Principal-Bashing, SE Notifications, Curie HS, & ISATs

Principal-Bashing, SE Notifications, Curie HS, & ISATs

Commenters spent most of the weekend blaming CPS principals for everything imaginable (with the exception of a couple of tart exceptions). There are 500 comments on the Selective Enrollment notification letter blog post at CPS Obsessed.  The Curie High School team is going to have to forfeit its season for academic ineligibility. Teachers at a second school aren't going to give the ISATs, which is double the number from last week but still not really that noteworthy to me. Nationally, the new NYC mayor disappointed many by rejecting only 6 of nearly 40 co-location proposals from the Bloomberg era.


Rahm Backs CPS on Warning to Teachers Over ISATs DNA Info: The CPS boss warned that teachers could face penalties if they refused to give the tests next week.

Teachers At Two Schools To Risk Disciplinary Action, Boycott ISAT CBS Local: Students at Chicago Public Schools begin taking the ISAT exam this week, but many teachers are refusing to administer the test, and many parents say they won't let their kids take part. CBS 2's Susanna Song reports teachers at at least ...

More teachers to boycott ISAT, as parents rally behind them Catalyst: Later, on Friday, CPS sent a letter out saying that students who have been opted out of the test could be brought to another classroom and allowed to read independently or do other work, though they would still be given the test and read the instructions.

Teachers at 2nd school boycott ISAT WBEZ: Despite threats, teachers at Drummond Montessori in the Bucktown neighborhood say they will refuse to administer the ISAT. “After everything was thought about and considered, we decided we had to stand on the side of right and boycott the ISAT test,” said middle school math teacher Juan Gonzalez. He was flanked by two other teachers.

Teachers, obey the law Chicago Tribune (editorial): CTU President Karen Lewis applauds what she says is the teachers' "act of civil disobedience." Illinois Federation of Teachers President Dan Montgomery chimes in that the teachers' boycott is "nothing short of a profile in courage."


Curie High School Stripped of City Title After CPS Investigation DNA Info: Ranked #2 in the nation, the city's champs had seven academically ineligible players, CPS said.

High School Letter Post 2014 CPS Obsessed: Cutoff scores will be posted next week (week of 2/24.) Here are OAE’s FAQs on the letters with info on the process and Principal Discretion. [500 comments!]


Suit: Hales Franciscan teacher fired for reporting abuse allegations Sun Times: A second former teacher at a Catholic high school on the South Side filed a lawsuit against the institution, claiming he was fired because he reported an alleged sexual assault involving students to the state.

Third Chicago-area Catholic school granted reprieve, keeps doors open Sun Times: A Far South Side Catholic school that was slated to be closed by the Archdiocese of Chicago will remain open after school officials and community groups raised the money needed to keep its doors open.


School Closures & the "Snow Day Effect" WAMU: Last night, school systems around the region began sending out word of yet another weather-related closure. Snow days bring excitement for kids and frustration for parents. They disrupt classroom instruction. But some recent studies have found that concerns about the "snow day effect" are overstated.

Eli Broad appoints head of philanthropic education efforts SCPR: Reed began two months ago as president of the Broad Foundation, a newly created job. He'll take over deciding who receives millions of dollars in education grants on behalf of the philanthropist who some say has an inflexible agenda to shape schools.

New All-Digital Curriculums Hope to Ride High-Tech Push in Schoolrooms NYT: Amplify, part of News Corporation, is one of many companies releasing all-digital curriculums for sale to school districts.

Hispanics Struggle To Graduate: An Issue of School Choice? NPR: Hispanics are disproportionately enrolled in community colleges and two-year schools. Experts say this partially explains why they are much less likely than other groups to attain bachelor's degrees.

Are Teachers Happy With CCSS Implementation? Survey Offers Another Answer Teacher Beat: The survey, released by Scholastic and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, draws on a survey of more than 20,000 teachers from all 50 states—and paints a picture that contrasts somewhat with teachers' unions' recent depictions of mass frustration with implementation.  The survey data were weighted to reflect the demographic characteristics of the U.S. teaching force.


Mayor Tries to Put Charter 'Sideshow' Aside WNYC: The coalition also released a separate statement explaining why it would not participate in a pro-charter school rally in Albany on Tuesday, the same day that supporters of de Blasio's pre-k plan said it would rally for pre-k. The charter leaders said "a competing rally, being organized by some charter leaders and just for charter schools, is not the right approach at this time."

Co-location backlash turns de Blasio allies quickly into critics ChalkbeatNY: “We expected to see change,” said Laurie Windsor, president of the elected parent council that oversees I.S. 281′s district. “That’s what they kept saying, and we really, fully trusted them. Now the trust is gone.”

Hidden successes, public shortfalls and a make-or-break year for one Newark school Hechinger Report: “It looks like we’re not even doing anything,” Glover said. Nothing could have been further from the truth. He and numerous staff members have been putting in tremendous hours, in some cases –– his included –– at the expense of their own health.

How Paid Work Keeps Students in School WNYC: For high school students with a history of failing grades and poor attendance, the drive to earn a diploma is hard to inspire without first giving them a taste of success, showing them they can perform well somewhere if not the classroom.



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    Well, that settles that! According to Bill and Melinda Gates, who have essentially bankrolled CCSS from the very start, it is very popular among teachers. Does anyone at Education Week know what "bias" means? My high school students would see through that in a minute.

  • Principal Perry at Curie should not be blamed. His coach and Athletic Director should be. The Interscholastic Sports Administration office is responsible as well. They should be checking and should know who's eligible.

  • Doesn't some of the responsibility for athletic eligibility belong to the athletes themselves? I suspect those seven students knew full well that they shouldn't be playing, yet I haven't heard anything about sanctions for them. Plenty of blame to go around, for sure...

  • I am sure they all knew; principal athletic director, coaches, teachers and students. If your team is playing in the city championship, you can darn well be sure they were all covering so theses kids looked eligible.

  • Thank you for posting the article about the principal from Newark. I definitely relate to his struggles and think this was a realistic portrait of many principals. Many of us, like this gentleman, are burning out, but we keep working and hoping that we are improving children's lives.

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