Teacher Prep Programs Usually Easier

Teacher Prep Programs Usually Easier

There's more about the risky bonds that CPS issued, including a Tribune editorial, plus more followup about Rauner (who won some liberal parts of Chicago, FWIW). Second City Teachers has a harrowing story about a probationary teacher who was hurt on the job -- then fired. Plus a couple of items from Substance.  Nationally, NCTQ's latest report is out showing just how easy many college teacher training programs are to ace, GPA-wise ( click here and go to the appendix to see how your current/former school looks) and interim LAUSD head Ray Cortines is re-instating the "parent trigger" option for schools where the usual fixes haven't worked. 


Illinois lawmakers opened door to risky CPS bond deals Tribune: The legislation paving the way for Chicago Public Schools to issue $1 billion in risky debt arrived on the Senate floor with little explanation.

CPS must recover losses from toxic financial deals Chicago Tribune: Nearly two years ago, the Chicago Teachers Union and a coalition of community and labor organizations sounded the alarm that toxic swaps had cost the district tens of millions already and, through the lifetime of the deals, could cost hundreds of millions.

Risky Bonds Prove Costly for Chicago Public Schools Tribune: The bet CPS made on auction-rate securities is likely to be a loser, to the tune of $100 million.


Eight Questions for Your New Republican Overlord Reader: Bruce Rauner left a lot of reporters wondering what his plans for the state are. Here are the big ones, from taxes to pot.

Where Bruce Rauner Won in Chicago Chicago Magazine: It’s not the first time a Republican has won a Chicago ward, but the governor-elect succeeded in edging out Pat Quinn on the near north side.


Take Back Chicago Substance:  Hundreds of Chicagoans hit the city's downtown streets Tuesday afternoon to rally for economic justice and demand action from their elected officials on policies important to working families, including a minimum wage increase.

Interview with Teacher Assaulted by Student Second City Teachers: She suffered a brain injury and was then was laid off as a probationary teacher. Her nightmare did not end however as she has had to endure an endless trial of getting worker's compensation to cover lost pay and health insurance for her injury - which CPS is fighting - and hire her own lawyers to handle her case which still continues two years later.

Second City Benefit Event Substance: The annual tradition of a benefit at the world famous Second City comedy theater continued on November 10, 2014, as more than 200 CTU members and supporters showed up for the event, now sponsored by CORE as an annual fundraiser.


Northwestern faculty train Chicago Public Schools principals through program Daily Northwestern:  Northwestern is helping develop leadership skills in high-performing Chicago Public Schools principals through a one-year training program provided by NU faculty.

Sign up to speak at Evening CBOE Meeting CORE: Sign up to speak at the Evening CBOE Meeting at Westinghouse H.S.

Mundelein High School students to perform David Schwimmer play on Internet safety Chicago Tribune: Mundelein High School theater students are putting on the first high school production of “Trust,” a play about sexual predators online written by actor David Schwimmer.


Teacher Training Is A Ridiculously Easy Way To Ace College, Report Says Huffington Post: At 58 percent of 509 schools, "teacher preparation programs are much more likely to confer high grades than are other majors on the same campus," the report says. While an average of 30 percent of all students graduated "cum laude," 44 percent of teacher preparation students received the honor. The report calls the results "a wake-up call for higher education."

Fight Is On for Common Core Contracts WSJ: As states race to implement the Common Core academic standards, companies are fighting for a slice of the accompanying testing market, expected to be worth billions of dollars in coming years.

Seeking Big K-12 Plans From Governors for 2015? Oregon Gov. Kitzhaber Delivers State EdWatch: Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber, a Democrat, has presented a wide-ranging package of education initiatives that include a focus on early education, reading, and English-language learners.

Goodbye, Snow Days: Students Study From Home ABC: Goodbye, snow days: Students across the nation increasingly hit the books from home.

Communities Struggle To Reach Homeless Students Living In The Shadows NPR: More than 1 million public school students in the U.S. don't have permanent homes. Most live doubled up with family or friends, but many live in motels, emergency shelters, campgrounds — even cars.

Common Core Reading: 'The New Colossus' NPR: The Common Core State Standards have led to big changes in the way many teachers approach reading instruction.


What Obama’s Inequity Nudge Means for San Diego Schools Voices of SD: The new union president, Lindsay Burningham, made clear when we talked with her in August that she didn’t see much need to change the evaluation process, putting any room for error on the administrator carrying out each review.

Portland Schools Urged To Scrap Transfers To Boost Racial Diversity Huffington Post: These allow students to switch to schools in different neighborhoods, but they must enter a lottery if spots are limited. There is also a separate lottery system for students hoping to transfer to selective "magnet" schools which offer advanced curriculums.

Fairfax Asks Feds for Help Funding Unaccompanied Minors WAMU: More than one thousands unaccompanied minors from Central America have found a temporary home in Fairfax County, but school officials are struggling to pay for their education.

Cortines lifts LAUSD ban on Parent Trigger enacted by Deasy LA School Report: The head of Parent Revolution said today that LA Unified has reversed course, lifting the ban on using the “Parent Trigger” law this year...

School Discipline Without Suspensions WNYC: Since that year, however, M.S. 53 has done an about face, dropping to just below 40 suspensions last year. Violent incidents have dropped. Test scores and attendance are climbing, too.

6 city schools recommended for closure amid $980 million renovation plan Baltimore Sun: Six Baltimore schools, including two high schools, would close in June as part of the city district's proposal to downsize to fit current enrollment and prepare for a $980 million modernization, officials said Tuesday.

Calif. Superintendents' Pay and Perks Draw Ire of State Lawmakers EdSource Today: Many school superintendents in California are making more than than the governor, and some state lawmakers are criticizing the trend.

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  • Will Chicago Progressives Unite Behind Chuy Garcia? In These Times http://ow.ly/EbxmT

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    The In These Times article asks how many progressives in the City will support Mr. Garcia? A better way to start might be to answer the question of what exactly is a progressive Democrat any more within the context of City politics? Once such a constituency is defined, how many votes can it generate might be a relevant question to ask.

    I honestly don't understand how a mother of several children depicted in the article from a closed school who is also Hispanic qualifies as a "progressive." Is every family that opposed school closings because they were adversely impacted by school closings now a progressive? Because up north where I live we had several parents who opposed the closing of Trumbull school because their children would be thrown into a school in the heart of Uptown with many poorer children. That's not exactly progreeive is it? We had other community members who claimed that they believed in neighborhood schools that opposed the closing of Trumbull, who also support magnet schools and non-neighborhood selective schools. Are they progressives too?

    The truth is the definition of a progressive within the context of City politics is amorphous and the votes such a group can generate are not clear.

    Rod Estvan

  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    I would posit that especially in the education context Rahm is the progressive. Using the closure of half empty schools with combined grades and other detrimental inefficiencies is pandering to a set of voters (who probably weren't even personally affected by the consolidations) and populist politicking of the worst kind.

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