Mayor's Aide Leaves For Joyce

Mayor's Aide Leaves For Joyce

Emanuel's deputy education chief leaving post Tribune: Mayor Rahm Emanuel's point person on Chicago Public Schools is leaving City Hall today to join the Joyce Foundation.

Sweeping reforms suggested to fix CPS truancy crisis Chicago Tribune: Chicago schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett promised improvements in the wake of the 2012 Tribune investigation, but statistics Chicago officials provided to the task force show chronic absenteeism and truancy worsened in the elementary grades.

'Lost' CPS school were never lost Chicago Sun-Times: Change, the writer Kelly A. Morgan once observed, is inevitable and not always controllable. But what can be controlled is how we manage, react and work through the change process.

Whitney Young students release endangered turtles in swamp Whitney Young students joined students from Pontiac High School to release 100 endangered alligator snapping turtles into a southern Illinois swamp.


This Will Make Some Special Education Advocates Really Happy HuffP{ost: The Education Department said Thursday that New York, as well as Minnesota, South Carolina, Delaware and Georgia, could hold onto waivers from the No Child Left Behind Act for another year.

Protesters slam teacher tenure foe Campbell Brown NY Daily News:  About 20 protesters gathered outside “The Colbert Report” studios in Hell's Kitchen Thursday shouting "there's nothing funny about Campbell..."

North Carolina Budget May Raise Teacher Pay NYT: The North Carolina Senate moved toward sealing a long-sought budget accord on Thursday, voting in favor of a $21 billion plan that would raise the salaries of public schoolteachers but impose cuts elsewhere in state government.

School Shelters Offer Limited Safety, and Even Less Comfort NYT: Life for about 200,000 people packed into more than 80 schools serving as shelters in Gaza is full of deprivation and discomfort.


Retired Philadelphia Teachers Surrender Certifications in Cheating Scandal District Dossier: The educators agreed never to seek work at public, charter or cyber schools or with contracted education providers.

D.C. School Test Scores Inch Up, But No Repeat Of 'Historic' Jumps WAMU: D.C. officials announced today that math and reading proficiency rates were again up for the city's public and charter schools, though some of the gains were modest and others uneven.



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  • It would be interesting to see how many of these absences are actually not condoned by parents. Many parents just don't take the steps necessary to make the absences excused. Also, what is the difference between missing partial days and whole days? I know we are constantly explaining to parents that even when they drop kids off late or pick them up early that they are impacting attendance. They think kids get attendance just for being present at school for a few minutes (many still believe in division attendance).

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Didn't CPS just remove the attendance criteria from the promotion policy? I blame teachers for passing students who have missed 20, 30 or 40 days of school. Unless, the child is a genius how could he/she possibly demonstrate mastery of the material? I have heard teachers say, well he passed my tests...why because you don't use the textbook tests and the ones you wrote are so easy that everyone gets As? I've heard- "I'm afraid of his mother, the principal or I don't want her in my room again." How can children who can barely read make it in high school? CPS screams, " we must have rigor" yet does nothing when thousands of children who are reading 3-4 years below level are passed along. Where is the accountability? It is a sad situation in CPS. CPS encourages this"passing along/social promotion because it saves money but we always pay later when these children drop out/prison in.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    When teachers question policies that allow children to pass with 20-40 absences, they get themselves into trouble. See the recent case with Mr. Bermudez at Juarez for evidence.

  • Whats a beautiful world!
    The Chicago Teachers Pension Fund denied payments to CPS retirees(due to unspecified computer issue).

  • My friend has been retired from the Chicago Police Department for 16 years and this has never happened. I just received the email. So the CTPF is so disorganized that they just realized that the checks were not deposited early in the A.M.? I suspect one of the affected retirees notified them of this egregious error. I am leaving on vacation early tomorrow morning and received this message too late to make arrangements to come downtown to pick up the check. The money won't be deposited until Tuesday, four days late.....

  • Bang the drum the truant officers are coming back.never mind
    an entire generation of cutters have come and gone since they last
    had jobs.Even from my little corner of CPS I saw the amazing way our computer attendance system magically made absent kids appear, in the bowels of a computer ,to walk the halls of school,instead of the polished food court at Ford City where they really were.A thousand kids absent on the day before Christmas Vacation ,when a snowstorm closed everything else, suddenly marked on field trips.Ah computers are wonderful.Welcome back
    all you retired detectives,I bet attendance becomes real again.

  • In reply to rbusch:

    RBusch, c'mon... "attendance becomes real again"? Until we have honest leadership at City Hall, 125, and on the BoE the creeps at CPS will find some other way to cook the books. Manipulating attendance and grades (and hence graduation and freshmen on track) are the easiest way for lying principals, area officers, board members, and mayors to claim success. They won't give up easily.

  • wow this looks pretty ugly -- Emanuel ally's sister named principal despite failing eligibility test [twice] - Tribune [Catherine Sugrue]

  • If you can't pass eligibility, but can still qualify for principalship, why attempt to get on the list? A lot of great people have failed the exam. So, are they now scrapping the exam?

  • No money for retirees.
    CPS retired teachers are negatively affected by the unavailability of fund .
    In spite of the statement on the CTPF website:
    1.No teachers with their accounts with Chase received anything today.
    2.No phone calls were accepted by the CTPF in order to make an arrangement to pickup paper checks today.
    3.So no checks today as well....

  • You would think that CTPF would have opened up on Sunday and stayed opened later on Friday and Saturday in order to rectify this situation.
    Does anyone know if this has ever happened before?

    So, maybe having the checks mailed is a better idea.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    It depends on true intention...checks could be lost in mail very easily...:)

  • I think they must have dealt with a couple of stray walk-ins and thought only a few more would dribble in. They had posted instructions on coming in, getting a parking voucher and getting waited on. The next notice said it was taking 45-60 min to cut every check. Then suddenly they were asking people not to come, probably because most banks are like mine (Chase) and they seem to stop processing all transactions, then a torrent of suspiciously timed stuff processes. Any additional checks cut and deposited won't clear till after the weekend anyway.
    I've always kept an extra one thousand dollars in my account to make sure Chase doesn't trip me up, as they seem to be working harder at trying to put people into overdraft hell (Chase was pretty bitter when they could no longer charge fees if you refused their 'protection').
    CTPF's erroneous guidance that Chase customers would have their deposits posted today infuriates me - not at the Pension board, but Chase. I can only assume CTPF also uses Chase, which routinely leaves my monthly pension deposit in 'Pending' limbo, sometimes for up to four days, even when the first of the month is a Monday. I had already given up on having safe access to my August funds before Tuesday, since payday was a Friday. If it doesn't 'post' til Tuesday, anything due before the twelfth is a lost cause. If Chase already has the pension fund's money, why don't they give a post date til four days later? Hopefully this incident will spur the Fund to investigate this scam and do something about it. Hang in, pensioners...

  • The whole situation smells very bad,
    The misinformation on the CTPF site,changing mind etc.
    If you make a mistake you have to fix it ASAP.
    They should work overnight if necessary.
    The first problem was reported on Friday.
    Whats going on ,really...
    Do the math 26000 retirees X prime rate X 4 days equals......??????
    Good opportunity to make a money.
    Am I correct?

  • Jay it looks like you have to go,buddy....

  • Fifth-graders defend their South Shore neighborhood y @teachMsRose

    Chicago Students To News Media: 'You Don't Know Us' : NPR @teachMsRose

  • Joyce Foundation hires Emanuel aide Beth Swanson - Crain's Chicago Business

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