide school lottery opened to students today, incorporating new school boundaries and feeder patterns adopted by Mayor Vincent Gray. But Mayor-elect Muriel Bowser again said she would tweak those changes, though remained quiet on the details.

Stuyvesant High School Student Now Says He Didn't Make $72 Million on Stocks NYT: After widespread publicity that Mohammed Islam had earned $72 million in the stock market, the story of a 17-year-old Stuyvesant High School senior started to unravel on Monday.

City Agrees to Stop Schools from Using 911 for Discipline WNYC: New York City public schools can no longer send disruptive students to emergency rooms without first giving families or trained.


Taliban Storm Pakistani School AP: Taliban storm Pakistani school, kill 126, mostly children, teenagers, in worst attack in years. Police officer Javed Khan says the gunmen entered the school on Tuesday morning. He says army commandos quickly arrived at the scene and exchanged fire with the gunmen.

How ‘Christmas’ should teachers get? A guide for navigating the ‘December Dilemma’ PBS NewsHour: It’s called “the December Dilemma.” As the winter holidays approach, schools are aware that the issue of separating church and state is not just something students encounter in social studies classes, but a real and present concern for teachers and administrators. Is it OK to decorate the school and the classroom for Christmas? What kinds of concerts and plays are constitutional in a public school?

In Mississippi, Education Money Gap Grows To $1.5B AP: School leaders say they can't afford new books or a reading coach to help raise the district's "D" academic rating. There's a leaky roof and crumbling ceiling tiles, no marching band and no advanced placement classes. To save money, the number of teachers and their assistants were reduced and administrators took pay cuts.


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  • Demario Bailey’s murder was very tragic, but the exact same thing has happened before in Chicago. Let’s not forget that in 2005 17-year-old Steve Terrett a student at Robeson High School was found shot to death and shoeless in a South Side alley it was determined he was killed over a pair of Nike Air Jordans. The article that Alexander linked to the blog does not discuss Johnson Prep Charter School Principal Garland Thomas-McDavid’s quote in the Tribune: "I believe I speak for every mother who lives on the South Side of this city in saying we don’t mind if it takes (martial) law to get this in order. Demario did not deserve to die three days from his 16th birthday,"

    I am totally unclear after what has just happened in relation to police killings in the process of arrests in two Black communities in the USA and the subsequent protests over Grand Jury decisions relating to those incidents every mother on the South Side would agree with the call for martial law made by the principal. The University of Chicago Crime Lab a few years ago did a serious statistical report on Gun Violence among School-Age Youth in Chicago see it’s a serious study that merits reading. There is nothing in that report that would indicate that having the police and national guard take full control over vast low income areas of Chicago would stop these killings.

    When I taught at Calumet High School I had several of my students murdered and one who became a convicted murder too. The murder was a 16-year old Calumet High School student, Billy Moore and the murdered student was the Simeon basketball star Ben Wilson. The police actually examined my class roster and attendance record. I had no idea who Moore was and had by November only seen him three times according to my records. Billy Moore got 40 years for killing Wilson, he has served about 29 years of that sentence.

    The NY Times did an excellent story about both Billy Moore and Ben Wilson that describes in some detail their lives in the Auburn Gresham community where they lived. It was and has been an incredible tragedy for both families. The story can be retrieved at
    I can’t honestly see how martial law stops these types of murders and the truth be told Dr. Garland Thomas-McDavid was in elementary school when Ben Wilson was murdered and many poor students have been murdered since Ben was killed by a student from my 4th period class. Even Father Pfleger who has actively campaigned against gun violence on the South Side and was foster father to Jarvis Franklin, who was killed by stray gunfire in 1998 has not called for martial law on the South Side of Chicago.

  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    You should know that a call for martial law is just so the politicians
    can say they are doing something.On that horrible day in 1984 i was at the other end of the line in Simeon. Thank god we had some real teaching there.The auto body teacher Lonzie O'banion stopped about a hundred students from going over to Calumet for a little payback.that would have been a real bloodbath given your kids were just as "Street" as mine.
    Forget ever trying to enplane those days to someone who was not there, they won't believe you, and some wonder out loud what was wrong with us for staying in such dangerous places.If we picked up all the guns murder by knives, fists, and swords would just replace the instrument, not change the result. Man worst enemy is man.

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