Unaccompanied Minors, Violence Summit, & So Long ACT

Unaccompanied Minors, Violence Summit, & So Long ACT

Today's news (besides the heat): Here come a few hundred unaccompanied migrant children to Chicago (and presumably CPS, right?) A violence summit was held, after a weekend of hyperviolence (and the Pitchfork Festival). The ACT is out. Everyone keeps telling me Karen Lewis is in Hawaii (so what?).  A new international study shows that US principals are especially focused on student poverty, compared to those in other countries. 


Hundreds of Immigrant Children Sent to Chicago From Border DNA Info: Nearly 500 unaccompanied children are temporarily living in federal shelters in Chicago, officials said.


Summit on violence comes after another bloody weekend in Chicago Sun Times: After yet another bloody summer weekend in which four people were killed and 39 people were wounded, Mayor Rahm Emanuel held a closed-door summit Monday with community leaders and law enforcement to discuss violence that continues to grip Chicago.

Mayor, law enforcement meet privately with residents and community leaders over violence Tribune: On the heels of another bloody weekend in Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and top local and federal law enforcement officials met privately Monday with about 40 community leaders on what needs to be done to reduce the violence.

Editorial: Don't get used to killings of 11-year-olds, Chicago Tribune: Will this city have to confront a terrible choice -- today's liberty or martial law? Every day with a homicide is a bad day. And every day Chicago loses a young person with promise and vitality, this city is shamed.


ACT edged out as state brings in new high school exams Chicago Tribune: The popular ACT college entrance exam has been bumped from the roster of required state tests in 2015, part of a wave of changes reshaping how and when Illinois students are tested, which drew criticism from educators across the Chicago region.

How Tests Make Us Smarter NYT (oped): We can achieve rigor in a different way. We can instruct teachers on the use of low-stakes quizzing in class. We can teach students the benefits of retrieval practice and how to use it in their studying outside class. These steps cost little and cultivate habits of successful learning that will serve students throughout their lives.


CPS expands math, sports mentoring program for troubled teens Sun Times: The Chicago Public Schools will expand to 2,000 students at 37 schools a program that combines “math tutoring on steroids” with sports-based mentoring for troubled teens.


CPS Teacher Finds Perfect Summer Gig as Ice Cream Man DNA Info: Morrill School gym teacher Richard Vargas, of Sauganash, sells ice cream during his time off.

Search warrants reveal details of FBI raid of Concept Schools Chicago Sun-Times: Four of Concept's 30 publicly financed schools are in Illinois, including the 600-student Chicago Math and Science Academy in Rogers Park and two campuses that opened a year ago in the Austin and McKinley Park neighborhoods.

Activists To Launch New Progressive Movement In Chicago Progress Illinois: "Karen Lewis is the kind of movement progressive who would excite a lot of people,” he added. “There isn't a Working Families Party in Chicago, so we don't have any plans to endorse a candidate in this race.”


Principals in U.S. Are More Likely to Consider Their Students Poor NYT: American principals are much more likely to describe their students as disadvantaged than principals in many other countries — including some countries that are significantly poorer than the United States.

Florida counts down to new Common Core standards, exams Hechinger: Although the teachers at Monroe Middle School are optimistic, many teachers and school leaders think the switch to Common Core is the biggest change in education now, and it’s taken a lot of work.

Waiverless Washington State's Request for New NCLB Flexibility Denied PK12: Washington state can't seem to catch a break these days when it comes to No Child Left Behind Act waivers.

Expansion of My Brother’s Keeper initiative aims to end ‘schoolhouse to jailhouse pipeline’ PBS NewsHour: Sixty of the country’s largest public school systems, who educate nearly three million boys of color, joined the effort today, as well as mayors, corporations like AT&T, nonprofits like the Emerson Collective, and the national Basketball Association.

Report: Higher education behind on Common Core Hechinger: America’s primary and secondary schools may be busy preparing for the onset of the Common Core standards, meant to better prepare students for college, but one key partner isn’t even close to ready: colleges and universities themselves.


New political action committee forms in L.A. school board race LA Times: A new political action committee has formed to influence the outcome of Los Angeles school board races, filling a gap created when a group of civic leaders, which includes former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, decided to sit out next month's key upcoming election.

High-Performing Charter Schools May Improve Students' Health NPR: People who graduate from high school are healthier than people who drop out. To find out why, researchers looked at whether students who got into top charter schools were avoiding health risks.

More schools offer free lunches, but who's paying? Marketplace: The National School Lunch Program costs the government nearly $12 billion a year, a reflection of a troubled economy in which many working parents are unable to make ends meet.

Research Suggests Students Adjusting to New School Lunches NYT: School administrators agree that students complained about new lunch standards when they were first implemented in the fall of 2012—but tell researchers that by spring, the complaints had largely subsided.

Judge throws out lawsuit challenging D.C. school closures; plaintiffs plan appeal Washington Post: A federal judge has dismissed the few remaining claims in a lawsuit that sought to stop the closure of 15 D.C public schools, rejecting plaintiffs’ arguments that the closures violated the civil rights of city children.

In Asheville, N.C., Summer Vacation Lasts Just A Few Weeks WNYC: It's July, and students are returning after just five weeks of break. This public school is beginning a three-year experiment, running on a year-round schedule for the first time.

It's musical-chairs time at Minneapolis Public Schools MinnPost: Departing to become the number two in White Bear Lake is Associate Superintendent Sara Paul. It’s hard not to be happy for Paul, although the void she’s leaving will be a big one. First hired a few short years ago to helm the Office of New Schools, Paul excelled at building relationships inside and outside the district.



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