2nd Day Of School - Let The Protests Begin!

2nd Day Of School - Let The Protests Begin!

The first day of school was pretty uneventful, according to news accounts of the day.  That is, aside from the stabbing outside Burnside.  But there are lots of days left to come, and it's already protest time for LSNA and CTU President Karen Lewis. Meantime, one of her predecessors, Debbie Lynch, is on WBEZ talking about the new year and the changes it brings, and there are just 12 students enrolled at Dyett (for what?).

First day of school WBEZ: What's the biggest issue facing CPS students? Safety? Class size? And is there any merit to eliminating homework for K-8 students? Former president of the Chicago Teachers Union, Dr. Deborah Lynch, shares what she believes CPS is doing right and where they could use some improvement.

CPS students -- and politicians -- head back to school Clout St.: More than 400,000 students headed back to Chicago public schools today, and many had politicians on hand to welcome them to class.

Mayor Emanuel and CPS CEO Byrd-Bennett Ring In The First Day Of School eNews Park Forest: Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Public Schools (CPS) CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett today celebrated the first day of school at Penn Elementary School. The Mayor walked students to class on a Safe Passage ...

Female stabbed outside Burnside elementary school Sun Times Voices: A person was stabbed outside an elementary school in the South Side Burnside neighborhood Tuesday morning, the first day of school for Chicago Public Schools students. The female was cut in the face with an “unknown object” during an argument with ...

Chicago school year begins with more safety guards Sun Times: Chicago children will walk past even more guards on their first day of school than last year, when concerns about safety prompted the city to line the streets with 1,200 adults every day.

New school year brings changes to Gresham Chicago Sun-Times: Ultimately, the decision to move forward with the turnaround plan fell to Chicago Public Schools CEOBarbara Byrd-Bennett, who appeared Tuesday morning with Mayor Rahm Emanuel at Penn Elementary School.

Karen Lewis' mayoral exploratory committee launches online effort WLS-TV: It looks more and more like the head of the Chicago Teachers Union wants to be the head of Chicago. An exploratory committee for Karen Lewis has launched an online effort, recruiting volunteers to circulate petitions to get her name on the mayoral ballot.

12 students enrolled in final year at Dyett High School WLS-TV: Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd Bennett said in a written statement that CPS supports students' decision to stay at Dyett and will "provide them the education needed to ensure they graduate prepared for the future."

Karen Lewis to Attend Logan Square's First Schools Rally of the Year DNA Info: The Logan Square Neighborhood Association said its 10 schools have seen $3 million in budget cuts.


NAEP scores indicate cost of missing school EdSource Today: Fourth- and 8th-grade students who reported more absences from school had poorer scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), generally referred to as the nation’s report card, in reading and math in 2013, according to a report released Tuesday.

A Lesson In How Teachers Became 'Resented And Idealized' WNYC: Goldstein tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross. "And teaching was something that was discussed again and again as a potential fix — a fix for inequality, something that could help poor children achieve like middle-class children and close these socioeconomic gaps that we're so concerned about as a nation."

Active Role in Class Helps Black and First-Generation College Students, Study Says NYT: A study of college students found that the trend toward more class participation, and away from a traditional lecture-based approach, raised average test scores, with bigger gains for some.

John Oliver And Cookie Monster, On The News Beat NYT: Sharing the anchor desk of W-ORD News, Oliver and Cookie Monster banter about the silent "b" in crumb and puzzle over the length of the word "abbreviation." In another highlight, Roker adapts his forecast to warn of the arrival of the word "hangry" across most of the Midwest this week.


State’s charter-school era begins with Seattle elementary Seattle Times: First Place Scholars, which has been serving homeless students for 25 years, will convert Wednesday from a private school to the state’s first taxpayer-funded charter school.

Vergara decision headed for appeals court KPCC:  Putting the tentative and final rulings side by side, each 16 pages long, it's difficult to see any major changes, besides the dates they were filed. Treu left “TENTATIVE DECISION” at the bottom of each page in the document filed as his final ruling. See also TeacherBeat.

L.A. schools Supt. Deasy defends his dealings with Apple, Pearson LA Times:  Los Angeles schools Supt. John Deasy on Tuesday issued his most extensive and passionate defense yet of his actions involving Apple and Pearson, the companies that received the major contract in a $1.3-billion technology program.

New Schedule in NYC Schools Makes Time for Teaching the Teachers NYT: City schools are taking 150 minutes that was used mostly for helping students and repackaging it to help teachers improve their craft, and contact families. But who really benefits - students or teachers?

Newark Launches 'Safe Passages' Transportation Program for Students District Dossier: The transportation plan includes a shuttle bus service for some students and maps showing safe walking routes.

New York Cancels or Postpones Opening of 45 Pre-K Programs NYT: Nine sites that would have served 265 students will not open because of safety concerns or other issues, officials announced two days before the first day of school.



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  • Re the Joravsky article In relation to Trumbull School, as some of you know Trumbull is the home school for where I live. Like many of the families with signs asking that the school be preserved my children did not go to Trumbull. All of the higher income families in Andersonville that I know abandoned the school for better options for our own children, be they private or CPS. I have lived in this community for 32 years. I personally feel it would be hypocritical to stick such a sign in my yard.

    If CPS can sell the school to a developer for conversion into high end condos I would have np objection, I would prefer to see the building saved. I can totally from a fiscal perspective understand why CPS would rather sell it off than rent it to a private school where there would still be maintenance costs. I was during the summer in Duluth Minn and many old schools and other public buildings have been converted for other purposes as the town lost population, I saw the same thing in Pittsburg too.

    But to be honest my community especially the white higher income members of it abandoned the school a long time ago and maybe we abandoned our right to tell CPS what to do with the building too.

    Rod Estvan

  • Trumbull, for an old school building, looks unusually well suited for a condo conversion. I'm unclear if the current "Save Trumbull" people primarily want architectural preservation or an empty school building.

    My guess is that there's little support for demolition.

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