Waiting For The New Testing Schedule

Waiting For The New Testing Schedule

Some days there's just no obvious headline -- just a jumble of stories (Rauner protesters, Catalyst in depth on school arrests, developers looking at empty CPS buildings, new principal needed at Earle STEM, etc.). This is one of those days.  Maybe it's I'm missing a story and will add it in comments.  Maybe it's just August. Hey, is the testing calendar out yet, by the way? 

Protesters Say No to Rauner In These Times: “It's clear as a bell to us that Bruce Rauner is simply no friend of Chicago public schools,” says Patricia Boughton, a representative for the CTU.

Life after being arrested at school Catalyst: It is a week and a half before school lets out for the summer, and though the weather is on the cool side, children are on the playground of Little Village Elementary School, shouting and running in the late afternoon.  Anthony Martinez slides into the basement of an old building on the corner...

Cedar Street 'Looking at a Lot of Schools' Closed by CPS, Developer Says DNA Info: Chicago Public Schools closed 50 schools last year that officials determined were underutilized. The process was contentious and heart wrenching for many kids, parents and communities who fought the closings.

Earle STEM Elementary School Looking For A New Principal DNA Info: For the third time since December, Earle STEM Elementary School will have a new principal.

Francis W. Parker buys building near campus for $1.38 million Tribune: One of the Chicago's most exclusive private schools, recently paid $1.38 million to buy a three-story, vintage mixed-use building on the west side of North Clark Street in Lincoln Park.


Former Obama Aides Broke With Democratic Firm Over Anti-Teachers Union Project HuffPost:  Gibbs' liberal colleagues reacted angrily when news of the marriage surfaced, and the American Federation of Teachers made its displeasure known. Gibbs said the teachers union put pressure on New Partners as a result of his new client.

With Uncertainty, Schools Prepare for New Arrivals Texas Tribune: The average stay is about 35 days. During that time, federal case workers attempt to track down relatives or other caregivers, like foster parents, to sponsor the children as they go through the legal system. Once they are placed with sponsors, they can go to public schools in their communities.

Literacy Laws Challenge Third Graders and Schools NYT: Anthony is one of about 1,900 children from the Charlotte-Mecklenberg School District who failed the standardized reading test given to all North Carolina third graders in the spring. Under a recent law similar to those in more than a dozen states, such students in North Carolina may be required to repeat the grade.

Hillary Clinton’s Fee for a Hometown Speech: Free NYT: The former secretary of state, who regularly commands $200,000 for speeches, returned to Chappaqua, N.Y., to address seven high school seniors at their graduation from a summer scholarship program.

'Building a Better Teacher' explores the complexity of teaching USA TODAY: Greg Toppo spoke recently with Green, who co-founded the Web-based non-profit education news site Chalkbeat.

Forgoing School To Pay The Bills NPR: While some of the challenges Langley Park youth face are common to other children growing up in poverty, according to a new study by the Urban Institute, they tend to face an additional, unique barrier: They are four times more likely than other people their age to leave school early to help provide for their families.

When Kids Start Playing To Win NPR: This week, NPR Ed is focusing on questions about why people play and how play relates to learning. It's a playful word that's developed something of a bad reputation: "competition."


How one New Orleans neighborhood worked to reopen its school — and lost Hechinger Report: First, leaders chose a charter operator to run the school in their neighborhood, Paul L. Dunbar Elementary. But in December 2013, the Recovery district announced it had reassigned the building to the Knowledge Is Power Program.

De Blasio’s Prekindergarten Expansion Collides With Church-State Divide NYT: Racing to secure space to accommodate 53,000 full-day prekindergarten seats, New York City is asking religious schools to house more public school students.


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  • "No To Rauner"
    It is well known that Democrats caused a big number of people previously employed by the CPS to move out of the State Of IL or to accept dramatically decrease of their standard of living as unemployed.
    The CTU has no right to represent teachers in public regarding their choices.
    Teachers are forced to pay union dues regardless of their point of view.
    Schools closures and loss of previously learned rights were an effect of the hard work of the Chicago Teachers Union working closely with the CPS leadership.
    Thank you,corrupted leaders for destroying lives of masses.
    For pushing a middle class into lowest social class.
    Democrats did what we see now so give a chance to the person who succeed in his own life.
    Ask for a Right To Work legislation.Wake up,people!
    King is without clothes!

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Teachers may join the union or pay a fair share fee. They have a choice.
    RtW has its back door politics. There is no guarantee of employment. There is no security or protection if you get fired unjustly.

    "Thank you,corrupted leaders for destroying lives of masses.
    For pushing a middle class into lowest social class.”

    You realize that this includes all parties within the governments. And just who is telling these corrupt leaders what to do?

  • In reply to ladyfair:

    You are right.
    Fair share in Chicago are the same as membership fees.
    There is no guarantee of employment as well.Look at the big number of displaced teachers(mostly high qualified).
    The security and protection exist in contracts and state/federal statutes.
    In Chicago CTU is unable/unwilling to provide protection due to personal/leftist agenda issues.
    Unions in Illinois supported financially those who destroyed the schools in the City.By the way do you remember the SB7?
    Why RTW?To put accountability on unions.
    At this point they have your money not your interest in mind.
    They are out of control.They give themselves increase in salaries in order to inflate pension payments.
    They spend members money as they wish.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    "Unions in Illinois supported financially those who destroyed the schools in the City.”
    Who did they support?

    RTW doesn’t put accountability on the unions. It actually was/is to kill the unions. Supporters claim that RTW creates jobs and gives a higher pay scale to workers, but that is far from reality.

    And why were unions created in the first place? To protect the workers from poor work environment, poor pay, obscene work hours and rules from dictator-like employers who liked to crack the whip to get every energy out of the employees. Why don’t you check out who is financially supporting RtW. And while you are at it, check out who is financially supporting those politicians who state they are for the middle class and the little guy.
    I’ll give a hint - it is the same people who are backing the governor of WI.

  • In reply to ladyfair:

    Unions were doing a great job in the past.
    Now,Chicago teachers lost everything gained during the past 60 years.
    Union leaders take advantage of the bargain state doctrine and take care about their own private agendas.
    RTW creates a demand and supply situation.
    If union leaders do not act in the interest of membership their are not going to get dues money.
    By the way unions supported our current governor and his click,regardless of CPS employment crisis.
    Use your right to obtain information under the FOIA or just use google to find out.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    they not their mistyping-excuse me.

  • 3 principals in one year. I can't even imagine what those kids are going through. Hopefully, the next principal will be obligated to stay at least 3 or 4 years.

  • What a union will - and won't - do to protect a teacher, according to AEI's Antonucci via @eduwonk http://ow.ly/zZuXJ Accurate?

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    If more teachers knew this, there wouldn't be as many surprises.

  • CTU will do nothing as far as they have your money.
    You feed dozens of incapable people.

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