No Tenure/Seniority Lawsuit For Illinois?

No Tenure/Seniority Lawsuit For Illinois?

The big news of the week so far nationally is that a second "Vergara" education lawsuit has been filed against tenure and seniority rules that were recently overturned (preliminarily) in California.  This time it was New York.  Several other states - but apparently not Illinois -- could be next. Either tenure and seniority aren't as much of a problem here as other places, or the state constitution isn't as conducive to these kinds of lawsuits, or both (anyone know)?) More locally, there's "next steps" news about Dyett, Simeon -- and a handful of comments yesterday about Ray Salazar's blog post about sorting -- but nothing earth-shattering.


New York’s teacher tenure faces second challenge as Campbell Brown’s group files suit Chalkbeat:  In the past, Mayor Bill de Blasio has defended teacher tenure as a way to recruit and retain effective teachers. A spokesman from the state said they could not comment on pending litigation.

Second Vergara-Inspired Lawsuit Filed in New York Teacher Beat: "Campbell Brown may be tearing up, but her secret hedge-fund supporters will be crying all the way to the bank if she succeeds in her mission to undercut public education and privatize our schools," UFT President Michael Mulgrew said in a statement. "Parents know that attacking teachers is not the answer to the problems of New York's public schools.  We expect New York's courts to reject the fact-challenged and legally questionable assertions in this case."

Teacher Tenure Fight Comes to New York City NPR: Seven parents filed a lawsuit with New York State Supreme Court on Monday seeking to overturn teacher tenure laws that they said prevent their children from receiving a "sound basic education" that is guaranteed by New York State’s constitution.

Campbell Brown takes on teacher tenure in New York Washington Post: An advocacy group headed by former television journalist Campbell Brown filed a lawsuit in New York on Monday that seeks to overturn the state’s tenure laws and other job protections for teachers.

Teacher Tenure Lawsuits Spread NPR: Rhee's group is considering additional suits in Minnesota, Connecticut, New Jersey and Tennessee.


Quick to punish Catalyst: Cory Warren and a group of his classmates at Phillips Academy High School had a challenge: Work with a community organization to try to convince their peers that drinking and taking drugs are bad ideas.  Alcohol and drug abuse are virtually never talked about in Chicago Public Schools, even in...

Drug policy should focus on teaching, not punishment Catalyst: Jesus Velazquez got caught at school with a marijuana pipe in his backpack. What happened next is exactly what shouldn’t take place if a school district’s goal—or, from a larger perspective, a community’s goal—is to get kids who make dumb mistakes back on track.

Former gang member describes transformation WBEZ: Kasper grew up in Little Village and was raised by his step-dad and his mom – who struggled to make ends meet. “We grew up in the gang culture,” Kasper said in a recent StoryCorps interview. “[We would] smoke a lot of weed, listen to a lot of gangster rap, hang out with the guys from the block.”

Teen charged in murder of 16-year-old boy in Chicago Lawn home Sun Times: A 15-year-old boy has been charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of a 16-year-old boy last week in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood on the Southwest Side. Darren Foggey, 16, was shot about 9:25 p.m. July 23 in the 6700 block of South Artesian Avenue, according to police and the Cook County medical examiner’s office.


Dyett Supporters Take Over Ald. Will Burns' Meeting on Saving the School DNA Info: Burns said the fuss scared off people he needed to hear, but those who stayed said he wasn't listening.

Simeon Principal Will Meet With Parents on Vocational Program Cuts DNA Info: Trade program enrollment was low, and students weren't earning certification, parents told in letter.

The Common Core PR war Politico:Supporters of the Common Core academic standards have spent big this past year to persuade wavering state legislators to stick with the new guidelines for math and language arts instruction. The millions have proved no match for the moms.


Boston Plan for Cameras and Microphones on School Buses Comes Under Fire District Dossier: An editorial in The Boston Globe Monday called the plan to install microphones on school buses "bad public policy and a bad lesson for students."

NYC Uses Food Trucks to Bring Summer Meals to Kids AP: NYC uses food trucks to bring free summer meals to kids; more mobility, less stigma.

What Happens When High School Administrators Get Caught Plagiarizing HuffPost: Although high school students are regularly warned to avoid plagiarism and are often punished when they slip, a steady stream of high school administrators have come under fire lately for engaging in that very practice.





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  • SB-7 makes performance part of tenure. You can't maintain tenure without remaining proficient. Lay-offs tier tenured teachers, but lays them off by rating. So, no lawsuits here.

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