CA Tenure Case, Common Core Delay?

CA Tenure Case, Common Core Delay?

There's lots of CPS news today - it's the last week of classes, right? -- but the big education news is national -- a California judge's decision in the Vergara case ruling that some aspects of teacher tenure and LIFO are discriminatory and the Gates Foundation's announcement that it supports a two-year moratorium on high-stakes uses of Common Core results -- which Arne Duncan and the state chiefs don't necessarily think is a good idea. Will the Vergara decision affect other states like Illinois? Ditto re a Common Core delay?


Will California ruling on teacher seniority have an impact here? Seattle Times: Some in this state have been closely watching the landmark California case in which a judge ruled on Tuesday in favor of nine students who challenged state laws governing the hiring and firing of California’s teachers.

Gates Foundation urges delay in using tests for teacher evaluation Washington Post: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has invested more than $200 million to create, support and implement the Common Core State Standards, said Tuesday that states should hold off from using new standardized tests aligned to the Common Core.

iPads Allow Kids With Challenges To Play In High School's Band NPR: Tablet computers and a creative teacher have helped open doors for some kids with serious learning disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. The P.S. 177 Technology Band is in Queens, N.Y.


Graduation, Derrick Smith verdict, and digital memories WBEZ: We talk about the first graduating class with Noble Street Charter School's Johnson College Prep and the last graduating class from Dyett High School.

Rev. Pfleger to Hold Peace March as Summer 'Time of War' Begins DNAinfo: The school year ends for more than 400,000Chicago Public Schools students Friday, the same day St. Sabina Church has ...


FBI raids Concept Schools in Illinois, 2 other states Chicago Sun-Times: The raids targeted Concept schools in Illinois — where Concept has three schools in Chicago and one in Peoria — as well as in Indiana and Ohio.

Englewood Principal Chosen for Community Service Honor DNAinfo: Mays moved into Banneker Elementary School building last August after Chicago Public Schoolsconsolidated the two schools. "I went from having ...

Alternative H.S. Opposition Rooted in 'Baseless Rumors, Fears:' Synagogue DNA Info: Community opposition has forced Ombudsman Chicago to look elsewhere twice this year


MAP scores Spring 2014 CPS Obsessed: Got spring MAP scores today – anyone else? These scores will be used for admissions into Academic Centers, SEHS, Military HS, and IB programs.


CPS didn't maintain paperwork for tracking basketball eligibility Chicago Sun-Times: A week after Curie High School won the city basketball championship, a Chicago Public Schoolsinvestigation revealed that seven Curie basketball players had been ineligible for the entire season because the correct paperwork hadn't been filed.

Rev. Jesse Jackson seeks probe of CPS basketball program Chicago Sun-Times: The Rev. Jesse Jackson is calling for a “thorough investigation” of Chicago Public Schools basketball teams a day after learning of what he called ...


Friends, fellow activists remembers former CPS official James Deanes Austin Weekly News: A retired Chicago Public Schools official and father of five children, Deanes, 66, died of natural causes June 4 in his West Side home.

James Deanes dies at 66; praised for role in starting localschool councils Chicago Sun-Times: With that same zeal, Mr. Deanes also helped shake up the Chicago Public Schools in the 1980s. That's where his children were enrolled.

Chief Keef evicted from Highland Park home Chicago Tribune: He was little known beyond his fans on the South Side and in Chicago Public Schools, according to media profiles, until he was arrested for allegedly


Chicago Public School's Prom Slogan Has Glaring Mistake: “This Is Are Story” Opposing Views: If failure rates at some of Chicago's public schoolswere not indication enough of the schools' troubling performance rates, perhaps Paul Robeson High School's prom theme is.


Bowser Commits To Keeping Kaya Henderson As Head Of D.C. Schools WAMU: Council member Muriel Bowser (D-Ward 4) committed yesterday to keeping Kaya Henderson as the chancellor of D.C. Public Schools if she wins November's mayoral election.

Principals Need More Autonomy, Support From Central Office, Says Report District Dossier: The George W. Bush Institute, New Leaders, and others outline the district conditions that are needed to create opportunities for well-trained principals to succeed.

Families wait, hope after Oregon school shooting AP: They stopped in fire lanes, on medians, in spaces so tight one man wedged his sedan between two cars and climbed out of his sun roof. They double-, triple- or quadruple-parked, spilling into driveways and crosswalks, disregarding every traffic law....

Success Academy Seeks 14 More Charter Schools in New York City NYT: The city may have to house the new schools or help pay for their space.


What's in It? : The Domino’s Smart Slice Goes to School NYT: These pies contain fewer worrisome ingredients, but they also give students a hefty dose of marketing in the lunchroom.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Charter School Proponent, Loses Primary PK12: As Majority Leader, Cantor was second-in-command, was assumed by many to be next in line for the Speaker of the House position, and considered one of the young Republicans who, along with politicians like U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., represented the future of the Republican Party.

White House Threatens Veto Of GOP School Meal Bill AP: In a statement threatening a veto, the White House said the bill would be "a major step backwards for the health of American children by undermining the effort to provide kids with more nutritious food."



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  • Lessons from @chipubschools about solving the dropout problem via Chicago Mag @whet


    Teachers of children with disabilities can do the happy dance. The SSAs and case managers can now think of other ways to screw the children of CPS-I'm tired of hearing "we can put as many children in your room as we want-caseloads in the 20s are not unheard of in CPS nor is misdiagnosing children who should be low incidence as high incidence in order to up the amount of students in a program....someone needs to take a gander at the data regarding caseloads, class size, square footage and the amount of children on the south and west sides who have been receiving special ed services for years yet have shown no growth-minutes/support services have not increased-easily verified on CPS computers.....

  • All of the above is the result of the demise of the Corey H lawsuit and its concomitant components:inappropriate LRE, inappropriate placements, loss of field specialists, lack of caring from C.O., money woes, reduced personnel, and being low on the list of priorities from those who run CPS. I am very saddened and disgusted to read posts like this after those of us who worked in CPS when OSS ran things and who worked our butts off as field administrators helping special needs children receive services see now that our efforts were in vain. All it takes is another lawsuit to resolve case load size, class size, placement issues, not following the intent of what an IEP was designed to do, and so on. Parents: speak up! Agencies: speak up! Teachers' hands are tied until YOU help return this to the intent of the law.
    Ronda Goldman
    retired Special Education Administrator

  • Thank you Ronda Goldman. It is very sad to watch all of the progress made as a result of Corey H. go down the drain. Parents do need to speak up and they do on the north side but the parents on the west and south sides are unaware of what exactly their child needs in order to be successful academically. They are also not aware when the IEP is not being followed. The children are being taken advantage of and CPS does nothing. The teachers cannot continue to keep fighting CPS as it is wearing us down. The young teachers leave to go tot he suburbs where the iEPS are usually followed.

  • Ronda is correct the diverse learners, OSS, or special education administration function of CPS has been downsized in the last 10 years massively. Overall the performance data for poor and disabled students remains incrediably low as it has for years.

    What has become more and more pronounced in CPS is that the performance gap between mild and moderately disabled students from higher income families and similar children from poor families has grown. What is happening is more wealthy families are paying out of pocket for supplemental special education services after school and this industry has grown qualitatively in the last ten years.

    I know of several families that are spending 10 to 15 thousand a year on such supplemental services. This is also happening in higher income suburban areas. In some cases the providers of these supplemental private services are public school employees moon lighting after work hours.

    Overall my impression is that these additional supports particularly for reading and math remediation push many middle class LD students very close to the academic performance of the average non- disabled students. But very rarely do these supplemental supports push middle class mildly disabled students to the point where they are competitive with higher performing middle class students who are not disabled, hence the very low numbers of these students admitted to CPS selective high schools.

    Higher income non-disabled students today who are being admitted to high schools like Payton are being prepped by their families in elementary school with many supplemental tutoring services and language development at home. The relative competitive disadvantage of poor mild and moderately disabled students is deeply disturbing.

    CPS has never had a golden age for special education services, but the distict when pushed by litigation did try to improve on a school by school basis. Today the district has effectively written off poor children with disabilities and it is tragic. I am not even going to discuss the situation of more severely disabled students because the collapse of supports and services goes well beyond CPS and is cost driven for school districts across our nation.

    Rod Estvan

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