Lewis Hands Over CTU Reins - What Next?*

Lewis Hands Over CTU Reins - What Next?*

*Correction: The original version of this headline, Lewis Steps Down - What Next? -- wasn't accurate.

The big news of the past 24 hours is that Karen Lewis has handed control of the CTU over and that we don't know much more about her health and that she has a serious illness of some kind. What happens next -- for Lewis, for CTU, or the mayoral race -- is something nobody really seems to know much about.  Check out coverage from the Tribune, Sun Times, and pretty much everyone else below.  What do you think happens next?  The mayoral race implications are pretty clear, but how will CTU and CPS be affected?  

CTU President Karen Lewis 'not well,' but union mum on details Chicago Sun-Times: Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis is "not well" but under top-notch medical care, the union said Tuesday, refusing to detail the health crisis that has landed Lewis in the hospital.

Lewis' mystery ailment clouds outlook for Emanuel opponents Tribune: Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis' illness is serious enough for her to temporarily relinquish leadership of the union, officials said Thursday, but a lack of details on her condition makes it difficult to determine if her health will derail a much-anticipated challenge to Mayor Rahm...

CTU VP takes control of union as Karen Lewis recovers from surgery WLS-TV: Chicago Teachers Union vice president Jesse Sharkey said in a press conference that CTU president Karen Lewis has a "serious illness" and underwent successful surgery on Wednesday.

Ailing Chicago Union Head Will Step Down Teacher Beat: The union's president, Karen Lewis, is recovering from an unspecified illness.

Karen Lewis' Condition is "Worrisome": Source NBC Chicago: Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis was able to take phone calls before her emergency surgery Wednesday, and a source who is aware ...

Karen Lewis hands over leadership of Chicago Teachers Union WBEZ: Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis is suffering from an undisclosed “serious illness” and will step aside as head of the organization, the union’s vice president announced Thursday. But there’s still no word on how that might affect a possible mayoral run against Rahm Emanuel.

Would-be challenger to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is seriously ill Washington Post: Karen Lewis, the fiery Chicago Teachers Union president who has been laying the groundwork for a challenge to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, underwent emergency surgery Wednesday and has a “serious illness,” according to the union.

Memo to Karen Lewis: Until we tussle again Tribune (editorial page): Ms. Lewis, all of us hope you soon become an uninteresting patient. However short or long your road, we'll all be waiting for you. We look forward to tussling again, on your side of an issue or some other. You've brightened Chicago.


Parents sue CPS over teen’s suicide WGN: 12-year-old McKenzie Philpot was a 6th grader at Peirce School of International Studies on Chicago’s North Side when she took her own life on May 8th of this year.

Slavin, WITS/Boundless Readers, Mazany Catayst: Sarah Slavin is now the director of the New Teacher Center in Chicago. Previously she served as the education program officer at the Lloyd A. Fry Foundation and led Teach Plus as the executive director in Chicago. Slavin also serves on the board of directors of the Chicago Foundation for Education.


Should a School Get an 'A' Even if Poor and Minority Students Underperform? PK12: In Florida, which rates schools on an A-F scale, the average proficiency rate for African-American students in "A" schools is lower than for white students who attend "C" schools.


NY State Commissioner Suggests a Way Around Charter Schools Limit WNYC: King said it was up to the governor and legislature to find a solution. But he added, "We have work to do to continue to grow high-quality seats, whether it's in charter schools or district schools."

On Professional Development Days, D.C. Teachers Become Students WAMU: Today is the first of 10 professional development days for teachers at D.C. public schools, an opportunity for them to sharpen their skills as educators.

Video: SAT vs. ACT: What’s the Difference? NBC News: The ACT and the SAT are both standardized tests that help colleges evaluate students and are accepted by all schools. So what sets the exams apart?

Who Needs Algebra? New Approach To College Math Helps More Pass NPR: The subject long been considered essential to a well-rounded education, but it's also been a subject that keeps millions of people from getting a degree.

A Teacher Accused of Abuse Seen to Have Never Grown Up NYT:Sean Shaynak, a Brooklyn Technical High School teacher who faces 36 charges including sexual abuse and forcible touching, appeared forever stuck in high school to those who knew him.


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  • "Handed control" isn't "steps down," which would appear to take a resignation. So, is Sharkey just a caretaker? He sure isn't Lewis in demeanor.

  • In reply to jack:

    good point re stepping down -- i'm going to change the headline.

  • In reply to jack:

    I've seen Sharkey speak numerous times- don't underestimate him- he can be on fire. Jessie is very intelligent, well-spoken, respected, and most important of all a real educator. A leader of Karen's caliber is rare, but CTU currently has a very impressive cadre of individuals who members will rally behind.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    This is true. Karen Lewis' team is probably the most intelligent we have had in the many years I have been involved with CPS.
    Although, we have had strong CTU presidents, Healy, Vaughan, Lynch, the rest of the officers were not as strong.
    I think Jesse Sharkey is extremely bright and appears to care about the entire school system.
    Karen's team has made the most inroads into the muddled mess that is called special education in Chicago. Even though the other teams were aware of the special education irregularities it was only Lynch and then Lewis who have spent he time to address some very serious issues in special education.


  • In reply to jack:

    It is premeditated.
    Do you think that Karen really wants to fight Rahm?
    We never fight against our own people ,in spite of fact that black Jews are considered to be "the second sort of:".
    It was planned a long ago that Jessie would replace Karen.
    The propaganda is to keep you under control you little peoples.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    What is this, conspiracy.com? Are you suggesting Karen isn't ill, and this is part of a grand scheme? It see

    Jews fight each other all of the time, just like every other racial, ethnic, religious, linguistic, and national group. Karen and Emanuel are both Jewish, but there is a big difference- Rahm is a tool of the elites and Karen is of the people.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    I'm surprised she didn't pull a John Stroger and campaign from her bed, but I guess she didn't have a mentally challenged son to take over the mantle.

    I don't see how religion has anything to do with it (and apparently someone chicken enough not to provide a login just wanted to stir up a hornet's nest). It was clearly about class, although the statement thanking the teachers, streets and san workers, park district workers, etc. who collected petitions again highlighted the potential conflict of interest.

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  • Shouldn’t a black valedictorian from Chicago’s south side go to the #1 liberal arts school if he has the chance? http://nbcnews.to/1vi1FyG

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Such an odd way to ask a question. Doesn't a black valedictorian deserve to learn from bad decision making and forever reap the benefits of overcoming them? That lesson would probably take him further than the #1 liberal arts school.

    Does it matter that the family makes nearly $200,000/yr. and that other top schools offered generous financial packages?

    Or maybe you meant that the teachers and administrators should lower their salaries for the good of the people.

  • fb_avatar

    "The original version of this headline, Lewis Steps Down - What Next? -- wasn't accurate." Please. Why not focus on the issues rather than getting bent out of shape trying to define if the phrase "stepping down" means resigning, relinquishing control, reassigning duties, having someone take over during her absence, or having a subordinate fill in for her.

  • Hey for a good look at what's wrong with the CTU membership head over to one of its proxy's at Substance News and read the filth published by David Vance, who thinks it's oaky to ridicule CPS students and to root against. Really bad . . . . he's an example of the reason you see such vitriol spewed at CTU and other unions.

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