First Week Back Is Almost Over!?

First Week Back Is Almost Over!?

Day 3, already?  How did we get here so quickly -- and why hasn't anyone covered (or livetweeted, to my knowledge), anything other than pro forma MRE and B3 and CTU school visits on the first day?  Maybe I missed something (#backtoschoolCPS?).  In other news:  UNO is under investigation (again), it's the first day of UPK for NYC (50,000 additional kids!), and Diane Ravitch made Politico's Top 50 Influencers list this year. Oh, and Rod Estvan thinks white neighborhood parents opposed to sale of Trumbull are hypocrites.

Why This Chicago High School Has Only 12 Students Left Huffington Post: In the meantime, Dyett's staff of three teachers and one principal continue to offer classes to the remaining students. Certain courses -- such as art, gym and music -- are taught online.

UNO charter schools now target of IRS audit over bonds Sun Times: The United Neighborhood Organization’s charter-school network is facing possible new legal troubles, with an IRS audit of bonds issued for its Chicago schools. The Internal Revenue Service audit involves nearly $37 million in bonds issued in 2011 for the UNO Charter School Network Inc.

CPS Principal: Data Shows Neighborhood Schools Outperform Charters CBS Local: An influential Chicago Public Schools principal has said the district's own figures show much of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's education reform plan isn't working.

School District Trying New Lunch Menu Without Federal Guidelines CBS Local: The state's second largest school district has started the school year with a new look for its lunch menu, after opting out of the National School Lunch Program and forfeiting nearly $1 million in federal funding, to gain more freedom

Karen Lewis to Attend Logan Square's First Schools Rally of the Year DNAinfo: The Logan Square Neighborhood Association will host Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis at “The Eagle” monument Friday for a neighborhood party at the end of the first week of class for schools citywide.

Local Web Series On Education To Air On WTTW Progress IL: The series, made popular through its YouTube channel, follows five Chicago-area eighth graders in different public schools as they transition into the region's top selective-enrollment high schools.

Conversations with teachers: Evaluations Catalyst: For most CPS teachers, this is the year the district’s new evaluation system finally means something. And that’s a scary prospect. When the Recognizing Educators Advancing Chicago Students (known as REACH) system went into effect last year, it only applied to non-tenured teachers and those with...


NYC School Year Starts with New Mayor's Imprint WNYC: While his signature campaign initiative to expand pre-kindergarten classes has received the most attention, it is just one of several policy changes expected to ripple through the system.

Final Touches Range From Flowery to Frantic as Expanded Pre-K Awaits Start NYT: Mayor Bill de Blasio’s campaign promised free prekindergarten for every 4-year-old, and his administration has invested mightily in quickly bringing that plan to life.

Gentlemen, Preschool Is Calling NPR: New York City is scrambling to make good on its promise to provide preschool for all. That means hiring roughly 1,000 new teachers. But few will likely be men.

Supt. Deasy's early and avid support of iPads under intense scrutiny LA Times: The pitch came from a smiling man in a jacket and tie, sitting at his desk and rhapsodizing about the wonders one product could bring to the sprawling Los Angeles Unified School District.

North Carolina District Breaks Ties With Teach For America NPR:  The school board in Durham, N.C., voted 6-1 to end its relationship with Teach For America, after the current crop of teachers finish out their stints. Board members cited the lack of experience and the limited commitment of these young teachers in the district's "high-needs" schools.

How One Counselor In Texas Advises Hundreds Of Students Houston Public Media: The auditorium is packed at Reagan High School. Ninth graders are learning about all the different clubs they can join — like cheerleading. “Ready! Big maroon!” Via Chalkbeat.


Texas Mimics New York in Pushing Back State Tests' Impact on Students State EdWatch: Texas is considering a timeline for phasing in the impact of new tests on students that resembles an approach recently adopted by New York state.

State awards Common Core test contract EdSource Today: With the State Board of Education’s approval, California became the ninth state Wednesday to award a contract to the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium for the standardized tests in the Common Core State Standards that students will take next spring.

Michael Bloomberg to Return to Lead Bloomberg L.P. NYT: When he left politics, Mr. Bloomberg, 72, was expected to devote most of his time to giving away his $32.8 billion fortune.

State of the Art: Grading Teachers, With [Survey] Data From Class NYT: Panorama Education, aided by prominent tech investors, is refining student feedback through innovative data collection. School systems are embracing the concept.

Back to School: What Are the Rules of Prayer in the Classroom? NBC News: NBC News Education Correspondent Rehema Ellis clears up some of the rules of religion in public schools.

#48 Diane Ravitch Politico: Many question her dramatic about-face. But Ravitch argues that it gives her more credibility: “How many people actually admit that they’re wrong?”


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  • Since, we're into Day 3, Here's the update on the Lazy Lane 11 PE teachers (teachers not coaching at Lane, but, only teaching PE and earning a average of $85,000) :

    - Evidently, Lane's principal Dr. Christopher Dignam and his administrative circle read this blog as the Lazy 11 are now the Lazy 6 1/2.

    - Edward Nobiling, Head of the PE Dept, was forced to reign rather than fight CPS over getting caught living in Antioch, IL and violating the CPS Residency Policy

    - Frank 'The Little Don' Lollino, Jr. lost his latest court battle with CPS to get restored as a PE teacher at Lane and he resigned. The Little Don's exit was fueled by inappropriate comments to Lane students, including saying he only plays Naked Twister.

    - Pantelis Liatos, known as 'The Dancer' for only wanting to teach dance and no other PE activities. The Dancer's received a CPS Warning Resoution last school year for getting caught having a lane student do his lesson plans for him.

    - Monroe Saffold, a nice guy, just plain retired from CPS

    - Scott 'The Complainer' Eisenberg, is on an extended leave of absence. this is The Complainer's 3rd leave of absence in the past ten years with one year bragging he was on leave to go to the Olympics in Australia.

    - Three new PE teachers were hired at Lane. One has less than a year's experience and was named the PE Department Head. And, the two others are fresh out of college. All are already coaching or are in line to coach at Lane.

  • I would be remiss if I didn't mention Lane's Edward Nobiling was in hot water before getting nabbed for his residency violation. It seems Nobiling, known as 'Karate Chop Ed', had student complaints against him for having 'Karate Chop Friday'. On this day, 'Karate Chop Ed' would chop each student in his classes. Unfortunately for him, many students complained to the City Hall Inspector General (not the CPS IG) and he received a written reprimand and was put on a probationary status to curb his behavior.

  • missed this one -- New school year brings changes to Gresham - Chicago Sun-Times @bylaurenfitz

  • In Illinois , preschool access worst for Latinos | The Hechinger Report -- Voices for IL Children report says it's worst in NW and SW sides of Chicago

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