Lewis Won't Run For Mayor, May Have Brain Tumor

Lewis Won't Run For Mayor, May Have Brain Tumor

News outlets are reporting that Karen Lewis, whose exploratory committee spokesperson yesterday announced she would not be running for mayor, has a brain tumor of some kind. That's frankly much more immediately serious in medical terms than I had hoped, though I had always thought that she wouldn't run and that if she did it wouldn't go particularly well. Meantime, a new study from Myron Orfield (any relation to Gary?) says that Chicago charter schools aren't high-performing. Nationally, some teacher preparation programs are emphasizing clinical practice, and Maryland schools have seen improvements after their focus on 9th grade passing rates.


Karen Lewis has brain tumor, will not run for mayor ABC7: The announcement came not from Karen Lewis, but from the coordinator of her exploratory committee. Lewis, 61, has not been seen or heard from after being hospitalized October 5.

Karen Lewis has brain tumor, not running for mayor Chicago Sun-Times: Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis, who just pulled out of mayoral contention, is suffering from a cancerous brain tumor that was diagnosed shortly after she experienced a severe headache last week.

Union Leader Will Not Run for Chicago Mayor NYT: Karen Lewis, the Chicago union leader who had been considering a bid to unseat Mayor Rahm Emanuel, will not run as she continues treatment after surgery for an undisclosed medical condition, her exploratory committee said Monday.

Chicago Union Head Decides Against Mayoral Bid AP: Emanuel issued a statement after her announcement wishing her a quick recovery. "I have always respected and admired Karen's willingness to step up and be part of the conversation about our city's future," said Emanuel, a former congressman and White House chief of staff.

Ailing Karen Lewis won’t run against Chicago mayor The Answer Sheet: “On behalf of Karen Lewis and her exploratory committee, I want to first and foremost thank the teachers, sanitation workers, social workers, librarians, parents, police officers, firefighters, youth, artists, school clerks, grandparents, bus drivers, workers, and retirees who collected tens of thousands of signatures for Karen Lewis."

Karen Lewis not running for mayor WBEZ: Emanuel already faces several declared challengers, including his vocal critic in the City Council, Ald. Bob Fioretti; Dr. Amara Enyia, an urban development consultant; former Chicago Ald. Robert Shaw; Chicago police officer Frederick Collins; and conservative activist William J. Kelly.

It’s an elite club — pols willing to stand up to Rahm Sun Times: It’s not too late for another candidate to come forward who would have a chance of defeating Mayor Rahm Emanuel for re-election. But it’s very, very unlikely. With a hospitalized and seriously ill Karen Lewis ruling herself out of the race, Emanuel becomes the odds on favorite for four more years in office.

Time to unite and keep the struggle alive Mike Klonsky: Despite this devastating set-back, the movement continues and hope remains that the young corps of leadership in and outside of the CTU will step up and fill the void.


Study: Charter schools have worsened school segregation
Chicago Sun-Times: Charter schools have worsened school segregation in Chicago and overall have not made the city'sschool system stronger — but might have weakened it, according to a new report by urban planners.

Study: Chicago charter schools lag traditional ones Chicago Tribune: In a statement, Chicago Public Schools chief Barbara Byrd-Bennett said the district was "equally committed to providing our students and parents with high-quality choices and to hold every school, regardless of school type, accountable to rigorous ...


Hundreds of iPads, laptops stolen from South Side grade school Chicago Tribune: Website for Nicholson STEM Academy, which had more than $100,000 worth of computer equipment stolen early Monday. Website for Nicholson STEM Academy, which had more than $100,000 worth of computer equipment stolen early Monday.

Rejected by Ivy League kindergarten Chicago Tribune: The question seemed absurd — school was at least two years away. But her look of concern sent me into a panic. If you want your child to get a good education, you have to enroll in a good preschool, she explained, and getting into a good preschool.

Ban yoga pants from schools Chicago Tribune: Rarely does a day go by that I'm not grateful I no longer have to deal with the pain of enforcing dress codes in public schools.


As Apprentices in Classroom, Teachers Learn What Works NYT: A charter school training program reflects the belief that teachers, like doctors, need to practice repeatedly with experienced supervisors before they can take the reins in classes of their own.

It's 2014. All Children Are Supposed To Be Proficient. What Happened? NPR:  No Child Left Behind law famously set this year as the date when, well, no children would be left behind. So now what?

Classes, homework and working with refugees USA TODAY: Typically, a college student's schedule is packed with classes, homework and maybe a job or two. For some, working with refugees is also on the list. There are nearly 300,000 refugees and 90,000 asylum-seekers currently residing in the U.S.


No More Summer Vacation For Some Students At 29 Virginia Schools WAMU: Virginia's governor has approved $1.6 million in grants to implement year-round instructional programs at 29 schools across the commonwealth.

Focus on ninth-grade promotion rate helps Maryland district see dramatic gains Washington Post: If a student’s name appears on a green slip, the student has a high probability of passing the ninth grade. A yellow piece of paper means a student is likely to make it to the 10th grade on time. If a student’s name is on red, the child is at risk of failing.

Principal of Failing Brooklyn School Quits, Saying City Lacks an Education Plan NYT: Bernard Gassaway, the principal of Boys and Girls High School in Bedford-Stuyvesant, offered Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Education Department one of its sternest public rebukes yet.

A New Orleans Charter School Marches To Its Own Tune NPR: As part of our series on the education revolution underway in the Crescent City, we profile a new, independent arts-centered charter that's struggling to put down roots.

Preschool teachers among lowest paid despite degrees KPCC: Although a college degree is required for many teaching in early education, it's not unusual for a teacher to get about $11.75 an hour or $24,440 for the year. That salary puts a family of three or more below the federal poverty line.

NYC Poised To End School Cellphone Ban AP: The out-of-sight, out-of-mind rule is already the de facto policy at most New York City high schools including Brooklyn Tech, where Dante de Blasio is a senior. But at the 88 city school buildings where metal detectors have been installed to keep weapons out, the ban is strictly enforced because the scanners catch phones too.


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  • Given HIPPA and everyone else being closed mouth, I wonder how the Sun-Times got the diagnosis, and if one can rely on it. Other than that, it is only her and her family's business, especially since she "turned over responsibility" for the union a couple of days ago.

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  • Well.....not all displaced teachers with their lives ruined by the union pension violators/just crooks/ will pray at this time...
    They definitely will pray for the Right To Work Legislation.....
    There is a justice,no question asked.
    I expect to hear from many people exactly what Rahm said to her time ago.

  • Hyde Park policy wonk (and former CPS-er) Jocelyn Hare preparing to run for 5th Ward alderman http://ow.ly/CO2lr

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