CPS Doles Out Additional $24M - Despite Enrollment Declines

Welcome back -- here's today's news roundup: Everyone's excited about the Friday night announcement from CPS that schools not meeting their enrollment projections won't be penalized even though we're supposedly doing student-based budgeting for the second year.  According to Catalyst, this takes $24 million.  Read all about it.  Or, read about Karen Lewis and Corey Booker talking trash via Twitter, and the Tribune's Zorn on the campaign to keep Lewis out of the mayoral race.   Plus national news including Atlanta's cheating scandal trial finally beginning, and Miami schools enrolling unaccompanied minors. news2


CPS Backs Away From Plan to Slash School Budgets Based on Enrollment DNA Info: Portage Park Elementary School had been bracing for a $400,000 budget cut. But then CPS fficials informed principals Friday evening that the budget ax will not fall on schools with fewer students than school officials expected.

Chicago Public Schools will get money for no-show students, again WBEZ: Instead of funding positions and programs from downtown, schools are now given about $5,000 per student on average, under a formula called “student-based budgeting.” In the letter to principals, Byrd-Bennett wrote that CPS plans to use “student-based budgeting transition contingency funds and anticipated surplus from Tax-Increment-Financing funds” to make sure schools get money based off their projections, not actual enrollment.

Ease up on school budgets permanently Chicago Sun-Times: Nearly a month into the school year, Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett opted against clawing back money from individual schools that had enrolled fewer students than the schools had budgeted for based on opening day enrollment projections.

CPS: Enrollment numbers won't lead to school budget cuts Chicago Tribune: In letters to principals, CPS chief Barbara Byrd-Bennett said "transition contingency funds" from the Student-Based Budgeting policy and an "anticipated surplus from Tax Increment Financing funds" will be used to ensure no schools see a drop in funding.

CPS won't cut schools based on enrollment shortfalls Catalyst: Schools  enrolling more than the number of students projected will receive additional student-based budgeting of about $4,390 per student, according to a letter sent out by CPS. About 214 schools will get additional $24 million.


Karen Lewis and Corey Brooks duke it out over Twitter Chicago Sun-Times: A Twitter exchange between Chicago Pastor Corey Brooks and Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis grew heated today as the two traded digs on the governor's race.

The campaign to keep Karen Lewis out of the mayoral race Chicago Tribune: Out of nowhere nearly two weeks ago, Democrats for Education Reform, a pro-charter schools organization backing Mayor Rahm Emanuel's re-election, issued a news release demanding that Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis step down.


Miller on Common Core, Teacher Evaluation, and NCLB Renewal PoliticsK12: Miller's comments pack a special punch because he is one of the most hawkish members of Congress when it comes to accountability. Miller, an architect of the No Child Left Behind Act, said that tying test-scores to Common Core exams before teachers are ready would be repeating one of the biggest mistakes of the NCLB era.

George Miller: 'Students are Enthusiastic' About Meeting Common-Core Challenge State EdWatch: The retiring U.S. representative also says that politicians are attacking the standards largely to position themselves better for the 2016 presidential elections.

Teens who crossed US border alone enter schools AP: The group of mostly Spanish-speaking teenage boys with styled spiky hair and high-top sneakers enthusiastically pecks away on hand-held tablets at the G.W. Carver Education Center, pausing to alert the teacher when stumped. See also PBS: Wave of child migrants pose challenges for Florida schoolsBacklog of children’s immigration cases challenges judges, lawyers and schools.

How much does mandatory extra reading time help students? PBS NewsHour:  Over 30 states that have some kind of policy to intervene, identify and make sure children get the support they need to be on grade level. They do take different forms: about 15 states require that a third grader who is not grade level will be retained. See also:  Low-performing Florida grade schools add extra reading time



Trial To Begin In Atlanta Public Schools' Cheating Scandal NPR: On Monday, opening statements begin in the trial of 12 educators charged in an alleged cheating conspiracy. Originally, 35 were indicted but more than half took plea deals. See also WSJ.

De Blasio Plans Revised Code for Discipline in Schools NYT: Mayor Bill de Blasio, after a controversial crackdown on unruly institutions by his predecessor, will try to strike a balance between safety and fairness.

New CA law limits student discipline measure EdSource Today: A new law that limits the use of “willful defiance” as a reason to expel or suspend students signifies a growing commitment on the part of the state to find more positive approaches to disciplining students.

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