CPS & CTU Are Killing LSCs

CPS & CTU Are Killing LSCs

Unions spend big on Republican campaigns (that's your money). LSC deadline looms (I blame CTU and CPS equally for abandoning LSCs). Shaw For Mayor (!?). Parents have to figure out what to do if their kids didn't get into a first or second choice. Some folks don't like how Chicagoland is portraying CPS students.  Plus news from other cities and around the nation (and throughout the day at @district299).

Why are unions spending so much on GOP race? Tribune (editorial): If you haven't heard: One of the Republicans running for governor of Illinois wants to shake up Springfield. His campaign is peddling "Shake Up Springfield" T-shirts, visors, fleece jackets, iPhone covers and coffee cups. He promises that, if elected, he'll challenge public employee unions and other interests that he says have shaped the status quo ¿ the sorry state of this state.

Former Alderman Robert Shaw Running For Mayor DNAinfo: "I am dissatisfied with Barbara Byrd-Bennett closing all those schools. My plan is to look at how we can restructure TIF funds to see if it could be used to offset the school's budget deficit," explained Shaw.

Navigate Chicago schools - keep plan B an option ChicagoNow (blog)
Some families are now learning that their kids are not accepted to the Chicago Public Schools of their choice for early education. In most cases, it's a numbers game with nearly impossible odds. For example, Oscar Mayer's pre-Kindergarten has over 2 .

CNN's Chicagoland does no good for Chicago Public Schools students ChicagoNow: A couple of weeks ago, I participated in a conversation about Chicago Public Schools with a group that learned about our schools mainly through the media. No one in the audience ever attended CPSschool. Most were white.

No outside surge detected... The Capitol Fax Blog (blog): Rahm's team wants him to win, there's nothing interesting in the Dem primary, and believe it or not there are a good number of Democrats who intensely dislike Karen Lewis. -

LSC Elections: Candidate Forums Scheduled in Coming Weeks at Area Schools DNA Info: Meet the folks running for your Local School Council at upcoming candidate forums.


De Blasio Closes In on Pre-K Funding, but Not From a Higher Tax NYT: Even as he faces escalating attacks for his stance toward charter schools, Mayor Bill de Blasio on Thursday neared securing state funding to expand prekindergarten in New York City.

See also: No Easy Task in Bid to Find Seats for Pre-K NYT

Senate Takes Aim at De Blasio's Power Over Charters WNYC: Senate leaders Dean Skelos and Jeffrey Klein inserted language in their budget resolution that would specifically prevent Mayor de Blasio from acting on his plan to charge rent to charters, by requiring districts to let charters use public school buildings without any cost. The resolution would also essentially undo de Blasio's decision to block three charter schools from opening in the fall.

D.C. schools see progress under Mayor Gray, but questions linger WP: The day after Vincent C. Gray defeated Mayor Adrian M. Fenty in 2010, then-Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee warned that the election results would be “devastating for the schoolchildren of Washington, D.C.”


Pew Study: Many Technophiles Also Love Libraries NPR: A new study by Pew Research Internet Project has a surprise: people who use the old-school local library also tend to be highly engaged with technology.

Big business takes on tea party over Common Core Politico: A coalition including the Business Roundtable and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce will launch a national advertising blitz Sunday targeted at Republicans skeptical about the standards. Spots promoting the Common Core will air on Fox News and other conservative outlets.

Video: Missing child found after school mix-up MSNBC: Everyone goes through ups and downs over their lifetime. On Wednesday, a Schenectady family experienced the highest high and the lowest low they could imagine in a single day. "Hell, I wanted to die," said Patricia Rodriguez.


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  • Beardo is laying it on thick. Hits must be way down.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    "beardo" is like brooklyn -- more pageviews, more evidence that there's no substantive response you have to make :-)

  • In reply to Alexander Russo:

    Pointing out that you are out-of-touch when you are reporting on Chicago from Brooklyn is completely valid. Your claim that the mere mention of Brooklyn invalidates the critic and bolsters your argument is silly. You don't interact with ordinary Chicagoans on a frequent enough basis to be fully informed.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Who cares where Russo lives? He provides a valuable service to all CPS employees and to parents of CPS students. This is a blog and it is not supposed to be your only source of information regarding CPS.
    CPS communicates very poorly with its employees so we are reduced to asking questions on this blog. Where else can you get answers to questions, get the real information regarding the politics of CPS and be able to read excellent postings by CPS employees. The fact that this is anonymous is very important to those of us in the schools where retaliation for whistle blowing is well known.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Agreed - and perhaps being somewhat removed is good for a broad perspective and he doesn't have a stakeholder's built-in bias.

  • In reply to CPS Parent:

    "Good for a broad perspective"...Eli cheers!


  • That White Rhino dude is really mad about Chicagoland's portrayal of students at Fenger and the juxtaposition their days and nights with those of those "white folks" celebrating of the Blackhawks Stanley Cup victory. He feels like the white folks come off better.

    I don't get it. It looked to me like the Fenger students were portrayed pretty sympathetically as kids with uncommon resilience who face unimaginable obstacles just to living in peace in their own neighborhoods. The white folks (there actually were some black, asian and hispanic folks celebrating as well . . . probably a few indian, native american and pacific islander folks as well) looked coddled by comparison. As for the prom outfits lamented by White Rhino, there's no accounting for taste in any race, but adults generally indulge youngsters a bad fashion turn here and there. White Rhino should too.

    I think the juxtaposition was a great device for "the tale of two cities" narrative they were selling. And whether White Rhino likes it or not, it's real. We don't wake up every morning to hear tales of carnage in Portage Park after all. Certain neighborhoods in this city are held hostage by a depraved criminal culture within them, that is fueled by an unreasonable anger and unfocused and extreme violence. And therein lies this City's challenge -- to root out that element and make these neighborhoods safe to live in again.

  • "Unreasonable anger" ....."root out that element"....your choice of words clearly demonstrate a racist attitude. This is precisely why these conditions continue to exist in our city and elsewhere.

  • In reply to Southsidesue:

    Saying "BDK" and "GDK" or killing someone because of the block they live on is unreasonable anger. If a person is racist for wanting to "root out" people who shoot other people, then 99% of the Latino, African-American, Asian, and White population if Chicago is racist. If you're placing the entire blame for Chicago's homicide rate on people like the poster above and completely exonerating the individuals who pull the trigger then expect the homicide rate to remain high.

  • In reply to district299reader:

    Sun Times columnist Mark Brown writes about Fenger and Dozier

    Show of strength no act for Fenger principal: Brown - Chicago Sun-Times http://ht.ly/uCuC8

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