Liberal Icon Supports Universal Choice

Liberal Icon Supports Universal Choice

The Sun Times supports turnarounds next week.  Fioretti and Preckwinkle are sizing up runs against Emanuel. Kids are smoking less.  Nationally: teachers suffer as states waffle on Common Core.  California lawsuit will determine teacher job protections. Liberal US Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) supports universal public school vouchers as a replacement for the current zip code- / housing-based system.


Turnaround for struggling schools worth the upheaval Chicago Sun-Times: The Chicago Board of Education on Wednesday will decide whether to apply a radical treatment to three struggling schools.

Full-Time Mariachi Programs for Five CPS Grade Schools to Debut by Fall DNA Info: The schools will have to add a full-time music position to support the program.

Lincoln Park High School Chem Lab Fire Leads to Lawsuit DNA Info: A mother claims her daughter suffered burns on her face during a chemistry experiment last November.


Slow Preckwinkle fundraising boosts Emanuel's allies Chicago Sun-Times: Earlier this week, Ald. Bob Fioretti (2nd) accused Emanuel of presiding over the “widening of Chicago into two cities” and hinted strongly at a race for mayor as Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis cheered him on from the City Club audience.

Fioretti bashes Emanuel, stops short of announcing mayoral bid Chicago Tribune: One Fioretti fan in attendance who was enthusiastic about a potential mayoral run was Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis, who has clashed repeatedly with Emanuel.


State bill would limit suspensions, end fines for students Chicago Tribune: In the midst of national efforts to promote disciplinary policies that keep children in the classroom, legislation that would limit the length of suspensions for all but the most ...

Democrats say schools lose $450 million if tax rate rolled back Chicago Sun-Times: "... resources towards the classroom, which is yielding measurable, meaningful results for our students. Further state budget cuts will jeopardize that progress and have a detrimental impact on our children,” CPS CEOBarbara Byrd-Bennett said

Study: Fewer Chicago High School Students Are Smoking Progress Illinois: The city of Chicago recently increased its tax per cigarette pack by 50 cents, put restrictions on e-cigarettes and banned flavored tobacco products, including menthol, from being sold near schools.


Teachers Anxious as Policymakers Waffle on Common-Core Decisions State EdWatch: The indecision about the common-core standards in many states has led some teachers to believe that policymakers are leaving them in the lurch.

Competing Views of Teacher Tenure Are on Display in California Case NYT: In a case that has drawn national attention, lawyers have been arguing over whether California’s laws on teacher tenure, firing and layoffs violate students’ constitutional right to an education.

Arne Duncan: "Inspiring" To See Children Cross The Border To Get An Education RealClear Politics: "They're our kids and they are trying to get a great education. These are children and families who are trying to live the American dream."

Resegregation in the American South The Atlantic: Desegregation had been wrenching and complicated, but in Tuscaloosa and across the country, it achieved undeniable results. A 2014 study conducted by Rucker Johnson, a public-policy professor at the University of California at Berkeley, found desegregation’s impact on racial equality to be deep, wide, and long-lasting.

Will Neighborhood Schools Become Obsolete? City Watch: When journalist John Hechinger wrote about the charter schools of Minneapolis, he wrote that it was as though the Brown decision of 1954 had never happened.

Teachers can still beat students in these 19 states Vox: But while Mississippi is undisputedly the paddling capital of America — the Education Department estimates that about 41,000 students were beaten there in 2009-10 — corporal punishment is still legal in 18 other states. Here's a look at the national landscape.

The Education Being Provided To This Group Of Students Is Absolutely 'Inadequate,' Says Study HuffPost: Approximately 70,000 students were confined in juvenile justice systems on any given day in 2010. More than 60 percent were black or Hispanic, and 85 percent were male.


School Foundations vs. Title I Funds Voice of San Diego: In its simplest form, the conversation goes like this: Foundations don’t worsen inequities because schools in low-income neighborhoods get federal Title I money and other funds from the state government to meet the needs of disadvantaged students. The assumption, in other words, is that the differences are a wash.

Tennessee School Voucher Bill Fails to Garner Support From Lawmakers Parents/Public: Tennessee parents whose children attend failing schools won't get vouchers to send them to private school after the governor-penned bill can't muster enough political support.

RIP FCAT, The Florida Test With A Chorus Of Detractors NPR: The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, or FCAT, is being replaced by a test aligned to the Common Core State Standards. StateImpact Florida's Sammy Mack remembers FCAT and its controversial run.

No Shots, No School Amid Ohio Mumps Outbreak ABCNews: Unvaccinated kids could spend 25 days at home if someone at their school develops mumps – a contagious disease making the rounds in Columbus, Ohio. At least 224 people in Franklin and Delaware counties have contracted the virus, which causes fever, aches and swollen glands....

More Dept. of Education top brass leave as Fariña asserts her vision for public education Chalkbeat:All told, at least 10 high-ranking officials have decamped or plan to resign soon, according to current and former employees. A department spokeswoman wouldn’t confirm the number of departures.

Colorado High School Offers Treatment To Drug Users Seattle Public Radio: Ever since recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado in January, some school officials say they’re seeing more students using it.

Howard educators barely get a passing grade on motivation BaltSun: Educators and employees in Howard County schools are slightly more engaged than employees nationwide, according to the results of a Gallup poll released last week, even though more than 60 percent didn't meet that standard.

Classes resume at high school rocked by stabbings Seattle Times: Classes resumed Wednesday at a Pittsburgh-area high school where authorities said a student stabbed or slashed 21 others and a security guard a week ago while rampaging through a hallway with two kitchen knives.



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  • "Liberal US Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) supports universal public school vouchers as a replacement for the current zip code- / housing-based system."

    Yeaaah, no.

    I get why she thinks this is the answer. But it's not. Her book the Dual-Income Trap explained the problem well, but her solutions stunk.

  • fb_avatar

    Warren wrote that 11 years ago. Why is this news, except New Yorker book reviewer Jill Lepore mentioned it in her review of Warren's new book "A Fighting Chance?"

    I do not know what her current position is on vouchers, but I would check before putting up an inflammatory headline. Also, am I missing something, or is there not a link for that story?

    By the way, Diane Ravitch was pro-charter before she realized, in practice, the problems with the "reform" movement. Is your next headline "Ravitch Is Pro-Charter?"


  • sorry about the lack of links --

    Sen. Warren wants to kill the neighborhood school - Vox [@libbyanelson Picking up on my post from yesterday[

    Ravitch claims that Warren's views on public school vouchers are being misrepresented

    Someone pls. ask Warren!?

  • I bet Warren would take a call from you, AR. Call.

  • fb_avatar

    Tyler, your U.S. News opinion piece merely restates her quote from 2003, before the housing bubble burst and before reformers declared war on education. What is her current opinion, and why is someone trying to act as if this is news?

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