A New Voice For CPS Principals

A New Voice For CPS Principals

Lewis gets bad poll news.  Emanuel returns from NYC.  CPS principals start new advocacy organization.  Reporters dish on covering CPS. Are West Side schools discriminating against poor students? Nationally, Huffington Post reports that Michelle Rhee is leaving StudentsFirst, and the union in Kansas is fighting against the tenure repeal law there.

Lewis Not Discouraged By Trailing Emanuel In Poll CBS Local: (CBS) –The results of a new public opinion poll show Mayor Rahm Emanuel may not be in as much trouble with voters as some thought and that CTU President Karen Lewis' strength may have been overstated, though she disagrees.

Emanuel Returns From New York, Trumpets Summer Camp Data Comcast SportsNet Chicago:
Emanuel cited ramped-up efforts by the Chicago Public Schools to promote day camps and the Chicago Housing Authority to provide vouchers for low-income families.

3 homes, $200000-plus pay for possible mayoral candidate Lewis Chicago Sun-Times:
Karen Lewis, the Chicago Teachers Union president now considering whether to run for mayor, has frequently railed against the influence of the wealthy. “Why do people of wealth and privilege try to convince the world they have neither?” she said on

CPS principals: The voice you’ve been waiting for Catalyst: A few months ago, a group of CPS principals began work on what would become the Administrators Alliance for Proven Policy and Legislation in Education (AAPPLE).  AAPPLE—pronounced “apple”—is a member-driven arm of the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association (CPAA).

Reporters Dish on Covering Chicago Public Schools Education Week News: And they suggested that Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett, who is the second schools chief under Emanuel, would be in her post no longer than municipal election time next February, and perhaps would leave sooner.

Feds Investigating Claim Of Civil Rights Violations In Schools On Chicago's ... Huffington Post: The U.S. Department of Education has launched an investigation into alleged discrimination taking place at two public schools located on Chicago's South Side where course offerings have been slashed to the point where physical education is only ...


Michelle Rhee Prepares To Leave CEO Job At StudentsFirst, Group She Founded HuffPost: The change comes as the education reform movement that Rhee spearheaded has a new face: Former CNN news anchor Campbell Brown.

Can You Fight Poverty by Paying Kids to Go to School? Politico: In Memphis, Mayor A.C. Wharton, a Bloomberg ally, has engaged in what amounts to a four-year-running battle with his city council to pony up relatively modest sums (less than $1 million a year) to offset the roughly $6 million being invested by Bloomberg’s philanthropy and federal grants.

Kansas Union Challenges Tenure-Repeal Law TeacherBeat: The Kansas National Education Association is challenging provisions tacked onto a 2014 budget bill eliminating due process.

Robo-readers aren’t as good as human readers — they’re better Hechinger:  In this role, the computer functions not as a grader but as a proofreader and basic writing tutor, providing feedback on drafts, which students then use to revise their papers before handing them in to a human.

What Robin Williams Taught Us About Teaching NPR:  As a young, handsome, floppy-haired English teacher with the highly apropos name of John Keating, Williams makes the classroom a stage, pulling out all the stops to get his students excited about the wonders of poetry, and, by extension, life.

Video: School supplies cost $20-$100 more this year Today: A survey found that supplies for a middle school student will cost an average of around $312 this fall, up about $100 from last year. Outfitting a student in high school will run about $350, up by about $20.


McKenna wins key L.A. school board seat, according to unofficial results LA Times: Veteran school administrator George McKenna won his bid for a key seat on the Los Angeles Board of Education besting political newcomer Alex Johnson, according to unofficial results released Tuesday night.

High-profile Head Start center in the District loses federal funding Washington Post: When Congress reauthorized Head Start in 2007, a little girl named Cynthia Martinez-Cardoso from one of the District’s longest-running Head Start centers sat in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s lap as she signed the bill.


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  • Sun-Times article sure indicates that someone is exploiting the teachers. Maybe someday she'll end up in concrete boots somewhere in the Cal Sag Channel.

  • In reply to jack:

    The teachers know what Lewis is paid. It's their money and their choice.

  • In reply to Donn:

    Not exactly.First,they have to pay dues regardless because the fair share payments are equal.
    Illinois is not a RTW state(not yet).
    Is it true and correct that:
    1.Teachers do not know how Lewis is paid.
    2.They do not know that union leaders increase their pension payments by giving themselves rise .
    3.The pay amounts (gross together with annuities)are kept private. Please check with the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund (FOIA request will work).

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Well, O.K. They can still fire her if they don't like it. I knew about how much Lewis makes, why wouldn't teachers?

    I don't really understand how these salaries got so high. It seems that teachers value winning a union office a lot more than teaching.

    Why struggle with a career path to actually run a school when one can make more money as a union official?

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to jack:

    So, Karen Lewis gets paid a salary, legally, and it ends up on the front page of the Sun Times in an article filled with innuendo and not much else? Is Mihalopoulos on Emanuel's payroll now?

    And Jack here suggests that we teachers will murder her in the near future. Wow. Sorry Jack, the vast majority of CTU members see this attack for what it is. BS.

  • In reply to Ed Dziedzic:

    "filled with innuendo"
    Hilarious Ed, every single word out of Karen Lewis' mouth is innuendo. She is the queen of race baiting. She makes a heck of a lot of money and she is putting herself out there for mayor. It is fair game. Her true stance comes out as she pro-rates teacher salary to an annual income accounting for the fact that teachers do not work a full year. Interesting your union boss uses that as a defense that usually outrages you. Wearing those rose colored shades this summer?

  • In reply to Ed Dziedzic:

    What innuendo? The Sun Times writer essentially called Lewis a hypocrite and state facts in support of that position.

    Jack was completely wrong to mention "concrete boots somewhere in the Cal Sag Channel". Wouldn't it be off "concrete boots somewhere off a pacific island beach"?

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to Donn:

    Nice Donn, your suggestion that Karen Lewis should be murdered shows what a class act you are

    The innuendo is that Mihalopoulos implies there is something illegal or crooked here. There is not.

  • In reply to Ed Dziedzic:

    I was just trying to help Jack with geography. Geez.

    I saw nothing in the Sun Times article that implied there was anything illegal. You're just deflecting as usual because the hard facts like salary and ownership, and specific quotes, are hypocritical and intellectually indefensible.

  • fb_avatar

    Where is the article on the alderman's sister who obtain the principal position even though she failed the exam numerous times?

  • On the topic of principals, I was informed Prosser's principal Kenneth Leon Hunter took a LOA/was removed from his position in January, 2014 because of his ties with the Hizmet Movement along with Prosser teacher survey scandal (link to article is below).

    The Gulen schools are focused on charter schools, but, Hunter got involved with them for some reason

    Here's a link to a story about Gulen schools and the Hizmet movement, pay special attention to the comments under the article:


    Hunter speaking on the Hizmet Movement:



    Survey Article:


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