Nobody Loves LSCs Anymore

Nobody Loves LSCs Anymore

Today's news includes more coverage of the ISAT protests, a reviews of Chicagoland (which features Principal Dozier), a look at Sarah Goode High School where students go for six years, and sad news about interest in LSCs (which now seem to have been abandoned not only by CPS and CTU but also community groups). Plus national news and news from other cities.

Saucedo teachers spend Day 1 of ISAT teaching; concerns raised about intimidation WBEZ: Teachers at Maria Saucedo Scholastic Academy declared victory Tuesday, saying their protest of the state’s Illinois Standards Achievement Test is working. The teachers said they spent the first day of ISAT testing doing what they set out to—teaching.

Six Years of High School? An Educational Experiment in Chicago WNYC: At Sarah E. Goode, students attend high school for six years, graduating with a high school diploma and an associate's degree. The school is funded and in partnership with IBM, which means students also get hands on technical and business training, and the chance to land a job at IBM upon graduation. Twenty-six more such schools will open in three states by this fall.

ISAT follies—making up the school code Reader (Joravsky): In my role as the guy on staff who has to do the really boring stuff, I've spent the better part of the day reading the Illinois school code. Ahhhh!!! I'm reading the code because I want to ascertain the validity of something said by Gery Chicoand Christopher Koch—chairman and superintendent of the Illinois State Board of Education, respectively—in regard to the ISAT.…

A Compelling New Documentary Series About Today's Chicago Atlantic: Rahm Emanuel is exactly the kind of guy who can ground a reality TV show. He's intense, brash, self-confident up to and beyond the point of arrogance, profane, and unflinching under the camera's eye.   But he's not the most magnetic character in Chicagoland, CNN's new documentary miniseries about the city Emanuel runs, which premieres March 6. Instead, there's the compassionate but tough Elizabeth Dozier, principal of the Southside's Fenger High. Dozier worries not just about raising her school's dismal graduation rate, but also about whether her students will make it through high school without losing their lives.

Most schools still lack candidates for local school council elections Catalyst: CPS extended the original Feb. 26 deadline for nominations until March 14 in order to get more parents and community members involved. CPS data from March 4 shows a wide range of interest from parents and community members at schools across the city. The most contested parent race, according to the data, is Skinner North Elementary School, on the Near North Side, where 17 parents have filed to run for six available spots on the LSC.

LSC election filing extended Hyde Park Herald: Chicago Public Schools (CPS) announced that it has extended its LocalSchool Council (LSC) election candidate-filing deadline from Feb. 26 to March 14. There are still candidate vacancies at every school in Hyde Park.


College Board Previews Revisions To SAT NPR: The upcoming changes that were announced on Wednesday by the College Board will affect more than a million college-bound, high school students. It's the second major revision in nine years. See also WPHuffPostLA TimesPBSKPCCChalkbeatNYNBC NewsPoliticoNYTWSJAP

Wendy Davis On Education: 'We Texans Have A Different Way Of Doing Things' HuffPost: "I've laid out a detailed platform … I've been talking about it already to a great extent," Davis told reporters. "Greg Abbott in contrast to that is still defending indefensible cuts to our public school system. With his words he says that education is a priority, but with his actions he shows that it's not." Abbott's campaign could not immediately be reached for comment.

Socialization technique helps in academic achievement, trial study finds WP: In a randomized, controlled trial that examined the technique known as Responsive Classroom, researchers found that children in classrooms where the technique was fully used scored significantly higher in math and reading tests than students in classrooms where it wasn’t applied.

Gates Foundation vs. Microsoft Education: What’s the difference? Hechinger Report: On my first day in Austin I had a terrific hourlong conversation with Cameron Evans, Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft Education. He had a lot of candid observations and great lines: “The vast amount of data in our education system can be used for good, and also for bad actors and bad reasons,” and on the need for professional development and parent education around new learning technologies: “You don’t want to be in a situation where you give people a library card but they can’t read.”


Who Is Behind the Pro-Charter Schools Group Fighting de Blasio? WNYC: Charter school advocates took notice. Late last month, days before the education department announced it would keep a few new charter schools from opening, supporters registered the domain name At the same time, local television stations started airing slickly-produced ads.


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