A "Hunger Games" For 8th Graders

Not sure what to do with Spring Break?  Here's the first of a new digital reality series from WTTW called Central Standard, in which we are introduced to a diverse group of high-achieving 8th graders from around the city who are trying to get into some of Chicago's best (and most over-popular) high schools.  

Don't be put off by the intro card stating that CPS had approval and review of the footage; I'm told by WTTW that there was no editorial interference from downtown -- no notes given, no changes demanded.

The series starts at the end of 7th grade last spring and the beginning of 8th grade this past fall, and ends with the recent news about whether the kids got  into Whitney Young, etc. or not.

You can binge-watch the first three episodes here, House of Cards-style, or you can check out the a spiffy-looking website to go along with the series.

What do you think? Who's going to get in and who's going to get rejected?  Is the current system generally fair to everyone, or does it need to be revamped? How did your kids do this year, anyway?

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