Mayor Names New Education Deputy

Mayor Names New Education Deputy

Big news of the day is that Arnaldo Rivera will replace Beth Swanson as education deputy at City Hall -- anybody know or worked with him? Also: They're selling old CPS buildings.  There's a new principals' advocacy group. Roughly 900 CPS teachers aren't fully licensed -- and some unknown number are mismatched with their assignments.  What else -- you ready for the year to start yet?


Former CPS chief of staff joins Emanuel education team Chicago Tribune: Arnaldo Rivera, former Chicago Public Schools administrator and chief of staff to two district chiefs, will become Mayor Rahm Emanuel's next deputy.

Former teacher, administrator is Emanuel’s new education deputy Sun Times: A former Chicago Public School teacher-turned-administrator who helped implement Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s signature plan for a longer school day will become the mayor’s top deputy for education.

Former CPS chief of staff joins Emanuel education team RedEye Chicago: He remained in that position under the current district chief, Barbara Byrd-Bennett, playing an instrumental role in the process to close nearly 50 elementary schools.


New principals group to weigh in on policy Catalyst: Led by the two principals who wrote editorials critical of CPS administration, the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association has formed a new committee aimed at advocating for policy and amplifying principal voice. The first forum will be held on Aug. 21 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the University of Illinois-Chicago Pavilion.

Study shows many teachers not credentialed in their subjects Tribune: In the massive Chicago Public Schools system, where most students are poor and minority, federal 2011-12 data show that about 900 of 23,000 teachers were not fully licensed. That's down from about 1,800 teachers in 2009. Those figures do not address the issue of teachers in classes for which they are not credentialed.


Three former CPS schools are put out for bid — with restrictions  Sun Times: Chicago Public Schools has put three of the 50 buildings from schools it shuttered in 2013 out for bid — one each on the North, West and South sides

Closed Chicago Schools on Developer's Radar: Residential, Retail Considered DNAinfo: Chicago Public Schools closed 50 schools last year that officials determined were underutilized. The process was contentious and heart wrenching for ...


Emanuel PAC created to 'destroy' eight aldermen, Fioretti says Chicago Sun-Times: That leaves Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis and Fioretti as the highest-profile challengers even thinking about challenging Emanuel.


De Blasio Cheers on National Pre-K Movement WNYC: The mayor spoke broadly about efforts to expand preschool access in cities such as San Francisco, Miami, and San Antonio—efforts he said are reshaping the national conversation.

Memphis-Area School Year Starts With Opening of Six Breakaway Districts District Dossier: Memphis-area suburban communities moved to form their own school districts in the wake of the merger of the Shelby County, Tenn., district with the financially-strapped city school system in 2011.

Michelle Rhee to Chair Her Husband's Sacramento Charter Group District Dossier: The former District of Columbia schools chancellor returns to the Sacramento charter school organization known as St. Hope Public Schools.

LA School Turnaround Sets Sights on Reinventing the Library EdSurge: The JetSpace features something reminiscent of a typical library: a space for quiet reading, but with hexagonal bookshelves that connect to create spaces for students to sit or do work. 

Deasy opens school year with campaign against dropping out LA Times: Los Angeles Unified Supt. John Deasy opened the new school year Tuesday with a speech to administrators in which he urged them to eliminate the dropout rate, and then assigned each one a struggling student to look after.


Dispute over Common Core gets personal AP via SF Gate: White issued a letter a few days later, saying he felt he was being personally attacked with suggestions of "unfounded malfeasance" within his office.

Scientists Say Child's Play Helps Build A Better Brain NPR: Children learn their most important lessons on the playground, not in the classroom, researchers say.

Video: Which college has the most beautiful campus? NBC: Rob Franek of The Princeton Review presents the publication’s latest list of the best colleges in America.

Are iPads or Chromebooks better for schools? Hechinger: For an entire school year Hillsborough, New Jersey, educators undertook an experiment, asking: Is the iPad really the best device for interactive learning?



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  • While the Chicago Teachers Union fights education privatization, the CTPF is, at least indirectly, helping to finance it.

  • True.Do you suggest that the last delay in pension payment was related to the "overnight loan"to Chase?
    $100 000 000(monthly payments to members)x 3 days delay x prime rate.
    Do your math.

  • Alex,
    Did you drink some funny kool aide lately?

  • Arnie Rivera is a good guy. Very respectful. He will do well as a liaison for little Napoleon.

  • True.Arnie is a good choice.

  • from Ray Salazar re teacher assignment and credentials

    Many Illinois teachers lack credentials? | The White Rhino: A Chicago Latino English Teacher

  • Thanks for including my commentary and tweeting it, Alexander.

  • The Chicago Public Schools fired(2009-2011) great,fully qualified special education teachers and allowed the type12 emergency permits for unqualified individuals.
    In spite of FOIA requests and a response from the ISBE the CPS still ignored the law,allowing forgery by letting administrators sign requests for emergency certificates.
    The racial,age discrimination charges were filled.

  • You're correct 'anonymous' D299. But, this practice was going on before that. We had a set of twin teachers Kelley Alioto and Kimberly Alioto-Wendeatt hired at Prosser with elem. ed. certificates even before 2009-2011 and they were given emergency spec. ed certificates.No spec. ed u teachers were even interviewed for the two positions even though there were quite a few displaced teachers in need of work.Why?It's because our asst. principal Dr. Raul Luna was living with one twin's mother-in-law Rosemary Alioto,a former clerk at Prosser.Luna and rose were caught having an affair by Rose's Chicago police officer husband and got divorced from him.Our principal ken Hunter didn't like Rose and got rid of her by shipping her downtown.So yes I know for a fact this goes on.Where was the CTU?Zzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  • CTU was aware.They did not seem interested.

  • Did you report it to the IG?

  • Oh, yes several teachers did. What did the IG do? Zzzzzzzzzz!
    This is just one of the many, how do I put this, occurrences which have happened at Prosser though the 18 years I have been there. Change may be coming for the better as our principal hasn't been or heard seen he unexpectedly took a leave of absence after Christmas break. The only occurrence which hasn't happened in the time I've been there is a murder in the school, other then that everything once could imagine.

  • Currently, the Department Of Justice was asked to investigate many issues not taken care by the local agencies for some reasons.

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