Few Answers From Anti-Violence Summit

Few Answers From Anti-Violence Summit

Today's news is all over the place, which seems appropriate for a Friday in early June. Schools are going to have to start teaching CPS. No one seems to believe that the anti-violence summit is going to do much good. A Board member went to Ogden.  Nationally, some states like Oklahoma are pulling out of the Common Core and others like Ohio are sticking with it.

Quinn signs bill requiring high schools to teach CPR Tribune: Gov. Pat Quinn today signed a bill requiring Illinois high school students to get trained on how to operate mobile defibrillators and to learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Child Migrants Driven To US By Violence, Poverty AP: In the past eight months, 47,000 unaccompanied children have been apprehended along the border in the U.S. Southwest.

Early childhood providers awarded capital funds Catalyst: The non-profit organizations received between $64,000 and nearly $1 million in the Illinois State Board of Education’s (ISBE) early childhood construction grant program, which each year sets aside a portion to be redistributed by CPS. The state’s Capital Development Board distributes the funds and monitors the programs on behalf of CPS. "

South Side Anti-Violence Summit Ends Without Little Tangible Solutions Progress IL: Upon leaving the meeting, there were plans to commit to increasing the amount of summer jobs in the area, open a job training center in an empty building near the congressman's 79th St. office, and an intent to hold a "hope and healing" neighborhood festival over the summer. The officials also signed on to the idea of taking part incontinued meetings.

Politicians say this time they really, truly have a plan Reader: Betty Howard's killing was one of at least 137 since the start of 2014, a rate of nearly one a day that's climbing higher as the weather warms. The city has also averaged almost six shootings every day.

CPS board vice president condemns anti-Semitic bullying at Ogden Sun Times: A CPS official attended a special meeting of the Local School Council at Ogden International School Thursday night in the wake of anti-Semitic bullying in its eighth grade.

Students March to Fight Chicago Street Violence NBC Chicago: Students from Perspectives Charter School, South Shore International College Prep plan anti-violence marches, rallies


Oklahoma Just Dumped The Common Core And It Could Cost The State Millions HuffPost: Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin (R) said in a press release that while “Common Core was created with that well-intentioned goal in mind ... federal overreach has tainted Common Core. President Obama and Washington bureaucrats have usurped Common Core in an attempt to influence state education standards."

Ohio Bucks The Conservative Trend, Sticks With The Common Core StateImpact OH: On Wednesday Ohio’s legislature, which is heavily Republican, reaffirmed the math and English standards it adopted along with 43 other states and the District of Columbia.

Obama to Take Education Questions on Tumblr The Hill: On Tuesday, President Barack Obama will do an education-focused Q&A on Tumblr. The company’s founder and CEO Tim Karp will moderate from the White House. Questions can be submitted here. The president’s recent push on education policy includes initiatives in the STEM fields.

U.S. graduation average improves, but with wide racial disparities Seattle Times: As high schools graduate students across the region this spring, parents may be wondering how Washington stacks up against other states. A handy interactive map published by Education Week shows six years of graduation rates, state-by-state, ending with the Class of 2012.

ACT college admission test to report new scores in 2015 Washington Post: Starting next year, students who take the ACT college admission test will face a more complex task if they choose to write an essay and will receive new scores for English language arts and the combined fields of science and mathematics.

Shooting At Seattle Pacific University; 3 Wounded, 1 Dead NPR: Officials say a lone gunman who opened fire with a shotgun at Seattle Pacific University is in custody.

New Orleans rebuilds education system with charter schools PBS NewsHour: As the school year comes to a close across the country, one of the issues that’s been grabbing major attention in a number of cities this year is the continuing growth of charter schools. New Orleans has been ground zero for this change, and the end of this school year marks a historic moment for the city.

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