"Chicagoland" Public Schools?*

Last night the UofC Institute of Politics had a panel on Chicagoland's depiction of CPS.  Check it out and let us know what you thought -- or how your Spring Break is wrapping up. (A Look at Chicagoland Public Schools)

"The Institute of Politics welcomed Elizabeth Dozier, Principal of Fenger Academy High School, Lila Leff, founder of Umoja Student Development Corporation, Michelle Morrison, Chief Executive Officer for Youth Guidance, Karen VanAusdal, Director of the CPS Office of Social and Emotional Learning, and Christopher Huff, Master's Candidtate at the School of Social Service Administration to explore successful intervention methods and CPS discipline policies. The panel was moderated by The Chicago Tribune's Noreen Ahmed-Ullah."

*Link is corrected -- apologies!


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  • correct link is here

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