Budget, Kenwood, & Karen -- Oh, My!

Budget, Kenwood, & Karen -- Oh, My!

Today's news: The budget is up for approval at today's Board meeting.  The Board wants to move Kenwood Academy into the old Canter MS building. Logan Square network chief John Price has resigned. More news about Karen's Hawaii vacation (and talk about another strike in comments). Plus charters and district schools work together in a Texas district, and some schools are finding the best use of a longer day is more time for teacher collaboration.


Chicago school board to vote on Safe Passage expansion, 2015 CPS budget WLS-TV: The Chicago Board of Education prepares to vote on plans to expand the Safe Passage program and to vote on a $5.8 billion budget.

Disabilities-rights group blasts proposed CPS budget Chicago Sun-Times: On the eve of the approval of Chicago Public Schools' $5.76 billion budget for 2015, a disabilities-rights group denounced the budget on Tuesday as unsustainable, even though the district wants to increasing its spending on special education.

Chicago Public Schools budget expected to be approved Chicago Tribune: Facing a deficit that this year approaches $900 million, Chicago Public Schools officials are tacking on an additional two months of property tax revenue to the 2015 budget, a one-time move that has been roundly criticized.

Groups blast CPS budget as 'shortsighted,' based on gimmicks Chicago Sun-Times
Tim Cawley, chief administrative officer with the Chicago Public Schools, discusses the district's proposed $5.76 billion 2015 budget Wednesday night at a public hearing at Malcolm X College.


Logan Square CPS Network Chief Resigns, Efforts Underway To Replace Him
DNAinfo: The Chicago Public Schools' network chief for nearly every school in Logan Square has resigned, according to school officials. John Price resigned his seven-month role as the Northwest Side network chief earlier this month.


CPS plans to move Kenwood Academy program into closed school Chicago Sun-Times: Throughout that closing process, CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett assured protesting crowds that the empty buildings wouldn't be used as schools again, especially not as charter schools.

Kenwood Academic Center to move into Canter Middle School Hyde Park Herald: Burns released a statement Tuesday afternoon stating that Mayor Rahm Emanuel and CEO of Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Barbara Byrd Bennett met with Kenwood Academy High School Principal Gregory Jones, five members of Kenwood's staff and ...


Karen Lewis shifted vacation in case of mayoral run Chicago Sun-Times: With all the talk of a possible mayoral run Karen Lewis, we haven't seen much of her lately. That's because the Chicago Teachers Union President shifted her annual vacation in Hawaii to July. Why? Lewis usually takes her trip in December.

'10 questions for Karen Lewis' Change Of Subject (Zorn): If you want to get a sense of how Mayor Rahm Emanuel's backers will go after Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis if Lewis decides to run against Emanuel, take a look at the text of  an email sent around last month by Owen Kilmer, former spokesman for Cook County Board President and currently spokesman for DFER, the super PAC backing Emanuel:

Karen Lewis for Chicago mayor? Laughable Austin Weekly News: He spent his formative years in the suburbs, his children are too good to go to the Chicago Public Schools (CPS), and his ambitions are grander than just being the mayor of this hick town.


Lessons from a school that scrapped a longer student day and made time for teachers Hechinger Report: The case in New Haven tells a cautionary tale of what can happen when a low-performing school rushes to add time to close that gap. It also reflects the latest focus of the expanded-time movement: making extra time for teachers to learn.

Charter and traditional schools bridge divide under one roof PBS NewsHour: Charter schools have often been seen as a threat to traditional schools, diverting resources and students to these publicly funded but privately run institutions. In Houston, Texas, the superintendent of one school district has invited competing charter schools to set up shop alongside a regular middle school. Special correspondent John Merrow reports on their evolving partnership.

Cheating Teachers WNYC: New Yorker staff writer Rachel Aviv investigates a widespread, long-term culture of cheating among educators in Atlanta’s public-school district—and the pressure that test score targets put on schools.

In This School, Class Is A Workshop And Experiments Are Mandatory NPR: An innovative approach to learning amid turmoil in the Philadelphia School District.


Teachers union steps into legal battle over tenure, against a former ally ChalkbeatNY: The lawsuit pits the union against a former ally, Mona Davids, who is among the parents suing to undo the tenure laws. Davids heads the New York City Parents Union, which consulted with the UFT on a union-sponsored parent advocacy group two years ago. [See also TeacherBeat]


Bobby Jindal Sued By His Allies Over Common Core HuffPost: Two years ago, Jindal visited a charter school operated by the Choice Foundation, a nonprofit organization that manages a chain of charter schools in Louisiana. Now, Jim Swanson, chair of the Choice Foundation schools, is joining a group of parents and teachers to sue Jindal for trying to reverse his state's adoption of the standards.

Is There a Mismatch Between Ed. Dept.'s Teacher-Equity Plans and NCLB Waivers? PK12: For the past five-plus years of the Obama administration, the big teacher-policy emphasis has been on educator effectiveness, meaning tying teacher performance to student outcomes, including  on standardized tests. States had to develop teacher evaluations that take test scores into account, both to get a slice of the Race to the Top money, and later, to get flexibility from the No Child Left Behind Act.

Maryland to give harder tests for high school graduation requirement Baltimore Sun: Starting next year, students will face tougher requirements to graduate from Maryland's public high schools. The state school board voted Tuesday to replace the English and Algebra I High School Assessment -- graduation requirements since 2009 -- with new tests, tied to the Common Core curriculum, that are expected to be more difficult to pass.

Charter Schools, Money And Test Scores NPR:  The University of Arkansas today released what it calls a "first ever" study exploring the relationship between charter school funding and student achievement. Here at NPR Ed we get a lot of press releases for studies related to education — teacher turnoverfinancial aid accesssocial and emotional learning in preschool and more. But not all studies are created equal. It's important to understand not only what the study says but who the researchers are and how they arrived at their conclusions.

Towns Struggle With Debate Over Immigrant Services ABC: Thousands of miles from border, US towns struggle with whether to provide immigrant services


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  • John Price was an excellent network chief for the Burnham Park Network. He had a strong vision for his schools and executed on it. Everyone I've spoken with about him exhibited the highest regard for his leadership and the relationships he'd built over his two years there. Inexplicably, BBB decided to shift the networks around after the school year had already begun and to move John Price to another group of schools entirely. I've not heard good things about his replacement. And the relationships Price had built had to be built from scratch. What a waste. It wouldn't surprise me but this shift was political. CPS's loss is Evanston's gain, and so it goes. CPS keeps losing talent because its policies and decisions are so Byzantine.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    He was respected by educators and parents and had a personal vision? He built relationships?


    CPS, BoE, BBB, and especially Emanuel are NOT about quality education for all. They are not about collaboration. Price sounds like he was doing the job of an education administrator. CPS/Emanuel are interested in slashing budgets and busting the union, nothing more.

  • This is the same political crap and bad decisions that causes CPS to lag in service to students. I can think of many good brothers like Price who left the same way. One that comes to mind is Calvin Davis who ran Sports Phys Ed and Drivers Ed for many years until last year when he was placed under a guy who had never worked in sports. Who can fault him for leaving? All the political hiring, shifting and incompetence falls on the shoulders of BBB and little napoleon Rahm. Some of the people they listen to have no clue and are disconnected. It hurts kids and the system in general.

  • How many network chiefs have left CPS in the past five years?

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