Rahm Takes School Safety Credit

Rahm Takes School Safety Credit

Today's news includes more about the budget cuts (5 percent) for next year, plus some back and forth about CPS and safety. WBEZ has a summer school/Ventra scandal.  Nationally, a small handful of NYC schools is voting to vary from union rules, and new laws in CA are changing the way schools allocate their existing budgets.

CPS 'welcoming schools' slated to lose 5% of their budgets Chicago Sun-Times: ... loss on average than neighborhood schools overall, which will lose about 2.3 percent of their budgets compared with the 2014 school year that just ended, if the Board of Education approves CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett's budget recommendations wholesale.

Emanuel, Holder laud CPS safety record Chicago Tribune: Emanuel's school policies are certain to take center stage during his upcoming re-election bid, given the resentment in many neighborhoods where schools were closed last year and the promise by the Chicago Teachers Union to target the mayor for defeat.

District 30's superintendent among top income earners in Cook County Glenview Announcements: For instance, CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett of Chicago Public Schools, with more than 400,00 students attending 650 schools brings in $250,000 a year.

CTA charges kids full fares to get to summer school, job programs WBEZ: In what appears to be another stumble in the city’s transition to the new Ventra fare-collection system, thousands of young Chicagoans are paying more in train and bus fares than they should be this summer.

Pension chaos hits Chicago, state budgets Crain's Chicago Business: "The law in Illinois is now crystal clear: Politicians cannot break the promises made to Chicago teachers and other city employees," crowed the Chicago Teachers Union in a statement.

Aldermen Solis and Munoz reveal the truth about politics in Chicago Chicago Reader: And he's, like, against everything Karen Lewis represents. So, you know—wouldn't you fight like hell against her ideas should she get elected? And he said: Dang, boy, don't you know shit about Chicago! Well, he didn't say that exactly...


School funding reforms spur decisions at local level EdSource Today: California’s new school funding system is driving districts in diverse regions of the state to shift their resources to achieve one of the key goals laid out in the sweeping financial reform effort – graduating students so they are ready for college or careers.

Putting online testing to the test Marketplace: There’s a general sense among educators that kids are way more comfortable online than most of us grownups will ever be… so they have that going for them. There is one small thing to be concerned about: making sure kids can use a keyboard.  Keyboarding classes are becoming routine in elementary schools. Schools that don’t get up to speed in time to offer tests online, will still be able to use papers and pencils for the next few years.

What We Don't Know About Summer School NPR: It's a warning echoed in countless teen movies — "If you don't pass this class, you'll go to summer school!" Kids for generations have been threatened with the elusive summer school: fail this test, miss this day and kiss your vacation goodbye.

The Collapse Of Corinthian Colleges NPR: The giant for-profit college chain will unwind after the Department of Education cut off its access to federal money.

Department of Education launches plan to attract good teachers to high-poverty schools PBS NewsHour: As part of the initiative, the Education Department said it will ask states to develop new, comprehensive educator equity plans. It is also investing $4.2 million to start a new technical assistance network to help states and districts create and implement their plans.

Challenges Facing Charters & Traditional Public Schools WAMU: Kojo explores the complex relationships between traditional public school systems and the growing networks of charter schools that share the same jurisdictions.


In wake of new union contract, 62 schools approved to ‘break the rules’ ChalkbeatNY: Community Health Academy of the Heights in Washington Heights wanted to incorporate lessons in the kitchen to teach students healthier eating and cooking habits, but was restricted from doing so because of rules related to the use of the kitchen, Principal Mark House said.

City Schools to Try Bending Some Rules This Fall WSJ: This fall 62 New York City schools will try a range of ideas—such as staggering start times and changing class sizes—under an initiative that lets them bend union rules and city regulations if enough teachers agree.

'Seed, feed and weed': Advice on turning around underperforming schools MinnPost: Elements of the strategy are expected to begin appearing in schools hereabouts in coming months. So it seemed like a good idea to catch up with Barbic during a recent visit to the Twin Cities. An edited version of that conversation follows.

Philadelphia District and Teachers' Union Locked in Dispute Over Seniority District Dossier: The dispute is taking place amid a growing national debate about teacher tenure rules. The district says it needs flexibility in making hiring and firing decisions, and tenure rules sometimes mean that new, committed teachers are let go in order to keep veteran teachers. The union says the district's policy violates its contract.

One in four students in Prince George’s County fails to graduate in four years WashPost: As most school districts across the Washington region and the nation experienced rising high school graduation rates during the past decade — including the highest national graduation rate in history — Prince George’s County continued to lag behind in its effort to get students a diploma, moving against the national trend.


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