Rauner's Payton Prep Clout Reversal

Rauner's Payton Prep Clout Reversal

The Republican candidate for Governor has shifted his Payton Prep clout story again. The Uof C has new research showing the benefits of challenging materials (plus orderly classrooms). MRE and B3 aren't interested in delaying school start times.  Elsewhere, NYC mayor De Blasio is being forced to accommodate charter expansion, and LA teachers are asking for an 18 percent raise in the next contract. 

Rauner reverts back to earlier version of Payton Prep story The Capitol Fax: However, [outgoing Chicago Public Schools Inspector James Sullivan] told The Associated Press on Thursday that Rauner didn't use the formalized principals' process. CPS policy says that principals of selective high schools can use discretion for up to 5 ..

U. of C. study: Challenging material, orderly class keys to learning Sun Times: Making high school classes more rigorous isn’t enough to improve student achievement — the learning environment really matters, too, according to new research to be published Thursday by the University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research.

Should Sleep-Deprived Teens Get Later CPS Start Time? Hearings Sought DNAinfo: Mayor Rahm Emanuel and CPS Chief Executive Officer Barbara Byrd-Bennett pooh-poohed the study last month. "I don't think the research is conclusive on that," Byrd-Bennett said. The mayor called it "too preliminary."

Chicago Mayoral Race: Lewis, Fioretti Turn Up the Heat NBC Chicago:Two of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's most vocal critics are inching closer to making a decision on whether to challenge him at the ballot box this February.

Ineffective, inarticulate and out-of-touch Chicago Tribune: A chemistry teacher and Chicago Teachers Union leader who earns more the $200,000 a year, owns three homes, lead the CPS into their first strike in more than 20 years for a 30 percent salary increase and focuses only on Chicago Public Schools rather...

High school kids can soar with more online courses Chicago Sun-Times: Take, for example, what Donza Worden, who now works in Chicago but went to high school in Michigan. Back in 2009, Donza's “senior year slide” at De Tour High School, on Michigan's upper peninsula, went in reverse.

3 charged in robbery of 400 iPads from Lake Forest school Chicago Tribune: Lake Forest Academy, a private boarding and day school in Lake Forest for grades 9 through 12, has about 434 students, Morrison said.

Storm causes $5M in damage to suburban high school WGN: Friday’s storm caused about $5 million dollars of damage at the school. The storm that came through ripped off part of the school’s roof and flooded the field house.


Mayor Agrees to Accommodate 4 Larger or New Charter Schools NYT: Under a new state law, New York City must offer free space in public buildings or or help with the cost of renting private space.

Palm Beach school leaders won't opt out of high-stakes testing Sun Sentinel: The Lee County board initially supported the anti-test stance, even though state officials said it's against the law and would affect funding, student grades, graduation and eligibility for athletics. The Lee board reversed itself earlier this month.

One Newark, Many Changes WNYC: Newark schools superintendent Cami Anderson talks about why drastic changes are required, despite protests and opposition from the mayor.

In-seat attendance up in D.C. schools Washington Post: DCPS in recent years has shifted away from measuring “average-daily attendance” which counts students with excused absences as attending on any given day, according to Hedy Chang, director of Attendance Works, a national organization that has worked with DCPS. The new “in-seat attendance” measure only counts students who are actually there, which is a more meaningful number, she said.

Duncan Looks to Tennessee's Turnaround School District as Model for Country PK12: On the last stop of his back-to-school bus tour through three Southern states, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan used a panel discussion Wednesday to tackle the education crisis present in so many economically devastated communities across the country.

D.C. Teacher To Apologize For Asking Students To Compare Bush To Hitler WAMU: As part of a discussion on the book "War and Peace," a sixth-grade teacher asked their students to compare and contrast President George W. Bush and German dictator Adolf Hitler.

UTLA tells LAUSD: 'The money is there' for 17.6 percent teacher pay raise LA Daily News: United Teachers Los Angeles President Alex Caputo-Pearl on Tuesday told the Los Angeles Unified School board that it can clearly afford to give teachers a raise.

First Lady Michelle Obama Consoles Child Who Fainted ABC News:   The first lady called for paramedics and said, “If anyone is starting to feel tired standing up, bend your knees! And eat your breakfast, and lunch!”


Playgrounds For All Children: Here's How To Find One NPR: For kids with disabilities, a simple activity like going down a slide can be a challenge. An NPR crowdsourcing project maps inclusive playgrounds — fun and safe for all — across the country.

This Is Your Brain. This Is Your Brain On Music. NPR: A new study suggests that learning to play a musical instrument helps improve the brain's ability to process language. That means music lessons could give kids from low-income communities a big boost.



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  • here's the link to the new UC report mentioned in the Sun Times


  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Karen Lewis must find the ten year high school graduation rate trend a disappointment. No place has school reform impacted more than at high school.

    Save Dyett!!. Yeah, save her "wonderful school" and close Urban Prep. It's for the students, right?

  • In reply to Donn:

    Karen probably is disappointed because she knows these "trends" are the result of principal and network pressure. As "data" has become the be all, end all CPS has pulled out all the stops to cook the books.

    The graduation and freshmen on track rates are heavily manipulated. Take a look at the "benchmarking" that occurred at Juarez. Many school have recently implemented a new policy that make 50% the lowest grade a student can receive. Pretty easy to boost rates this way.

    Urban Prep knows all about dishonesty too. The year they sent 100% of their graduates to college, they failed to mention they matriculated from a class of 212. They even dumped some seniors second semester of their final year in order to make the numbers look good.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    It clearly disappoints you that SCHOOLS including teachers are supporting and helping more students. The horror stories are the exception, not the norm. Despite the hype, educators all across CPS are working hard and impacting students because we care about them, not because of the evil administration.

    As far as the 50%, this is considered professional best practice supported by an elementary understanding of mathematics.

    While all of you egoists fight and take sides between Karen and Rahm, you're making all educators look bad. That's what I hope Karen is upset about.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    You are right. Many, if not most, of the teachers in CPS are wonderful hard working caring adults that have a higher impact on students than many parents. Thank you to all who take on this difficult task.

    You are also right that all the fighting that Karen Lewis perpetuates makes educators look bad. She is relentless at churning negativity. The thing is, Karen Lewis is making the teachers look really bad. The problems and the solutions are all intertwined and Karen Lewis doesn't get it. She thinks that all she has to do is negate any and every positive gain in CPS and say no to any good idea to improve education. The CTU and Karen Lewis are trying so hard to keep the status quo.

    I feel sorry for the teachers who deserve much better than Karen Lewis.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Nice try at trying to divide us-yes most of us are hard working and even though many of us went to state universities due to cost issues the majority of us are not dumb enough to fall for your ploy...RUN KAREN, RUN!

  • In reply to district299reader:

    RUN,KAREN ,RUN! out of the City.
    Do you need more than numerous properties,including Hawaii condo?
    RUN,KAREN,RUN ! it is good for your health.
    Do you still love your 2010 video?It was really inappropriate for non adult audience.
    You represent only your private interest.
    RTW legislation is the only option for hard working, extorted dues paying teachers.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Not trying to divide. Karen Lewis is doing that just fine all by herself. It is the truth. Karen Lewis is degrading the image of teachers. She is the problem, not the solution.........to anything!

  • In reply to district299reader:

    No, most CTU teachers are not hard working by normal standards. The good ones work relatively hard, are skilled. and do care about their students.

    But this pretending that they work as hard as normal professionals has to stop. Students who are capable of "stepping it up" need to be paired with teachers who are willing to provide sufficient instruction to overcome the high-need deficit.

    That's not possible with the CTU contract. The prospect of Karen Lewis gaining more influence is just sad.

  • In reply to Donn:

    Donn-which charter school do you direct(no principals with type 75s need to apply at the charters) any degree or even no degree will suffice.....

    ..."most CTU teachers are not hard working" data please!

    Or are you a disgruntled admin who has lost grievances filed against you for petty malicious actions against CTU teachers who stand up to your tyranny?

    Karen Lewis is gaining more suport because of people like you who spew forth this anti-teacher/worker B.S.

    Karen Lewis, mistakes and all, is real. People identify with her-she is not perfect. Rahm is not likeable, period.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    You say "Karen Lewis, mistakes and all..." I do not want some crazy irrational fat lady responsible for my families safety. Karen Lewis would be an absolute and complete disaster if there was, God forbid, a terrorist attack in Chicago. She is absolutely incapable of handling a crisis situation of magnitude.

    People may not like Rahm, but I would trust him in a crisis. Frankly, I am not voting in a popularity contest. I am voting for the future of Chicago. I will not throw it into the incapable hands of Karen Lewis who can't balance a budget, can't manage the complexities of the entire city and most of all can't handle a terrorist crisis situation.

    Karen Lewis says she is a "quick study". What a stupid line. What is she going to "brush up on terrorism" or "biological warfare" as the people of Chicago die.

    You may think this is an exaggeration, but in today's world it is a reality. Karen Lewis could not handle this, nor would I think she'd want to. Why the flip is she considering running for mayor?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    My youngest just finished her first full week as a public school teacher in a high need neighborhood school (TFA). Her reply when I asked about the teachers' work week was 'It's comical".

    Her older sister puts in a proper work week at Noble, and still has a lot of time off. The CTU high school teachers in my family do more than the minimum, but do not provide enough instruction considering their salary and choice of career. They also support a corrupt union that views poor children as their personal employment guarantor.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    There is a reason Rahm was thrown out of D.C. .......

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Is Rahm an expert on biological terrorism? I know he has some connections to the world of terrorism, but... you aren't hinting at a false flag operation before the election, are you?

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Rahm uh Donn, are you still sticking to that TFA story? You never explained the discrepancy regarding Ramadan and your daughter's insensitive complaints about those who celebrate it. Remember, you goofed up the timeline in regards to summer school and Ramadan...

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Check you sensitivity calendar. Ramadan started at the very end of June. I don't believe there's a requirement to keep children up past midnight when they have school the following day.

  • In reply to Donn:


    Teachers who leave the profession report better working condiotns at new job.....like maybe a real duty free lunch, more than five minutes to use the restroom and not having to clean the workplace, supply materials and pay for coursework/training.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    CTU teachers insists on schools with too broad of a mission to be effective, and then complains about conditions in these schools.

    Then the teacher who stick around either move to easier schools, or want sympathy for their exhausting nine months of work. Your public complaints are normally exaggerations, in the experience of my own family members.

    The newest urban teacher in my family is surprised by the number of staff at her school arriving within ten minutes of the 8:30 start, and the number leaving within a half hour of the 2:30 bell. She surprised at how closely they track time based on the union contract.

    I am not surprised. You have created a system for you. Not the student, not the parent, and not the taxpayer.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Donn, Maybe your daughter or you as the doting parent can give back the cost of her masters degree which she is getting free from our tax dollars. What is the cost per body for TFA these days?

    Maybe these teachers who she has time to observe clocking in and out are leaving to pick up their own children. If she stays in teaching she will come to the realization that one can not judge a teacher's effectiveness by off clock hours spent in the building. Some teachers cannot work in a noisy building after school but work at home on the weekends or late at night after their family has gone to sleep. Some teachers come early or stay late because they are so disorganized...some stay late because, for some strange reason, it is their social life and very littel school work gets done, others leave to go to other jobs and at some schools, staff is not allowed to stay in the building once the security guards go home.

    Hopefully, you daughter will choose to stay in teaching and when she has children I hope no new teacher judges her for leaving on time to pick up her children, etc.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Donn said,
    "The newest urban teacher in my family is surprised by the number of staff at her school arriving within ten minutes of the 8:30 start, and the number leaving within a half hour of the 2:30 bell."

    I would love to know the name of this school. The minimum hrs for elementary schools is 7 hrs and for high school it is 7.5 hours. Either the school is ficticious, or they are breaking the law.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    The school is fictitious as is Rahm Uh Donn's brood of TFA cowgirls. Donn has screwed up so many times with his stories it is ridiculous. His faux-family has "qualifications" and "experiences" which perfectly validate all of his talking points. Absolutely silly.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Hey now, youre calling teachers with M.Eds "cowgirls". The CTU members, and the Noble teacher, don't approve of TFA. They all made the effort to get the degree first. Few people with that background actually like TFA.

    Only one TFA "cowgirl", that's the new one. Did you know that now new TFA recruits are almost always minority, STEM, or SPED?

    I'm glad you think I have "talking points". You obviously have low standards. Too much reading substance news, I expect.

  • ICYMI (like i did) : @ChiPubSchools Show Real Graduation Rate Progress, @uchicagouei Tim Knowles US News http://ow.ly/Bo84n

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:


    Nobody cares what another FNG TFA rookie thinks.She has it or she don't.Get back to us April 1st and let us know how she is doing.Better yet let her speak for herself.

  • Chicago teachers have actual instructional time of 878 hours per year in elementary school and 741 hours in high school, a composite of 809. This assumes they work the full 178 instructional days and teach the 296 minutes in elementary school and 250 minutes in high school.

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