CTU Formalizes Garcia Endorsement For Mayor

CTU Formalizes Garcia Endorsement For Mayor

Coming off midterm elections in which a Quinn/Vallas vote was more than many members could stomach, CTU voted last night to formalize its surprise endorsement of Chuy Garcia over Bob Fioretti, the presumptive candidate they'd support after Karen Lewis dropped out. (The story was first reported in Substance, and then picked up by the Tribune.) Nationally, teachers unions are saying that Democrats lost, not their candidates in particular, and that reformers are perhaps over-celebrating given their losses in California and a few other places where reform and union candidates went head to head. Plus - lots about what Rauner does next, first, and where his challenges are.


Chicago Teachers Union delegates endorse Garcia for mayor over Emanuel Tribune: Fioretti campaign spokesman Michael Kolenc said the alderman initially was told the endorsement decision would take place in December after the union had heard from all candidates, but then the campaign received an endorsement questionnaire from the union Monday with no deadline.

Why the cavalry didn't come to save Quinn/Vallas Mike Klonsky: There was little in the Quinn/Vallas campaign that excited either the black community, young voters, teachers or much of the union rank-and-file even while running against the worst person in the world. The Rauner scare just wasn't enough.


What challenges await govenor-elect Bruce Rauner WGN: Bruce Rauner has avoided social issues this entire campaign and now he’ll have to deal with them, as well as the pension crisis and the state’s financial issues, including pensions.

What's Next for Bruce Rauner NBC Chicago: He told Crain's Chicago Business' Greg Hinz that the state Senate will hold off on a hot-button decision to make permanent the income tax until Rauner gives his budget speech early next year.

Rauner names transition team leaders Tribune: While Republican Bruce Rauner remained out of the public eye Wednesday, he sought to show that work was going on behind the scenes by announcing key members of his team that would oversee transition efforts one day after claiming victory over Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn.

Eight questions for your new Republican overlord Reader: Taxes, weed, Madigan—what will governor-elect Bruce Rauner do? by Mick Dumke Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn and Republican challenger Bruce Rauner raised nearly $100 million between them—and presumably spent about as much to warn us that if the other guy were elected governor, a calamity would befall Illinois more alarming than having to watch their campaign ads.


Chicago Principals To Receive Training from Northwestern U T.H.E. Journal: "Yet only 40 percent of principals remain in that role after five years," said CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett, in a prepared statement. As part of the program, principal fellows will receive a "360-degree" assessment, including performance feedback from ...

Former NFL Player Teaches CPS Second-Graders DNAinfo: Bartlett teaches second grade, coaches high school football for Chicago Public Schools — and maintains a passion for hunting bucks in his free time.

Ex-Chicago Public Schools worker found guilty of sexually assaulting student ...
The Republic: A former Chicago Public Schools worker convicted of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old student has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.


Teachers Unions Say Midterm Losses Don't Reflect On Them HuffPost: Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, told The Huffington Post that she sees the election results differently -- and does not understand how Democratic reformers could possibly claim they were a success. “It’s hard for me to understand … what the business types and the testing types of this education debate think they won here.”

Teachers unions defend their ground by getting Torlakson reelected LA Times: In races where education was the main issue, such as the Torlakson-Tuck contest, union-backed candidates and measures fared better, Weingarten said. Voters, she said, still side with teachers on issues such as the need to lower classes sizes, limit standardized testing and provide more funding for schools.

Torlakson victory ensures continuity in reforms EdSource Today: One immediate consequence of State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson’s rebuff of challenger Marshall Tuck is to ensure the continuance of the cohesion in state education policy that has been forged since Gov. Jerry Brown returned to Sacramento four years ago.

Unions' Sliver Of Hope In Devastating Midterm Elections BuzzFeed: The success of progressive initiatives in typically red states is being treated by labor as a signal that what they are doing is working, even if those votes didn’t carry over into the governor and senate races.

Teachers unions spent $60 million for the midterms but still lost many elections Washington Post: The nation's major teachers unions suffered losses across the country Tuesday, despite pouring about $60 million into federal, state and local races in the midterm elections.

Your Child's Teacher May Soon Be a Computer NPR: Education is becoming more and more expensive. But technology could lower the cost — and increase access to a college education or improve the quality of education for children. Elite universities like Harvard and Stanford are already leading the way.


Election Results Could Bring Relief to Phila. Schools; Leadership Stability to D.C. District Dossier: Philadelphia officials hope a new governor will bring some financial relief, while Washington's new mayor has pledged to keep schools chancellor Kaya Henderson.

In South Carolina, A Program That Makes Apprenticeships Work WAMU: Apprenticeship programs have been in decline, but South Carolina is bucking the trend. Nearly 11,000 apprentices have been trained there since 2007 in fields ranging from manufacturing to nursing.

Brooklyn Principal Apologizes for Remark Deemed Offensive NYT: Donna Taylor, the principal of the Brooklyn School of Inquiry, said she regretted telling a group of parents and children that “if you don’t speak Spanish, you’re going to clean your own house.”



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  • Dealing with Mike Madigan has been the issue for over 30 years as he has led Illinois to a fiscal path of destruction. I have never met anyone who likes Madigan and instead genuinely hate him and his antics. Unless you live in his district (which he uses his muscle to take care of), you can't vote him out.

    It seems he is untouchable, but he is the father of Lisa Madigan. And Daddy Mike wants her to become Illinois Gov in the future. Maybe the best way to get to Mike Madigan is to go after his darling daughter. Maybe the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Well welcome to meeting your first person who likes Speaker Madigan and who uses their real name in their posts. While I personally like the Speaker and in fact am often in awe of his legislative skills, I have had major disagreements with him, including his support several years ago for a school voucher bill which failed.

    Contrary to the public picture of Speaker Madigan as an iron ruler who dictates positions to the members of his cacus in the House of Representatives I have found that he often tries to forge a compromise position to maintain unity within his cacus. Let's be clear the Republicans have tried time and again to make the Speaker himself the issue and have failed. In the last election the Democrats kept their House super majority despite the media blitz against the Speaker.

    I am not a Democrat for many reasons, but the claims being made by the annomous poster against Speaker Madigan is based in the world of mythology and not the reality of the legislative process in Springfield which as a registered lobbyist I am often a part of.

    Rod Estvan

  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    ............and he is in charge and the state is in a fiscal mess. If he is in charge, he is the issue.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    The Speaker is not in charge, that is another myth. There is a collective problem in Springfield that includes Republicans and Democrats going back more than 20 years.
    Speaker Madigan can't force through any law he wants, raise taxes, cut pensions, change retirement ages, and on and on by himself. The world is a little more complex tha that.

  • In reply to Rodestvan:

    You can make all the excuses to defend Madigan. You are a lobbyist, so you do see the legislative process. However, taxpayers and voters should hold legislators responsible. Madigan wants to hold the power and he is responsible for the failures along with the successes. Sure the world is complex, but accountability is needed in government and saying it is "complex" is no excuse. Mike Madigan has been a disaster for Illinois.

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