Here Come School-Level PISA Scores!?

Here Come School-Level PISA Scores!?

For over a decade now, PISA scores have allowed international comparisons of student achievement but that was about it.  One nation could be compared to the other, or at best subnations like Shanghai could (controversially) be compared.  More recently, however, individual US states have started signing up for their own PISA scores -- FL, MA, and CT so far -- and OECD has developed a school-level version of the test called the OECD Test for Schools.  That's right, a school-level PISA score (range, actually). Three hundred schools took it this year -- none in the Chicago area that I know of (it's confidential) -- and will get their scores back next month.  Read all about it here (my latest article, in the Harvard Education Letter), and then let us know what you think.  Link: Quietly, a New Test Gains Advocates.  Will it help schools make further improvements, or devolve into yet another marketing and ranking exercise?



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  • The best part of the read is how these schools are actively improving even when they are doing well. Really looking at how they can improve student learning. What a contrast to home where the CTU says "no" to common core. CTU just stinks. It is depressing.

  • The best part of of your comment is how you actively butcher language while attempting to throw's parody personified!

  • Ad hominem...I know... so I'll submit this as well.

    Your sadness vis a vis CTU may be alleviated once you realize that CC is being unilaterally assailed. Having said that, as a teacher, I'm all for CC theory..but against your false dilemma type thinking.

  • no edit button "isn't being unilaterally assailed"

  • At this point, I don't care anymore. Go ahead and try to rip my comment apart because it differs from yours. It doesn't change reality. It is depressing how CTU is tearing apart anything good happening in schools. Sure there are good individual teachers, but what CTU has done the past few years is downright depressing. A single word personifies CTU, the word NO. They say no to everything and anything. Now another guaranteed strike is looming. I can't take it anymore. I just don't care anymore and it is so depressing for the students of Chicago.

  • Hyperbole personified and it's time for dinner...

  • Hyperbole/false dilemma/parody as well as personification (although not used in this particular context) are a few of the terms I've taught the kids in order to prepare for the umpteenth standardized test this year (in this instance the CC "friendly" NWEA)...card carrying CTU member here...bon nuit!

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Hyperbole/false dilemma/parody as well as personification = Karen Lewis

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