Challengers Vie For CTU Supporters

Challengers Vie For CTU Supporters

Today's local education news includes mayoral challengers talking about CPS, a Klonsky blog post about those graduation numbers, a $20M preschool grant for Illinois reported by Catalyst, and a new effort to improve teacher diversity in DNA Info. Nationally, storms are closing California schools, a massive spending bill in Washington includes wins and losses for Obama education initiatives, and the resignation of NY State's controversial state superintendent.

Mayoral candidates staking out positions Chicago Tribune: Both are seeking to draw support from voters who supported the Chicago Teachers Union in its 2012 strike and who bristled at Emanuel's decision to close dozens of public schools. And both challengers are loudly proclaiming their intention, if elected, ...

Garcia Talks Chicago Elected School Board Before Council Meeting Progress IL: Chicago voters in 38 wards will have the opportunity to weigh in on an advisory ballot question asking whether the city should switch to an elected, rather than the current appointed, school board. The Chicago Board of Education is the only non-elected school board in Illinois, and the state legislature must ultimately change the rules.

On Chicago graduation rates. They're dizzy with success Mike Klonsky: But the rate of degree attainment remains in the single digits for black boys, at 6%. It was only 4% 6 years ago so you could say that's an amazing 33% increase. Yes, you could say that if you're the incumbent mayor, running for re-election and in charge of the entire school system.

Illinois gets second largest preschool grant Catalyst:  Recognizing Illinois’ existing work in early childhood education, the U.S. Department of Education announced today that the state will receive an additional $20 million in annual federal funding to further expand preschool services for 4-year-olds. Illinois was one of 18 states selected today to...

Black, Hispanic Science Teacher Plan Aims to Boost CPS Numbers DNA Info:  Blacks were 40 percent of CPS' overall teaching corp in 2012; today it's 24.3 percent, UIC experts say. Citing a shortage of black and Hispanic science teachers in Chicago Public Schools, officials have announced a six-year, $3 million effort to train thirty new minority instructors.


Storm warning prompts school closures EdSource Today: More than half a dozen school districts across California will close Thursday in anticipation of a major storm that is damaging the state’s collective calm.

From Potatoes To Salty Fries In School: Congress Tweaks Food Rules NPR: The giant federal spending bill that's expected to go to a vote Thursday will give schools some flexibility in implementing nutrition standards. Also a winner: the potato lobby. See also PBS.

Spending Bill Would Fund Preschool Grants, But Not Race to Top PK12: A few education programs would take a notable whack, including Race to the Top, one of the Obama administration's signature competitive grants, which appropriators sought to scrap completely.

Obama’s Race to the Top loses all funding in 2015 omnibus spending bill Washington Post: President Obama and firstlLady Michelle Obama both would see key initiatives whacked if the $1.01 trillion spending bill unveiled by congressional leaders this week passes without changes in these areas.

Leading Public Education Organizations Lack Diversity at Top, Report Finds District Dossier: The report does not name which groups participated in the survey but does highlight a few education nonprofits that have made building diverse leadership teams a top priority. TNTP and College Track are two that are featured.


New York State Education Commissioner to Leave for Federal Post NYT: John B. King Jr. said he would take the No. 2 job at the United States Education Department. See also WNYCChalkbeatNY.

Texas to Close 14 Charter School Operators Texas Tribune: Texas will shut down 14 charter school operators that failed to meet heightened financial and academic performance rules this year, state education officials announced Tuesday.

Schools’ Discipline for Girls Differs by Race and Hue NYT: For graffiti on a Georgia school’s walls, two girls were suspended. Then one of them ended up in the criminal justice system.



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