Karen Lewis Hospitalized

Karen Lewis Hospitalized

Today's news: We still don't know much more about Karen Lewis being hospitalized but hopefully the news will be good. Meanwhile, DNA Info has the story on progressives' attempts to get movement on an elected school board, and Catalyst updates on LBGT groups at CPS high schools.  Nationally, Philly teachers and administrators are battling over health benefits, SAT scores remain flat (in part because more students are taking them), and the PBS NewsHour notes that many community colleges are now offering four-year degrees and attracting top students.


Chicago Teachers Union head Karen Lewis hospitalized WBEZ: Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis has been hospitalized after experiencing discomfort over the weekend.

National teachers union contributes $30000 to Karen Lewis Chicago Sun-Times: The American Federation of Teachers has contributed $30,000 to Chicago Teachers UnionPresident Karen Lewis — the first installment toward a promised $1 million to help defeat Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

CTU: Karen Lewis being evaluated at hospital RedEye Chicago: Bill McCaffrey, a spokesman for the Chicago Public Schools, said district CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett“is keeping Karen in her thoughts and prayers and hopes she makes a quick recovery.”


Progressives to Take Fight for Elected School Board to Council Floor DNA Info: City Council progressives plan to take the fight for an elected school board straight to the floor of the City Council on Wednesday. Arena is hoping to place the advisory referendum on an elected Board of Education on all city ballots in the municipal election in February.


Gay, transgender students seek more support Catalyst: Fifty-six of more than 100 Chicago public high schools have registered Gay-Straight Alliances, but the Alliance’s program director David Fischer said there should be more. According to one national school climate survey, 98 percent of lesbian/gay/bi-sexual/transgender/queer students in Illinois hear anti-LGBTQ comments in school. Across the country, only 22 percent of LGBTQ students report having a gay-straight alliance in their high school.

School's not quite out for Al Jackson Reader: It's debatable whether Al Jackson left his profession as a middle school teacher in Miami to pursue a dream in stand-up comedy, or left because he had too much material from being a middle-school teacher in Miami not to pursue stand-up comedy.


SAT scores for Class of 2014 show no improvement from previous marks Washington Post: High school graduates this year fared no better on the SAT college admission test than their predecessors in 2013, a stagnant result that exam overseers said should sound an alarm for the nation to get more students on track for college. See also HuffPostBaltimore SunAP.

Microsoft and Other Firms Pledge to Protect Student Data NYT: The participating companies are publicly committing themselves not to sell information on kindergartners through 12th graders. See also Politico.

See the AP U.S. History course changes and take a sample exam Washington Post: Readers asked what specifically the College Board has changed in its Advanced Placement U.S. history course and what the questions on the exam are like.

Where Do We Stand on NCLB? A Progress Report for Congress Education Week: More than 40 states may have waivers from many of the mandates of the No Child Left Behind, but that doesn't mean the U.S. Department of Education is off the hook when it comes to reporting on states' progress toward meeting the goals of the NCLB law.

Why even top tier students should consider community colleges PBS NewsHour: Community colleges in 21 states have added four-year bachelor’s degree programs. Those in California will follow suit next year.


Pennsylvania: Health Costs Imposed on Teachers NYT: Philadelphia teachers vowed to fight a sudden move by the district Monday that cancels their union contract and requires them to start paying health premiums of $55 to $140 a month. See also District Dossier.

Blended' Learning Shows Promising Results At D.C. Schools WAMU: A "blended" learning model, which combines traditional teacher instruction with use of technology, is showing encouraging results at some D.C. public schools.

New York City Gives Pre-K Programs More Time to Recruit Students WNYC: Education Department strategist Josh Wallack said outreach workers were still contacting families with four-year-olds in the hopes of helping directors “fill those classes and keep those programs running.”

Las Vegas Schools Groan From Growing Pains NYT: Teachers are scrambling to educate students without the classrooms they need and with no prospect of new ones being built anytime soon, as people move back.



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  • Aldertrack is back for 2015 -- check it out here http://ow.ly/Cnhym

  • I see that the "advisory referendum" b.s. is back at it again. The School Code was passed by the state legislature, and that's the only place anything can be done, but, like reform of the RTA, won't be. Maybe the progressive caucus can do a Kickstarter to pay off the real power in the legislature.

  • Let's call this push for an elected school board by the progressive caucus what the purpose truly is, to void taking on the tough issue of pension reform and fixing the fiscal mess. Anything to avoid facing the only issue that will provide more money for neighborhood schools. Pension reform.

    The negative press monger bandwagon is so overplayed. These alderman should read the boy who cried wolf fable.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    correction: to "avoid" taking on the tough issue of pension reform. However, I do like the meaning of the unintentional slip too.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Again, the only place that can be corrected is in the state legislature. Probably not even there, given the Ill. Constitution provision and the way it has been recently interpreted.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    What's probably more relevant to "avoiding pension reform" is the story that AFT wants to contribute $1 million to the Lewis campaign. It was discussed here a couple of weeks ago the inherent conflict of interest of the union negotiating with itself if Lewis is mayor.

  • Daily Kos: PA's Corbett appointees launch "all-out attack on Philadelphia teachers" http://ow.ly/CoePS

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